Imlie starlife update Wednesday 14 September 2022

Imlie 14 September 2022:Aditya follows ritual and keeping his hand on Imlie’s head takes oath and says Moon/Malini instead of Imlie. Satyakam’s men point gun at him. Dulari asks who is this moon. Imlie says Adi calls her Moon like Amma calls her Bitiya. Dulari shouts she is lying. Imlie asks Chandu what is his real name. He says Jigneshwar Prasad, but his mother calls him as Chandu. Imlie says her husband calls her moon seeing her glowing face. Dulari yells. Satyakam warns her to stop. Babaji asks Imlie to repeat the oath keeping her hand on Adi’s head. She repeats and takes Adi’s name. Babaji says now they both are together forever.

Adi thinks he feels suffocated continuing this lie, if Imlie also feels suffocated. Friends congratulate Imlie that her jodi will be forever now, asks if her in-laws love her. Imlie makes a story that her in-laws love her a lot and do even her work, they prepared feast when she left and she enjoys cinema and kulfi with her husband and brings kulfi for whole family. Adi thinks she is lying so easily, doesn’t she feel guilty. Imlie thinks she has to lie to protect Adi from Satyakam.

Tripathi family walk to Rupal seeing her sad. Tauji tries to cheer him up saying they all will cry together. Aparna says she knows how to cheer her up. Rupal says she doesn’t need ice cream. Aparna discusses with Nidhi and Malini. They bring her gift, and Dhruv asks her to open it. She opens it and gets angry seeing her in-laws’ names on it, asks who invited them to Adi’s wedding. Pankaj says he and bhaisab invited them as a formality. She says they didn’t contact her since years and now sent her gift, Tauji should have thought about her. She tells Malini that she her husband betrayed her for another woman, so she left him; she doesn’t know how it feels when a man she trusts on and submits herself to him and takes care of his family.

Tauji says he will return their gift like he invited them. Rupal walks away crying. Tauji cries that they used to think marriage forever, but he was wrong; he feels pain seeing his daughter in pain. Pankaj consoles him.Malini thinks she should inform Adi that Rupi didi is upset. She gets a call and picks it thinking Adi called, but seeing Anu’s call wishes her. Anu asks if she is upset because of Tripathis, she should come home right now. Malini says she is angry as Adi didn’t call her yet. Anu yells that he does same every time. Dev says some distance is necessary in a relationship. Anu says she will call Adi and scold him. Malini thinks let Adi feel Maa’s wrath. Anu calls Adi while Dev tries to stop her. Mithi picks call and calls Adi.

Adi takes phone from her and asks her to go. Dev hearing Mithi’s voice thinks he heard it before. Anu asks Adi if he gives phone to servants even there. He says servant doesn’t know that a VIP has called. She asks to call Malini and disconnects call. Satyakam walks in ordering his men to hide weapons and use them when needed. Adi tells him that he needs to return to his lodge by any means as he is feeling uncomfortable here. Mithi hearing that she made a lot of arrangements for him and prepared feast. Imlie says let Adi go as he feels uncomfortable here. Mithi insists. Satyakam says jami babu is upset regarding peace meeting cancellation with government and tells Adi that he will drop him to lodge once he finishes dinner.

Adi agrees and asks to serve dinner then. Mithi asks Imlie to help her serve food to Adi.Imlie’s mother asks Imlie to give a towel to Aditya who is washing his hands. She irritates, but goes in end. Aditya doesn’t take it and leaves. Imlie then sees Satyakam and asks him to rest. She asks tomorrow he’s going to meet government officials, right? His dream can come true finally. He says he doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow. He worries about her future more than village’s future. She says she’s living in city.. He asks she’s happy, right? She says she’s with Aditya, so there is no problem. He says he’s talking about her studies. She got married, but she has her dreams. He asks if she talked about any college.

