A magical love story Update 18 Saturday September 2021

A magical love story 18 September 2021: The Episode starts with Aman recalling Roshni’s words and venting anger. Roshni looks at him. Shayari gets conscious. She goes to Rehan. He asks why didn’t you say that you are my fiancee. She says I can’t lie to police. He says you think you will become a criminal if you lie, I got late because of you, I got a chance to find him today. She asks your brother.Tabeezi says I will talk to Aman, you did this because you were helpless. Dadi says he will not be annoyed once he understands that he is wrong. Roshni says I m wrong, I should leave, I have hurt him a lot, I can stay with him and remind the wounds, I have to go. Everyone asks her not to go. Roshni goes with Salma. Aman looks on. She cries.

Rehan says you know about my brother, then you would know how imp it is to find him. Shayari says I didn’t know… He says I helped your brother, what if he couldn’t get treatment, by the way, what were you doing in my car. Shayari says I want to go away from you, you have caged me. He says you are free from my side. He leaves in the car. Shayari looks on. Natasha thinks Rehan should have been here in this bottle. She whistles and calls Hamlal. She asks Hamlal and says hypnotize someone and get them here. She says I will finish Rehan now. Roshni hears Aman’s recording. She cries hearing his message for the baby. Bhula diya….plays…. Aman sees baby’s sonography pic and hugs. He cries.

Some men see Shayari and tease her. She slaps one of them. She gets shocked seeing them with knives. She thinks not to step back. Rehan stops the car and his eyes turn blue, when she gets attacked. Roshni says now there is another life with me. She slips down. Aman comes and holds her. She hugs him.Shayari fights the men. Rehan comes there and bashes them up. Shayari gets dizzy. Rehan protects her and gets hit by the glass bottles. Shayari gets shocked seeing Rehan’s blue eyes. The men see him and run away. Shayari gets scared and runs. Hamlal is in the house. Dadi says pray that everything gets fine, Aman will understand soon. Aman asks Roshni to come home with him. Roshni asks did you forgive him. He says its your punishment to take you, I can’t trust you when it comes of baby’s safety.

She says I will not go anywhere, this house is perfect. Hamlal hynpotizes Mahira. Natasha says now you are in my control, you are Rehan’s sister, but you will help me on killing Rehan. Mahira goes to Rehan and shoots him by an arrow. Rehan falls down. Mahira goes. Shayari runs. Natasha asks Mahira to kill Shayari as well. Mahira shoots. Shayari gets shocked seeing Rehan bearing the second arrow as well.
Aman getting Roshni home. He says we will stay as strangers, we don’t have any relation of love, hatred or silence. He asks Dadi to talk to Roshni if its about baby. He goes. Dadi asks Roshni not to worry, everything will be fine. Natasha says just moments out, then Rehan’s soul will be trapped in this bottle. Rehan falls down.

Shayari says what shall I do. Rehan says pull it out. She asks how can I do this. He says just do it. Shayari tries hard and pulls the arrow out. Rehan feels much pain. Some white smoke reaches Natasha. Shayari sees the other arrow on his back. Rehan sits in pain. Roshni recalls Aman’s words. Aman goes magic and sends water for her. He takes care of her. Shayari pulls out the second arrow. The smoke/Rehan’s soul returns. Natasha looks on.Rehan asks Shayari to just go. He says take my car, you are free from my side, go. Shayari says how can I go, no. Rehan asks her to go. He falls down and closes eyes. She worries. Tabeezi says its good Aman got Roshni back. Salma says Aman and Roshni’s distance may end. Dadi shouts Aman. Aman leaves. Roshni feels hurt. Aman sees Mahira flying. He does the magic. Tabeezi says your magic won’t work on her, jinn shikari has done magic on her, did she go out. Sara and Saima say no, she was in kitchen. Tabeezi says Jinn shikari hypnotized her and made her do something, but what. Roshni gets surrounded by fire.

Rehan wakes up and sees Shayari holding him. She also wakes up. He wears his jacket. He asks why didn’t you go. She says I don’t know driving. He recalls her fleeing with the car. She says I don’t have license. He says you have seen me, even then you didn’t run away to save your life, when person is in danger, he doesn’t think about license. She says you were in danger, how could I leave you alone. He says lets go. He gets a call from Aman. Aman says Rehan and Shayari are fine, I didn’t wish to make him worry. Tabeezi says I have put zangemarmar powder on her, she will be fine when magic effect ends. Dadi asks where is Roshni. Aman says she was coming here. They go and see Roshni in the fire ring. Aman does the magic and disappears the fire. He holds Roshni. Rehan asks Shayari to think again. She asks did you think before saving my life, why shall I think.

He asks are you ready to act like my fiancee. She says yes, I want to help you in finding your brother. He asks her to wear the engagement ring. Tabeezi says Roshni’s delivery is close, its not an ordinary child. Salma asks why is she hurt. Tabeezi says she is ayana, she is carrying Jinn’s child, it means union of fire and water, she will be hurt until the delivery, her pain may get more. Salma asks Aman to do something. Tabeezi says sifriti diamond can make Jinn’s powers less and also her pain. Dadi asks where will we get it. Rehan says I have it in the ancestral ring, the same ring which I made Shayari wear in engagement. He asks Shayari to give the ring, Roshni needs it. Shayari says I hope Mahira gave money and got the ring back. She goes to Mahira and finds her standing in the air. Rehan gets shocked and asks what’s all this. Sara stops him and says she will be fine. He asks who did this with her.

Salma takes care of Roshni. Roshni cries. Dadi says she has high temperature. Aman looks on. He takes Roshni with him. Rehan asks are you sure, she will be fine. Sara says Tabeezi said Mahira will be fine, but Roshni… Rehan says Roshni will get fine by sifriti diamond, Shayari give that ring. Aman brings Roshni to the pool and showers water on her. He takes her. Shayari says I will find the goon’s number and take the ring back. She checks the phone. Rehan asks can’t you see Roshni is in pain, did you get the ring. Shayari says ring isn’t here. Rehan asks where is he, did you lose it. She says no. He asks did you give it to someone, or did you sell it. He scolds her. She cries. He says I told you, you will be paid for this drama, why did you sell it, I want that ring back, take this money and get the ring back. She nods. He asks her to go. He says I will give more money, but I want that ring. She says I can’t get it, I don’t know their address. He says you know your address, get out. He pushes her out of the door. She cries. He shuts the door.

Roshni says when I had done the deal with Kaala jinn, I was just a wife, who wanted to save her husband, I didn’t know I m pregnant, I didn’t know the feeling of motherhood, now I know it, I didn’t see my baby but felt him everytime. She cries and says since Tabeezi said delivery is close, I m worried, I curse myself and the time when I made that deal, you were right, I m ready to do anything to save you and the baby, there can be some way. Aman asks her to take rest. He goes away. She cries. He gets sad. Kahani hamari…plays…

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