Jhanak starlife update Saturday 1 June 2024

Jhanak 1 June 2024: The Episode starts with Arshi stopping Jhanak and taking her aside. Anirudh looks on and goes to them. Arshi insults her. He stops Arshi. She says people think so, I m saying it thinking of their opinion. Urvashi goes to give shagun to Anirudh. Shrishti stops her..

She asks who are you to give shagun to my son in law, go and stand with the servants. Jhanak looks on and comes there. Vinayak defends Urvashi. Anirudh says I can take her blessings, she is elder to me. He asks for shagun. Urvashi gives him shagun. Jhanak smiles. She says Anirudh has kept my mum’s respect and took shagun, thanks. He nods.

She says not everyone good is like you. She says sorry mum, you got insulted for giving shagun, how did you think this is your family and your home, we are servants here, how did you forget their favors on us, we will go away from here forever. She takes Urvashi with her.

Jhanak recalls everything and gets angry. She throws a stone. Anirudh comes. He bends down. She says sorry. He says so much anger. She says no. He jokes. She smiles. She asks what are you doing here. He says I came for a walk. She asks him to go. He says come with me.

She says I will come later. He asks why, can’t we go inside together, I know you felt bad of Urvashi’s insult, your career is a solution for this, you don’t need to work here, learn dance. She says no, just rich people can go there, no one wants me to dance.

He asks do you have a phone. She says yes. He says give me your number. She asks why. He says I can need your help, if I want to buy flowers or see your village. She says no, people like you don’t come here. He says you don’t know me, there would be a river passing by, I will get a camera. She says get Arshi also. She gives her number. He says I will give a missed call, save my number. The ringtone plays. He hears the old song and smiles. Arshi comes.

Anirudh asks Jhanak to smile. She smiles. Arshi calls out Anirudh. She asks Anirudh to come. She asks Jhanak to go and get ready. Jhanak goes. Arshi says I know you are compassionate and I love that about you, I know you felt bad for Jhanak, we are here for a few days, we should enjoy time with everyone. He says I get it, you look good. Bharat welcomes Tejas and says I will make you meet Urvashi. Jhanak gets ready and comes. Tejas stares at her.

She gets angry and goes. Urvashi comes. Radha talks to her. She says Jhanak will write her fate on own. Urvashi says I wish Jhanak gets happiness. Radha says Tejas has come, he will kidnap Jhanak. Bharat calls Urvashi and asks her to meet Tejas. Tejas greets Urvashi and compliments her. He says I like Jhanak and want to marry her.

He says I m not asking for permission but her hand. She says sorry, Jhanak wants to study and do a job, she doesn’t want to marry. Bharat says it’s a good alliance. Tejas says when name gets spoiled, then even a degree won’t help, who will marry Jhanak, I m not taking your permission. She says no. Bharat says don’t take a wrong decision. Tejas says I have decided it, I have to marry Jhanak.

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