Aditya comes there. Satyakam asks him what he thought about Imlie’s studies. Imlie asks him why he’s bothering Aditya, she will tell. Satyakam says Aditya knows how much he’s worried about her studies. He asks Adiya again. Imlie interrupts and says Aditya is considering City College. Aditya thinks it’s same college as Malini’s. Satyakam says then there is nothing to worry. Ladies come and tell Aditya that he’s leaving too soon and ask him to come back soon. Someone comes there, badly injured. He informs police attacked their camp and encountered Surinder too. Government had talked about peace and said there won’t be any killings and fights, then what happened? Satyakam gets angry saying government is a lie. They will never help them. He takes gun.

Imlie stops him saying it’s a plan by police to catch him. Satyakam says his people are dying, he won’t stay quiet. He asks to close the village exits. Imlie tries to stop him saying his life is in danger, but he doesn’t listen. He tells Aditya to take care of Imlie and he leaves. Aditya tells Imlie that Satyakam will take care of himself. They need to save injured person.Aditya thinks there will be no peace talk now, or perhaps, it was never going to happen. He can’t leave now, but tomorrow morning he will go to Delhi and he should raise this matter. A girl comes to him and tells him that his bed is ready. Other side, Imlie’s mother asks her to go to sleep now.

Aditya enters the room and is shocked seeing decoration. Girls inform it’s for suhaagraat / wedding night. They leave and then send Imlie in with a glass of milk saying Aditya is waiting for her. Imlie comes in the room and is shocked too. She tells Aditya that she didn’t know this. If he wants to scold her, then he can, but in low voice, please. He says because of her please, he is going here and there like a puppet. But not anymore.

He says he will tell everyone that there is no relationship between them. He doesn’t care what her people think. Instead of stopping them, she’s supporting them. When he tries to speak, she says Satyakam will kill him and his family. He will leave Delhi if he has to, he will make sure her or her village people don’t reach to him. She knows very well that their marriage is not legal. She asks him to look.. He says that’s what he has been doing. First he saw forcefulness of her village people and now he’s seeing her shamelessness… suhagraat’s setting, milk glass in her hands. She requests him to stop. He asks she will stop him? With what rights? If he spends this night with her in that room, then village people will make their false marriage a reality.

He asks that’s what she wants, right? He never thought about anyone beside Malini. He was hers, he is hers, and will remains hers only. She calls her Malini Didi and today she came to snatch her sister’s rights? He tells her that she is either oversmart or too innocent. Whatever it is, it won’t work on him now. He won’t spend night with her.She throws the milk glass and says enough. If he says something more, then she doesn’t know what she will do. She asks him to tell if anything ever happened as she wanted. He’s accusing her that she wants to trap him by spending night with him. She warned him many times that staying outside in night is not allowed in her village. He only accuses her, but she never accused him.

Tomorrow he will return to his home where he will get all love from his people. But what about her? Her life is ruined. There, girls marry only once and she got married already. Her mother’s life is better. She has hope, even if false, that her husband will return. She won’t have such hope. She had only one dream – to study and go to college. Now even that dream won’t come true. Village people won’t let her go to city. From tomorrow, his life will start and hers will end. She would happily take that, but she can’t take his accusations. It would have been better if he killed her before saying all that. She cries. He too has tears in his eyes. He packs his bag and gets ready to leave. She stops him saying it’s risky out there. He says he will die but he can’t live a lie. He leaves.

Radha is crying and blaming herself that she didn’t raise her children well. Her husband says it’s not her fault. Aparna supports him and tells Radha that time changes. Today might be a bad phase, but tomorrow will be a good phase. Their destiny will change. Radha says she just wants her children to be happy. Her husband says there will be a solution, but until then, she needs to learn to take care of herself, just like how he has learned. He learns. Radha tells Aparna that he doesn’t show, but he’s also very sad from inside. Aparna tells her, if not for herself, then take care of herself for her husband. And like Imlie says, Sita maiya will take care of the rest.

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