It’s not easy to love update 8 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 8 January 2023: Mithai brings parsad for Sid, he glares at her. Mithai says don’t show attitude and take it. Sid takes the parsad and eats it. He asks her to stop commenting on him and leaves. Sid’s sister says you did what no one can do it. he never eats sweets. Shaurya comes there and says I have a surprise for Mithai but I need a tea cup first. Mithai goes to make it. She brings tea for everyone. Shaurya shows her the newspaper where her photo has been published after winning the competition. Dadu says it’s all about her hard work. Ginesh comes there and says I can’t believe it, we lost the competition after working so hard and you all are celebrating us getting insulted. Dadu says we should have left our heritage.

Ginesh says you really think we can run a business with old-fashioned sweets. Dadu says yes and Mithai will be an example of that. Ginesh says you have been blinded by this girl, he leaves. Bua and her family come there. Bua says I have an announcement to make. Rohan’s family likes Karishma and they want to come here today to talk about the marriage proposal. Dadu says what’s the hurry of getting her married? Bua says to think about it. Dadu says Rohan lives abroad. Bua says yes, he is back for some days. Brother-in-law says Kirti is elder to Karishma so she should get married first. Karishma’s mother says Kirti wants to study and Rohan is a good guy. Bua says Rohan would leave soon so we should finalize it.

Dadi says but people will talk if Karishma gets married before Kirti. Kirti says I want to study a lot before getting married. Bua says let her study and Rohan is a good guy for Karishma. Dadu says okay if you all agree. They all get excited.Mithai brings breakfast for everyone. Dadu says it’s so delicious. Bua says I will make green tea for Sid. Mithai says what is this? Dadu says it’s a special tea. Geetu is taking the tea for him. Dadu asks Mithai to taste it. She puts it on the plate and tastes it. She coughs and says it’s bad, I will put milk and sugar in it. Sid comes there and says stop. He asks what are you doing? Mithai says it’s so bitter. Sid says stop touching my things. Sid asks Dadu to stop eating unhealthy things. Mithai says this guy is as bitter as this tea. Sid glares at her and leaves.

Dadi and Indu come back home. Dadi says thank you for helping me with pooja. Indu thanks the family for letting them stay but we should leave now. Mithai tells the family that I will leave now. Dadu says you can come back anytime you want. Mithai and Indu are about to leave but Bhura enters there with his goons. He tells Mithai to come with him. Mithai is scared. Ginesh asks who is he? Bhura says I am her fiance and she ran away from me. Mithai says don’t lie, I will never marry you. Bhura says you tried to run away from me? I will see who can stop me from marrying you. He tries to drag her out of the house but Sid comes there and asks him to leave her hand. Bhura says Mithai’s father took debt from my father so I have a right on her.

Sid pushes him away. Dadu asks how much money does she owe you? Bhura says 1 lac. Ginesh says see, this girl is trying to loot us with this guy. This is all a scheme and she would want 1 lac from us now. Mithai says I don’t need Dadu’s money. I won 2 lacs in the competition so I can pay him back. She asks Dadu to give 1 lac to him from her money. Dadu tells Bhura to come to his shop after holi and take his money. Sid says don’t threaten this girl again otherwise I will call the cops. Bhura says you don’t know who I am or what I can do. Dadu asks him to get lost. Bhura glares at Mithai and leaves from there. Indu says we should leave now. We don’t want to bother you anymore. All look on. Mithai starts leaving with Indu but Dadu stops her. He says can you listen to me? Please leave after holi.

Mithai says don’t worry, I can take care of Bhura. Dadu says you can leave once your bank account is open and we pay this man back. Ginesh says what are you doing? This girl keeps bringing trouble with her. Dadu says they are Aaarti’s friends’ family so we can’t leave them like this. They can leave in a day or two. Ginesh says I am not in favor of keeping them here. All look on.Indu tells Dadu don’t worry, we will leave now and find our way back home. Sid tells Indu that Dadu is right, Bhura is angry so he can do anything and don’t think about Ginesh’s words.

