Imlie starlife update Wednesday 19 october 2022

Imlie 19 October 2022: Aditya walks to Malini’s room and seeing her weak condition thinks her condition is because of him. Malini gets happy seeing him and walks towards him. He makes her rest again. Daadi asks where he had gone. He thinks Malini knows he had not gone for work, so he shouldn’t lie anymore. Dev says he should have called Malini once at least. Adi reminisces Pagdandiya incident and apologizes. Anu enters and says he should be sorry and asks if the phones didn’t work where he went and if work is more important than Malini, etc. Dev says let us go out and let Malini and Adi speak. Anu leaves fuming. Adi asks Malini to take care of herself. She says she wants him also to take care of her. He says he knows he didn’t go for work. She says she has trust on him as he is honest.

She asks if she forgave him. She says she fears that his mind is somewhere else even when he is with her here and asks if this distance will clear or not. Adi reminisces editor’s warning not to ride on 2 boats and thinks he cannot hurt both Imlie and Malini and should take a decision. Malini thinks if he is not ready to clear the distance and speak clearly with him. Adi says he will tell her everything. Anu walks in and tells Malini its time for her medicine. Adi asks her to give Malini’s medicine list, he will give it to her at home. Anu says she will not lt her take Malini home and she made a mistake by giving his daughter to a wrong man like him. Malini says she wants to go and requests thinking she needs to speak to Adi. Anu agrees.

Adi takes Malini home reminiscing recent event. Family rejoices seeing Malini. Aparna hugs her and says good she returned home, asks why she looks ill. Adi says she fell unconscious due to weakness. Family gets more concerned. Pankaj asks Malini if Adi apologized her. She says there is no need for that. Family insists. Adi apologizes Malini. Nishant asks him to mimic cock and accept punishment. Malini says ther is no need for that. Family takes Malini in ignoring Adi. Adi thinks family is worried for Malini when she went out for 1 day, but didn’t remember Imlie once as she left 1 week ago, if they forgot Imlie. Malini notices him and thinks he looks like he forgot something and not her behaving like her life partner, will she get her life partner back.

Imlie takes Prakash’s phone and calls Adi. Adi tells Malini that he got many calls from this unknown number and picks it. Imlie speaks. He walks aside. She asks if he is fine. He says yes. She asks if she called him at wrong time and says she shouldn’t have called him, but couldn’t control him. He thinks she should have been with him and even he is eager to meet her. Malini thinks why is he speaking to unknown number for so long. Imlie says she will disconnect call now. He hopes she should continue speaking and drops Malini’s medicine. Iklie disconnects call. Malini notices that and asks him to give her medicine. He searches it and says sorry. She says she will take medicine herself from now onwards as he would he away most of the time.

He doesn’t react and sits silently thinking of Imlie.Imlie thinks why she is feeling happy talking to Adi. Mithi asks if she is fine. Imlie says she wants to return to city and join college. Mithi says good she can return to her in-laws. Imlie thinks she will stay in hostel and will kill her feelings for Aditya. Malini wakes up after Adi sleeps and calls back Prakash’s number. Imlie is sound asleep, so Prakash takes phone. Imlie wakes up and thinks where did phone go. Prakash picks phone. Malini says she got calls from this number, who is he. He says Prakash. She asks from where. He asks who is she. She says she is Malini Tripathi, Aditya Tripathi’s wife. He drops phone in shock. Imlie walks to him, asks why did he bring phone here, if Adi called back. Prakash asks who is Malini.

Malini thinks she was doubting Adi wrongly, he is tensed regarding work, and feels guilty for doubting him. She hugs him. He wakes up in shock. She asks if he saw a bad dream. He asks her to sleep and thinks fate has entangled his life, one sister loves him and he loves another sister, its better to die than being stuck between 2 boats.



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