It’s not easy to love March 2023 teasers

It’s not easy to love March teasers 2023

Wednesday 1st March 2023
Sandy, Siddhartha, and Animesh return home with the ‘Gaye-Holud’ gifts. Neepa insists on going to the parlour. Rudra wishes to speak to Siddhartha about his divorce from Mithai. Later, Neepa lies and goes to meet Aditya.

Thursday 2nd March 2023
Siddhartha meets Mithai to find Neepa and calls Rudra for help. Rudra tells Siddhartha that Neepa had pre-planned her exit and did not allow Mithai to enter the parlour. Samaresh gets to know from Siddharth that Neepa is missing.

Friday 3rd March 2023
Meanwhile, when Susmita falls sick, Sreetama gives her medicine. After talking to Mithai, Siddhartha learns that Aditya entrapped Neepa. Siddhartha says that Neepa is found in a guest house with Aditya. Seeing Sreetama as a bride, he gets angry at Samaresh.

Saturday 4th March 2023
Susmita promises that Sreetama will be free to build her future after marriage. Siddhartha calls up Sandy and gives him the news of the marriage.

Sunday 5th March 2023
Seeing Mithai singing, Sultana gets angry. Neepa’s mother, who is suffering for her daughter, gets angry at Mithai. Everyone tries to pacify her but in vain. Later, Mithai feels bad for Sreetama.

Monday 6th March 2023
Ratul returns to the Modaks’ house with Neepa. Siddhartha tries to reason with Ratul, who speaks of Siddhartha’s past mistakes and asks for forgiveness.

Tuesday 7th March 2023
Everyone joins hands and promises to stay together, and Siddhartha joins hands with them. Reboti and Torsha come to reveal the date of Siddhartha’s divorce hearing. Siddhartha tells Mithai not to fall apart.

Wednesday 8th March 2023
Mithai tells the court that she is unhappy with her unintended marriage. Mithai calls Siddhartha from Ratul’s house and reminds him to eat. Torsha calls Siddhartha and insults him.

Thursday 9th March 2023
Sreetama asks Mithai not to perform the wedding night rituals. Everyone is shocked when Siddhartha comes to Rajib’s house at midnight. He says that he wants to talk to Mithai.

Friday 10th March 2023
Sreetama tells Ratul that she will reunite him with Neepa after a year. Later, when Mithai talks about Siddhartha’s illness, he gets angry at her. Siddhartha asks Sreetama to decide her future sensibly. Samaresh calls Siddheshwar from Rebati’s house to know about Siddhartha.

Saturday 11th March 2023
Torsha threatens to commit suicide when she learns that Sid and Mithai spent the night together. Rajib, Mithai and others are worried about the misunderstanding between Sreetama and Ratul.

Sunday 12th March 2023
At Rajib’s invitation, the members of the Modok family organise a gathering. When Siddhartha asks Ratul about Sreetama, he gets angry. When Sreetama and Ratul apologise, Siddhartha rejoins them.

Monday 13th March 2023
The virtual celebration of the Modok family’s ‘Holla’ party continues. Songs, dance, and various other games fill the air. Siddhartha praises Ratul’s singing. Later, Sreetama sings a song. Siddhartha sings in the programme at the request of his siblings, making everyone emotional, and the event ends.

Tuesday 14th March 2023
Mithai tells Siddheshwar that she will deliver sweets to the customers. When Siddhartha objects, she says he can’t stop her as her husband. Siddheshwar calls Siddhartha and asks him to come home. Later, Torsha comes to Siddhartha’s house and insults Mithai.

Wednesday 15th March 2023
When Biswasbabu cannot find an address, Siddhartha gives him an earful., Soon, Sandy and Neepa arrive. Mithai welcomes Ratul and Sreetama at Siddheshwar and Sandy’s request.

Thursday 16th March 2023

Siddhartha says he loves his friends and senses that Ratul isn’t happy about the `Dwiragomon’. He worries about Sreetama’s life. When Samaresh makes fun of Som, Siddhartha protests. Som returns home and says he had gone to look for his mother.

Friday 17th March 2023
Later, Siddhartha overhears Siddheshwar and Khuki discussing with Samaresh about Som. Siddhartha imitates Mithai and everyone bursts out laughing, but Mithai gets angry. Just then, the power goes out and Mithai realises that Siddhartha is scared of ghosts.

Saturday 18th March 2023
Siddhartha disbelieves that Mithai saw a ghost. So, she tells him to get something from the godown and prove his grit. When he faints, everyone discovers that Mithai was dressed as a ghost to scare him. Amaresh returns with his wife. The ‘Holla’ Party is upset about Siddhartha-Mithai’s divorce. Mithai tells Neepa not to be sad.

Sunday 19th March 2023
Ratul tells Sreetama about going to Kharagpur. Siddhartha and Mithai get locked on the terrace. Siddhartha calls Rudra home to fix Mithai’s lawyer as Rebati is set to come the same evening. Sreetama refuses to return to her in-laws.

Monday 20th March 2023
Rudra comes to Monohara with Pratul Biswas. When he hears that Mithai has married a boy like Siddhartha, he gets angry and says that he will not allow Reboti to win the case under any circumstance. Sandy overhears Som telling Torsha that Mithai and Siddhartha left in the same car.

Tuesday 21st March 2023
Reboti and Torsha get anxious on seeing Mithai and Siddharth together in court. The lawyer, Mr. Bhattacharya, arrives. The judge, Nayantara Sanyal, hears Som’s and Samaresh’s testimony against Mithai. Sid gives Mithai his handkerchief when she cries in court. He also reveals how he had to spend an entire night with her due to a broken lock. The judge orders them to consult a marriage counsellor.

Wednesday 22nd March 2023
Sid objects to going to a marriage counselor. Mithai apologises to him for imitating him in court. Sreetama and Neepa’s chat reveals Sreetama’s unhappy marriage. Reboti conspires to get Siddhartha and Mithai divorced. Later, Neepa’s mother lectures Sreetama.

Thursday 23rd March 2023
Torsa joins hands with Rebati in her conspiracy and comes to the sweet shop pretending to apologise to Mithai. She takes her out to eat and misguides her into ending her marriage with Siddhartha. Siddhartha enters the house with Mithai. Later, he gets angry at Som for lying in court.

Friday 24th March 2023
Mithai and Siddhartha argue at the marriage counselor’s office. The counselor is impressed with Mithai’s behaviour. Later, Ratul comes home and asks for Sreetama’s forgiveness. Sreetama agrees to be his friend, and everyone feels happy.

Saturday 25th March 2023
Mithai says that she will go to the court alone. Torsha tells Samaresh that Mithai is willing to give a divorce. To set Siddhartha free, Mithai accepts all the accusations in front of the judge. Biswas Babu feels sorry to think of her selflessness. But Torsha and Rebati are ecstatic about the success of their plot.


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