Imlie starlife update Tuesday 6 February 2024

Imlie 6 February 2024: Anu opens eyes and gives an evil expression. She acts as weak and struggles to sit. Devika asks her to lie down. Anu thanks Ranas for letting her stay in their house. Keya tells Akash that Anu is better than chant Chini in acting. Imlie introduces Tapan to Anu and other family members and says there should be a grand family welcome for him.

Family agrees for a pooja. Next day, family decorates house for the function. Kairi teaches Tapan that they can’t play football at Rana house and shall use Rudra dadu as a horseback and touch elder’s feet every morning, she asks him to touch her feet as she is elder to him. Family laughs seeing that. Devika prays god to protect her house from evil eyes. Imlie says she will fix a nazar battu at the main door to ward off evil eyes from their house.

She struggles to fix it on the main door. Atharva lifts her. Imlie asks her to leave her as someone will watch them. Atharva asks so what and says she looks heavy. Devika and Shivani walk to them smiling and ask Atharva if he can’t lift their daughter for a minute, she is his partner for life now. Atharva jokes he will visit gym twice from today. Imlie shies and says let’s finish arrangements for tomorrow’s pooja.

Keya asks Tapan not to tell anyone that they picked her from streets and teaches him to call her mamma and Akash as papa. Akash gives him chocolate. Tapan eats spreads chocolate all over his mouth and clothes. Keya feels disgusted. After some time, Imlie calls NGO people and invites introduces them to family. She says since there would be a lot of disturbance due to 2 kids at home, Anu shall live in an NGO and improve her health. Anu say she is fine here. Imlie insists and sends her with NGO people. Akash and Keya discuss that Imlie failed their plan.

Next day Ranas start pooja. Imlie brings a pooja lamp and it flickers due to heavy gush of air. Nazar battu also wobbles and is about to fall. Imlie climbs on a stool to fix it and is about to fall. Anu holds chair. Family rushes to Imle. Atharva notices Anu and warns her to stay away from Imlie, thinking she tried to pull Imlie down. Anu says she was protecting Imlie from falling down and shows a broken chair leg. Atharva asks why did she come here. Anu says she can’t sleep on floor and share bathroom with 100 other women in NGO, so she just needs a place to stay and came to apologize them. Ranas insist Imlie to let Anu stay with them. Imlie says Anu can stay with them until they find a proper place for her stay. Anu happily thanks her and walks into house showing an evil expression.

After some time, Imlie expresses her fear with Atharva that Anu can’t be trusted after her evil conspiracies and putting them at risk. Atharva asks her to trust the family instead and relax. After a few weeks, Imlie wakes up feeling weak. Atharva chats with her romantically and says he will cancel his meeting to take care of her. She taunts him and asks him to attend his meeting. After some time, Imlie walks to Tapan and Keya and notices Tapan calling a poor woman in school book as maa, she thinks maybe he said it casually. Tapan recalls his mother. Anu brings kheer for Tapan and Keya. Imlie stops her. Anu says she still doesn’t trust her and herself eats a spoon. Anu allows her to feed kheer to children and her. She feels drowsy after having kheer and collapses.

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