Imlie starlife update Tuesday 31 January 2023

Imlie 31 January 2023: Aditya reaches office and searches Imlie. Editor asks him if tomorrow’s paper will be without a headline. Adi says he sent him article yesterday night itself and asks if he saw Imlie. Editor says Imlie is in Aryan’s cabin. Imlie in Aryan’s cabin thinks he called her early and himself is missing. She reminisces warden throwing water on her and waking her up for leaving lights on. She hurriedly finishes article and reaches office and hopes Aryan accepts her article, remembering Pankaj and Harish’s words. She starts her jokergiri and sitting on Aryan’s chair mimics him. She plays with the chair and falls down. Aryan enters and seeing her on floor lifts chair instead and signals her to get up. She gets up.

He says if she has to sit on his chair, she has to earn it. She murmurs and yells at him. He asks what is she doing in his cabin. She submits her report. He reads it and asks instead of multination and corporate women, she researched on vegetable and tea vendor. She explains her reasoning in detail. He gets impressed and says her speech will get a space in Bhaskar Times. She happily thanks him and says many women will be acknowledged. He says he just thinks of profit and wants his newspaper reach 99% people and not just 1%. She walks away murmuring. Imlie walks to her desk looking at Adi happily and thinks he didn’t ask even at once about her report. Adi thinks she not even once informed about her report, but looks happy.

Adi returns home in the evening. Malini serves him water and asks how was his day. He says it was fine. Aparna questions him if he met Imlie and how her article. He says Imlie submitted article to his boss, but he doesn’t know if boss accepted it or not. Malini hears their conversation and thinks Imlie is unpredictable. Imlie returns to hostel and walks towards warden hiding her hands behind. Warden gets afraid thinking she wants to take revenge. Imlie offers her rose and thanks her for waking her up on time. Warden shoos her away. Back at T house, Aparna asks Adi why didn’t he ask Imlie about her article. Adi says she could have instead. Malini says Adi was busy working whole night on the article, he should concentrate on his career instead and shows his each article preserved by her.

Next morning at Aryan’s house, Narmada and Arpita during breakfast discuss and praise Imlie’s article. Aryan joins them. Narmada praises about the article. Arpita says her Imlie wrote it. Maid also praises article and gives an emotional speech. Aryan smiles and says let us have breakfast. At hostel, Imlie happily distributes her article to hostel mates. Mithi calls her and emotionally says whole village read her artcile, postman is reading her article third time. Imlie says its about all women like her who sacrifice their lives and become powerful like Seeta Maiya. Mithi says Imlie is powerful now by writing this article and asks what did Adi say. She changes topic and says she has a lot of work pending.

Mithi says Adi never bound her in kitchen. Imlie says Adi himself is bound by Malini’s lies. Mithi says she wants her to return to her house. Imlie sees warden coming and says she will make her best friend read the article first. She shows her article to warden. Warden acts angry. Hostel mates praise her article. Warden asks when will she give them a party. She why not and walks away happily.Tripathis get happy reading Imlie’s article and shows it to Adi. Adi also gets happy. Malini tries to provoke him that CEO ignored a senior journalist’s article and published an intern’s article, Imlie is still immature to write an article, etc., but Adi ignores her. Narmada forces Aryan to accompany her to temple. Aryan says she could have taken a driver.

She asks him to chill and playing pop music dances. He asks what is she doing. She says she wants him to enjoy forgetting his worries and asks what is bothering him. He says he has work tension, remembering Arpita and Arvind’s accident, and says he is okay.Imlie visits temple and shows her article to god’s idol. She says Babusaheb told an author’s name is written on byline. She prays god to keep Babusaheb happy. She notices Aaprna and Radha entering temple and shows her news article to them. Aparna noticing her tells Radha that this is the article she was talking about, whoever has written it, her family must be very happy. Imlie asks them to be happy then.

Aparna gets emotional and says if she had conscience, she wouldn’t have let her leave house and requests her to return house. Imlie changes topic and leaves saying she is getting late for office. Aparna and Radha hope she returns home soon.Imlie runs and clashes with Aryan. His pooja flowers fall down. He asks if she is taking revenge, why didn’t she go to office yet. She says she wanted to perform pooja. Narmada notices her and talks to her in her broken English. Imlie replies in her broken English. Narmada praises her article. Aryan says Imlie this the only proper work she did till now, she dropped her pooja thali now. Narmada says she will get a new thali. Imlie says she will accompany her.

Narmada says she will manage and asks Aryan to take Imlie along to office. He denies. Imlie says he drives too rashly and describes how he drove during their last trip. He nervously denies fearing his mother’s scolding. Narmada finally convinces Aryan to take Imlie along. Imlie walks behind Aryan continuing her jokergiri.During breakfast, Aparna and Radha discuss about meeting Imlie in temple. Nishant says Imlie must be celebrating after her article is published in front page. Aditya joins them. Malini says Imlie must have given credit to Aditya as he mentored her. Aditya sits silently.

Malini says Aditya worked hard to mentor her, she was roaming around him earlier and now must be roaming around her new friend forgetting his friendship, at least she respects Aditya’s hard work and stored his articles in her scrap book, Imlie wants to attain success fast and easily forgot Aditya’s help selfishly. Rupali says she doesn’t know whom she is talking about, their Imlie is self-dependent and doesn’t roam around anyone, she is talented and is staying in hostel to protected her self-respect and not like someone who is staying here even after much insults. Aparna stops her. Malini thinks they are hurt with Imlie staying in hostel, she needs to do something regarding this.

Aryan picks Imlie from hostel and drives car towards office. Imlie thanks him for publishing her article. He says she did her job and he did his. Warden gets jealous noticing Imlie with a rich man and thinks she lied that she doesn’t have money to pay hostel feels and is roaming with a rich man. Aryan tells Imlie to get out of cage, a bird has to flutter its wings and whoever does that, Aryan helps them fly. She praises herself. He says her story was good or else Aditya’s story would have been published in front page. Imlie feels guilty and says this is wrong. He says if she wants to reach her destiny, she should look at her goal and not mob. She says he is a great journalist and not mob, she is sure his article was 1000 times better than her article. He asks why she is bothered about Aditya. She says he is her senior, so she respects him.

Rupali reminds Nishant its their turn today to meet Imlie. Nishant says they will not take snacks for her like senior citizens. She says they should celebrate her article and throw a party for her and take her to meet Aditya today. He likes her idea. Malini hears their conversation. Aditya reaches office and seeing Imlie with Aryan remembers Malini’s words. Imlie seeing him thinks he must be happy reading her article and would praise her. Aditya ignores her and walks away. He enters office and hears colleagues praising Imlie’s article. Another colleague says Imlie did a magic, he is sure Aditya must have helped her.

Adi says he read it, he didn’t see his article in front page till now and will not be published at all, so he should concentrate on how to reach first page. Imlie hears that and asks Adi if he is not happy with her success. He says she is fresher and her article should have been published in 6th page, but Aryan published it in front page; she and Aryan are good friends, but front page is not right. She asks if he doubts her talent. He says he doesn’t understand Aryan’s way of working. She says whatever she does, he considers it wrong, but doesn’t have courage to question her. He says he questioned her once and their life changed, so he doesn’t want any more trouble in his life. Editor notices them and asks them to stop fighting, that’s the reason the don’t allow couples work in same office. Aryan hears their conversation and realizes that Imlie is Aditya’s wife.

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