It’s not easy to love update Tuesday 31 January 2023


It’s not easy to love 31 January 2023: Dadu gives Sid’s passport to Mithai and asks her to hide it, he leaves. Mithai is scared and hides it in the mandir, she thinks Sid doesn’t come there and prays to Lord to keep it safe.Rohan comes to Kirti and says I am not compatible with Karishma, if I marry her then all our lives will be destroyed. We should share our feelings with the family. Kirti says have you gone crazy? I can’t give stress to my family, she leaves. Rohan says I can see feelings in her eyes fo rme but she hides it.

Mithai says sorry to Apeksha for spilling juice on her. Apeksha says just leave and asks Sid where is his passport? He looks on.Karishma comes to Kirti and says where did Rohan go? She says I am so excited to go the US. Kirti says you are going to marry Rohan to try to understand what he likes and dislikes. Karishma says we will start to know each other after marriage, just let me focus on increasing my followers and get my shopping done, she leaves. Kirti thinks Rohan was right, she is not even ready to listen.

Apeksha and Sid look around for the passport. Apeksha asks where is the passport? Mithai says what’s that? Sid tries to explain to her and says we use it to go to another country. Mithai says why would you want to leave your country? Sid says that’s not important. Apeksha says she must have taken it. Mithai says why would I take it? if Dadu couldn’t stop her then how could I? She leaves from there.Apeksha tells Sid that someone must have stolen it. Shubham comes there and asks what happened? Sid says I can’t find my passport, Apeksha says only Mithai was here. Shubham says I will ask around.

Rohan calls Kirti and says now you know why Karishma and I are not compatible. We have to talk so come and meet me. He ends the call. Kirti says I wish I could talk to someone, I wish Sid could be there for me but he is busy focusing on going to Singapore.Mithai tells Dadu that I have hidden Sid’s passport but Apeksha had doubts on me. I acted innocent. Dadu asks where did you hide it? Mithai says I can’t tell you. Mithai says if Sid asks you then you will tell him the truth. Mithai says I promised to not do anything crazy but it’s about your happiness. They turn around to find Shubham standing there.

Abha asks Karishma to focus on Rohan and stop focusing on social media. Karishma says I want more likes on my pictures. Abha says do something nice for Rohan. She says I will shop online for him.Shubham tells Dadu that if Sid finds out you and Mithai did this then he will be angry. He asks Mithai to bring his passport. She looks away, Shubham says I will tell Sid if you don’t give it to me. Mithai gets scared.Mithai tells Shubham that I dont want Sid to leave so don’t tell him about the passport.


Shubham says this is wrong. Mithai says then just go and tell him that I hid his passport, Sid will leave but will you be able to see Dadu being sad. Shubham says your way of doing this is wrong. Mithai says everything is right in love and war, we are going to get married and I will be part of this family so I can’t see Dadu sad.Kirti comes to meet Rohan at the hotel, she slips but Rohan holds her. He asks her to sit down, they both order the same thing.

Rohan says Karishma is a mismatch for me, we should talk to the family as we like each other. Kirti says it’s not that easy. It doesn’t matter if I like you or not. Rohan says I love you. Kirti recalls Mithai’s words that Karishma is excited about the marriage. Rohan says I don’t like Karishma and it will be unfair if I marry her.Sid comes to Shubham and asks about his passport. Shubham says I don’t know. Mithai says I don’t even what a passport is, Sid leaves. Mithai thanks Shubham for trusting her.

Rohan tells Kirti that our lives will be destroyed if I marry Karishma. The announcer says we will have a couple competition.Apeksha tells Sid that someone has stolen your passport. A man who is decorating the houce is is about fall from the ladder, Sid saves him and holds the idol in the mandir. He finds his passport there. Mithai, Shubham and Dadu come there.Kirti tells Rohan that I should leave. Rohan says you can participate in the contest to show how compatible we are. They go on the stage and share a poetry together.

Sid comes to Mithai and says this is the passport, he asks how did it reach the mandir from my room? Mithai says I don’t know. Dadu says it must be a conincidence. Mithai takes the passport from Sid and says I need to talk to you alone. Apekhsha glares at her. Mithai takes Sid away and says I won’t ask why you want to leave but this is about Dadu, I love him a lot but he loves you the most, if you leave then all his hopes will break. Can’t you cancel this trip? Do you care about this trip or Dadu more? Think about it. Sid is conflicted and goes from there. Apeksha asks for the passport and Sid gives it to her. He tells her that he needs to talk to Dadu. Mithai smiles hearing that. Sid tells Apeksha that I will talk to Dadu first before applying for this opportunity so give me a day. Mithai thinks Dadu will convince him to stay.

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