It’s not easy to love update 7 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 7 January 2023: Bhura drives away after kidnapping Mithai.Subham is sad about losing the competition. Dadu says you should understand that we can’t forget about our heritage. Ginesh comes there and says I was insulted because of that cheap girl and you are celebrating it? He shouts at Subham that I shouldn’t have given you this responsibility. Dadu asks him to calm down. Ginesh says Subham proved that he is not part of this family and will always bring shame to us. Sidharth comes there and says don’t say that, Subham is part of this family. Subham sadly leaves. Sidharth tells Dadu to end this sweets business and that will bring peace in this house. He leaves from there. Dadi tells Dadu that soon he will realize what this business means to him.

Bhura brings Mithai to the mandir and says I will get married to you today. Mithai asks if he has gone mad? I have a big dream of becoming a businesswoman. Bhura’s aunt says his father won’t spare him as he is a politician so just marry him silently. He is rich and he loves you. Bhura says you have to marry me only. Mithai thinks I have to do something. She says Bua is right, I am lucky that Bhura chose me. Bhura asks her to go and get ready. Mithai starts to get ready as a bride and thinks how to run from here? Bua shows her some jewelry and a bridal dress.Bhura comes to the mandap with his friends. Mithai comes there as a bride and he smiles at her. She thinks I have to do something. The priest says this is not a good time to get married, it’s a dark time. Bhura says I don’t care.

The priest says you have to do a ritual before the marriage. You should marry a goat first. Bua says we should listen to him. His friends go to search for a goat.Subham comes to Ginesh and asks why does he hate him so much? I did everything as you said so why do you keep blaming me for everything? Ginesh says because you are useless, if I have to do everything then why do I need you? Subham says you never question Sidharth or Shaurya but why do you keep questioning me? I am your son too. Ginesh shouts that you are not my son, I don’t even know why you were brought in this family. You should be happy that I allowed you to become a part of my business but you can never be my son. He leaves. Subham is hurt.

Mithai is being guarded by Bhura’s men, she says I am feeling a headache, can you bring something to eat for me? Some guards leave to bring food for her. Mithai tells other guards that I am lucky to be married to Bhura so I won’t run away. I will rest for now. She goes to a room while the guards start dancing. Mithai asks them to go away so she can rest. They leave her unattended, Mithai finds her cycle and runs from there. The guards see her running away and sees that she locked them in before running away.Mithai is running away from Bhura on her cycle and thanks, God.

All family members sit to have dinner. Rati says Ginesh was angry so should we call him for dinner? Giddu says let him be for some time and then I will take milk for him. Subham says sorry to the family and says we lost the competition because of me. Dadu says I told you all to not take the fusion sweets. Brother in law says don’t worry Subham, you shouldn’t blame yourself. Giddu says let’s stop talking about it. Dadi sees Sidharth coming there and asks him to have dinner with them. He says no, I made soup in my room. He asks Shaurya if he can give a pen drive to him? I need it for some work. Shaurya says yes, I will give it to you. He starts eating fast.

Karishma asks him to eat calmly, he shouldn’t put himself in trouble for someone else. She goes to bring the Pendrive and gives it to Sid. She says you can give it back to me as anybody can go in Shaurya’s room unlike you. Sid says I need peace when I am working. He leaves. Rati says like Shaurya’s job is not important. Dadu looks on.Mithai comes back to her room in a bridal dress. Indu is worried and asks what is all this? Mithai says Bhura tried to kidnap me but I am fine now. I fooled him and ran away. I will write an FIR against him. Indu says nothing will happen to him, we have to leave this city otherwise Bhura won’t spare us. He will try to force you so we have to leave before he comes here.

She starts packing their luggage. Mithai says she is right. They pack their luggage to leave the village. Indu thinks if I knew where Aarti is then I would have taken Mithai to Sid. Indu and Mithai silently leave the village.Mithai and Indu come to the bus stop. Indu pleads with the driver to let them on the bus as some goons are behind them. The driver lets them in. Mithai and Indu sit on the rooftop of the bus. Bhura enters the bus but can’t find them and leaves from there. The bus drives away. Mithai talks through a speaker that you should marry a goat now.

Dadu recalls Sidharth’s words. Dadu and Dadi do pooja. He recalls everything. Dadi says don’t feel upset. He says everything is shattered. I don’t know how to unite the family. Indu says we don’t know anyone here. Mithai says I know who can help us. That person has our money of the prize. We will go there adn take our money.Bell rings. Shubham opens the door. Dadi and dadu come. Mithai says those goons were after me. I got saved. She says dadu you have my prize cheque. I need to find a place to live. I will handle everything. Dadu says where will you go alone? She says maa is also with me. Indu comes in. Mithai says that’s ma.. Dadi says her face looks familiar. That’s Indu.

She touches his feet and. Indu says I am in Arti’s home? Where is arti? Call her please. Is she asleep? Dadi says yes, she’s asleep forever. Everyone is shocked. Dadi says Arti used to talk a lot about you. Indu says she came to meet Mithai when she was born. I never knew I would never meet her again. Everyone gets teary. Hari Mohan introduces Sid and Keerti as kids of Arti. Indu gets emotional. Sid says I felt like this around my mom. Indu gets teary too. She recalls Arti said we will convert our friendship in a relationship. I will get Sid married to your Mithai. Indu says your mom loved you a lot.

I was missing her today only and I am in her house today and she’s not here anymore. I didn’t know Mithai knew you all. Dadi says this is Abhishek, Shubham and my eldest son Girish.Mithai says dadu give us the money. We will have to arrange the place. Hari Mohan says you’re not going anywhere. You will stay here. Girish takes him to side and says how can you trust someone like that? You are meeting her after years? Hari Mohan says do you see any problem with them? If we don’t help Arti’s friend what face will we show to her? He says you are right but we can’t be kind all the time. Abhishek says we can’t ask them to leave at this hour. They’re two women. Sid says your eldest son always has to go against everyting.

Mithai says we’re troubling everyone here. Let’s go. We should come tomorrow for moey. Indu says let’s go. You’re right. We shouldn’t have come here at this hour. Sid shuts the door. Mithai says why did you shut the door? He says you will stay here. Girish says how can you let strangers stay here? You don’t care about your family? He says yes sometimes you don’t know people even after staying with them for years. I saw those goons after her myself. Mithai says he saved me like a hero. Sid says this is dadu’s house. HE wants you to stay. Dadu says no more questions. Indu says okay we will stay here tonight. Hari Mohan hugs Sid. Mithai and Indu bring their stuff in.

Scene 2
Pandit says to Bhoora give me money please. this wedding won’t happen. Bhoora makes him wear garland and says I will call you again. She has to marry me. I will find out where did she go? He gives pandit advance.The next day, Dadu cleans the temple. Mithai sings Gopal song in her room. He stops. Everyone wakes up hearing her sing. Everyone comes out of their rooms. Dadi and Dadu do the arti and give everyone prasad. Everyone leaves the temple. Arti and Indu stay there. Indu says we should leave now. Dadi says leave after ekadasi udyapan. Mithai says I will make kachori for everyoen.

She gives prasad to everyone. Hari Mohan says make it for me too. She gives it to Sid. Sid ignores her. Mithai says take prasad. He looks at her in anger.

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