Ginesh says I am being insulted so I should leave, he goes from there. Dadu asks Indu and Mithai to stay. He leaves from there. All family members ask them to stay. Indu says we can’t say no to Dadu.Mithai and Indu come to their room. Mithai prays to Lord and says I will work hard to become a businesswoman.Dadi comes to Dadu and says Mithai is a nice girl but why are you helping her so much against your family? Dadu says when I look at Mithai, I recall my old days. She has a heart of gold and she is working hard to fulfill her goals. I feel sad when Mithai talks about leaving. Sid brings his medicines. Ginesh comes there and says I want to talk to you.

He says I was insulted by that girl but you are keeping her here? My own son doesn’t respect me. Sid says I don’t take you as my father because you disrespected my mother. I will always take Dadu’s side.Bhura tells his friends that I will make sure to marry Mithai.Sid comes to Indu, she says don’t fight against your family because of us. Sid says don’t worry about it. You are my mother’s friend so you can stay here as much as you want. I came here to see if you are alright. Indu says you are like your mother, I miss Aarti a lot, she helped me so much. Indu feels a sudden pain in her stomach. He asks if she is fine? She says yes, I will be fine. Sid says Maa used to ignore her pain like this too. If you have any issues then don’t hide them from me. He starts leaving from there when Mithai comes there.

Sid stares at her and leaves. Mithai asks why was he here? Indu says he came to check up on me. He is like his mother and worries about others. Mithai says he is a bitter man, he can’t even eat sweets. Indu says stop it. Mithai thinks I have to make him eat sweets before I leave from here.

Scene 2
Geetu talks to Karishma’s mother who is worried about the arrangements for Rohan’s family coming there. Geetu says don’t worry. She says Sid doesn’t know about Karishma’s marriage and he wouldn’t like her to get married before completing her studies. Geetu says he never gets involved in family gatherings. Ginesh brings his sweets from the shop and sees Mithai making sweets in the kitchen. He says who let her in here? Geetu says Dadu asked her to make this. Ginesh says we won’t serve these old-fashioned sweets to the guests.

He says I don’t want any outsider to be there when they arrive here, he leaves. Karishma’s mother tells Mithai to stay in the kitchen when they arrive. Geetu says I will keep Sid away from the guests. Dadi comes there and asks Karishma’s mother to be careful in front of the guests.Karishma is trying to get ready. Her mother asks her to wear a saree as her would-be mother-in-law Gunjan is a strict woman. Kirti says I will help her.

Apiksha comes to Sid’s office. She says that girl is staying at your house and that’s why you don’t want me to come there. Sid says it’s not like that, they will leave after hole. She says that girl is fooling your Dadu who is being nice. Sid says they are my mother’s friends and not like that. He leaves. Apiksha says this girl is smart.Mithai prays for Karishma. Indu comes to her and says we are outsiders here so we should stay out of their matters. Mithai says Dadu helped me when I needed it so I will help this family when they need me, she leaves. Indu thinks wish Aarti could see how much Mithai cares for her family.

Rohan’s family arrives at Ginesh’s house for Karishma’s marriage proposal. Karishma comes there and greets them. Gunjan asks what did Karishma make? Karishma says these are all from the shop. Sid arrives there and greets them. He starts going to his room but Gunjan says I thought you would take an off from the office today as we are meeting for your sister’s marriage proposal but it’s okay. Geetu looks on. Sid says Karishma’s marriage proposal? Geetu says I told you about it. Sid says Karishma is still young. Geetu says they like Karishma and Rohan is a nice guy so don’t do anything which will strain this proposal. Sid angrily leaves from there. Geetu says he was tired so he is gone to freshen up.

Gunjan asks Karishma what is she cooking for them? Her mother says we have already cooked today but next time she can cook for you next time. She tells about the complete menu to her. Gunjan says I really like aloo sabzi so can Karishma make it for me? Geetu says yes, I will go and help her. Gunjan says Kavita can easily cook alone so I think Karishma can too. Karishma is worried and goes to the kitchen. Mithai watches all that from her room and says Karishma can’t cook but I can’t go out of the room. Indu says don’t go anywhere. Mithai says I am going to the garden. She leaves.

Mithai comes to the garden and says how can I help Karishma? She finds Sid there on a call and hides. She thinks I have to stop him from going inside otherwise he will mess up Karishma’s proposal. She locks him in the garden. Sid tries to go inside but finds the door locked. He shouts what’s all this? Open the door. Mithai is scared.

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