Imlie starlife update Wednesday 9 November 2022


Imlie 9 November 2022: Satyakam follows Aditya. Aditya reaches Imlie’s lodge. Imlie senses him calling her and walks out of her room. Adi searches Imie and checks each room. Satyakam’s men reach him and break a bottle on his head from behind. He hits back at the goon and injures him brutally. He then fights back with other goons and run behind one. Many surround him and he overpowers the. Finally, Satyakam reaches and hits him from behind and he falls down. Imlie finds Adi’s watch on floor and realizes he must have come there. Satyakam takes Adi to a jungle and points gun at him. Adi asks why did he bring him here. Satyakam says he cannot betray Imlie anymore. Adi remembers Prakash talking about Malini and says Prakash informed him everything, he wanted to before but.. Satyakam warns him that he cannot betray Imlie anymore and came here to take revenge.

Imlie searches Adi and Satyakam in jungle and thinks where they must have gone, thinks Dadda considers betrayal as a biggest sin and punishes him with.. Satyakam says death, he will not shoot and kill Adi easily but will bury him alive in grave to let him suffocate like Imie. Adi says he never lied to Imlie, though he misbehaved with her. Satyakam asks if Imlie is lying then? Imlie prays Seeta Maiya to take her to Adi and not let Dadda kill him. Adi says he is not lying. Satyakam says he doesn’t trust him and shoots bullet. Imlie gets afraid and runs towards the sound. Satyakam firs in air.

Adi says he is ready to bear punishment for troubling Imlie, but he cannot let Imlie consider him a liar, he wants to meet Imlie before he dies. Satyakam says he brought him here to punish him brutally and after killing him, he himself will surrender to police.Adi says he loves Imlie and will never betray her, he already spoke truth to Malini and came here, asks if its right to forcefully get a person married. Satyakam warns to stop his lies, he should have . Imlie continues searching Adi. Adi asks if he cannot see love for Imlie in his eyes. Satyakam says city people are betrayers, his Imlie was so happy before meeting Adi and now there is no happiness in her eyes, Adi ruined her life. Adi reminisces insulting Imlie repeatedly.

Satyakam says Imlie used to make whole village smile and now is herself in tears. Adi thinks he is Imlie’s culprit and she should forgive him if possible. Satyakam drags him towards grave thinking Adi has to die at any cost. Imlie runs searching him.Satyakam walks with Adi in the jungle and brings him to the pit. He says it is just a pit now, will become grave when you fall in it. He pushes Adi into the pit. Imlie is coming running there. Adi falls down in the pit and closes his eyes. Imlie is still running. Satyakam’s men throw the mud on Adi to cover up the grave. Imlie reaches there and calls Adi. Satyakam leaves from there. She questions Satyakaam what did he do with Babu Saheb? Satyakam says nothing. Imlie asks did you kill him? She shouts calling Aditya. Satyakam asks have you gone mad? Imlie asks where is he? She asks him to say.

She snatches the gun from his hand and threatens to kill herself. Satyakam asks if she is mad to kill herself for him. Imlie says he is my husband and everything and asks him to say where is he, else she will shoot herself. He signs her towards the grave. Imlie shouts Babu saheb and runs towards there. She digs the grave with her hands. Satyakam says he must be dead by now. She asks him to be silent and sees Adi’s nose. She emotionally digs further and hopes nothing happens to him. She asks him to get up and asks him to open his eyes. She pumps his heart and asks him to get up for his family and her. She cries and shouts asking him to get up. He coughs and gets up. Imlie and Adi hug each other.

She kisses his forehead. Song plays. Imlie kisses his face. Aditya looks at her. She again kisses his forehead and hugs him. He reciprocates the hug and says you saved me. Imlie recalls Anu telling that since Imlie came here, everything got better, Malini is happy like before and Aditya is concentrating on her. She recalls Anu telling that Malini is very happy and going for her honeymoon soon with Adi. She breaks the hug. Adi asks until when you will save my life. Imlie says even if I don’t have right on you, but I do have right on your life. She says I will always protect my husband. She tries to walk away. Satyakam looks on.

Adi tells her that he wants to talk to her. Imlie asks him to return. Adi says I will not return without you, you have to come with me. Imlie says I have just one home here and not in City. I want to think about my dreams, studies, and myself. She says even you have no time to think about anyone. She says I won’t be quiet anymore and had done so much sacrifice already. She says I can’t trust the person who tells something and does something else. Adi says I have never lied to you. He recalls Satyakam’s words. Imlie asks what he wants to say?

Aditya thinks if he tells her that Malini knows everything, then she will come with him but will have to bear their taunts daily. He thinks nobody will willingly welcome her there, Satyakam was right, then her courage will break one day. He thinks he won’t let her break, she has to move on. Imlie asks what was he saying? Adi says I have realized today that I was better without you, I had no problems before you came into my life. He says let’s end this problem for once and all. He says we shall forget the happenings as a bad joke of destiny. Imlie is taken aback and cries. She says you said right, we shall stay away from each other.

She asks him to take care of himself and she is about to go. Adi says goodbye. Imlie smiles and says goodbye. Song plays. They turn and walk in different directions. They recall their moment and cry. They wipe their tear. Adi recalls their marriage.

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