Imlie starlife update Tuesday 3 January 2023

Imlie 3 January 2023: Imlie takes tea and breakfast to Adi’s room and remembers him blaming her yesterday. She sings a song and asks him to get ready and rush to office. He asks if she taunting him purposefully even after knowing that he lost his job. She forces him to wake u. He asks her not to irritate him. She says she cannot do what he wants to, he can be angry on her and not speak to her, but visit office. He says he was himiliated and kicked out from office, does she wants him to beg for a job. She says he should proudly seek his job. He asks if she thinks he is shameless. She says he looks innocent to him, he didn’t break any rules whether he agrees or not, world will punish him until he considers himself as guilty, nobody can allege him until judge proves him guilty, he can blame her instead and get ready for breakfast.

He says she would have realized how difficult it is to do than said if she was in his place, anyways there is no use running way from situation and says he will drop her to college on the way. She remembers principal suspending her and says she will go by herself. He says she doesn’t obey him always. She says she does and will wait for him downstairs.Adi drops Imlie to college and asks her to go in. She asks him to go first. He insists to get in as she is getting late for class. She acts as going in and once he leaves walks away. He notices her via bike mirror and asks where was she going. She nervously says to meet her friend. He asks where? She says she was there, but not now. Adi insists her to go to her class. Watchman stops her and says her entry is not allowed here.

Adi says she is City College’s student. Watchman says she is suspended and principal ordered not to let her in. Adi asks if this is truth. Watchman says she wrongly alleged professor and shouldn’t be let in. Adi asks him to calm down. Watchman walks away yelling. Adi asks why didn’t she inform him about her suspension and remembers venting out his anger on her; he feels guilty and says he lost everything, but she lost her life’s most beautiful dream. She says after betting everything, she can proudly say that she is with truth; he need not worry about her and go to office. He asks what will he do at office. She says she will go home and find evidence.

Adi says forget evidence, they will start afresh, he will teach her as he doesn’t want to go to office. She says she will drive and drop him to office. He says he will show her his office and drives to his office. She says he should remember that he is innocent until judge pronounces him guilty. He says even she should remember that Malini is also innocent until evidence is found. She thinks she needs to remove his blindfold and expose Malini.

Adi enters office and seeing boss giving his duties to his colleges asks how can he give his duties to others. Boss asks what is he doing here. Adi asks on what basis, his board of directors suspended him from his job. Boss gets nervous. Adi says he can cover stories better and if he thinks he is wrong, he will join another news paper and will away even his informers; he will sit and work on desk until boss permits him to sit in his office. He then thinks Imlie got back his dream, now he has to help her, but he cannot support her her wrong doings. Imlie visits KC’s office. KC asks if she will take back her case. She asks why is he saying this. He says Adi lost her job, she got suspended from college and has family pressure, they don’t even have any solid proof. She says she heard Anu’s confession and will find evidence for sure. He says he is fighting a case for the first time without any solid evidence, they will fight and win.

Anu tells Malini that case will be dismissed in next hearing as servant Imlie doesn’t have any proof. Malini says Imlie will neither get proof nor Adi. Anu says Imlie will be kicked out of T house. Dev says their conspiracy will not work, Imlie will not leave her T house and if she does, she will come here. He shows news paper ad of him announcing that Imlie is his daughter. Anu gets angry. Malini asks if he did this instead of convincing Imlie to take back case, she is sure Imlie would have rejected his request. Dev says they both listened to each other and he felt Imlie is right. Malini says she will not let his favorite daughter win and will force her to accept her condition. Dev asks what is she going to do. Anu says if he thinks only he can give surprise, he should wait for their surprise. Imlie returns home determined to find evidence. She enters kitchen and seeing Radha and Aparna drops peas kernels on floor and in lieu of picking them searches kitchen shelfs.

Imlie in lieu of picking peas kernels from floor checks evidence in drawers. Aparna says peas didn’t fly and fall in drawers. Imlie smiles and continues searching. Aparna asks what is she doing. Imlie keeps peas bowl in fridge and leaves. Radha says she is acting weird. Imlie continues her jokergiri and seeing Harish searching signal on his radio act as helping him find signal and searches whole living room. Finally, radio catches signal and old song plays. Harish takes radio and sends her from there. She then enters Aparna’s room and in lieu of cleaning it searches for evidence. Aparna enters and asks what is she doing here. Imlie says cleaning. Aparna asks her to leave if its done. Imlie walks away nervously.

Anu reaches T house and tells Malini its time to keep their condition in front of servant, asks will she agree. Malini says Imlie doesn’t have any option. Imlie enters Adi’s room next and remembering Malini spending night there thinks she will find evidence here for sure. She looks at Adi’s camera and remembers Adi keeping his camera in recording mode on Janmastami day, thinks why Adi didn’t take his camera today to office. Anu gathers Tripathis and shouts to call servant. Imlie rushes out and joins Tripathis. Anu says she came here again for his daughter, their son married Malini lying her and then left her for a servant, he then got intimate with her tricking her, now servant wrongly alleged Malini and is trying to send her to jail. She asks Harish even he has a daughter, will he accept this justice to her, does Malini have to face society’s humiliation, will anyone accept her as bahu.

Dulari yells if she had to repeat same thing and create drama again, she should have done it via phone call. Anu says even she doesn’t want to stretch this drama and wants Imlie to take back her case and Tripathis accept Malini as their bahu. Imlie says even this option is old. Aparna says even she is saying same, but Imlie is adamant.Anu says if Imlie wins case, Malini will go to jail, and if Malini wins, Adi will give her a wife’s right. Adi returns home and asks what rubbish is this. Anu says society considers Malini as his wife and if she wins case, he will give her wife’s right. Adi says this is rubbish and he will not accept it. Imlie says she accepts her condition. Imlie’s supporters Pankaj and Nishant ask her to think well. Adi says he is not a furniture to be given to anyone, Imlie is his wife and will always be even with her mistakes.

Anu asks why did he make a mistake that day and why don’t he accept it. Malini asks her to calm down. Aparna says she agrees Anu’s condition and asks Adi to ask his wife to take back case. Imlie asks Adi not to worry, she will find proof. Malini asks what does she mean. Imlie asks if she got afraid. Malini asks why should she. Imlie asks her to relax then and says she will bring tea and snacks for guests. Aparna tries to calm down Anu. Anu and Malini walk away fuming.

In car, Malini says she is worried that Imlie will find proof as she is very confident. Anu says she will not get anything. Malini asks what if any evidence is left somehow. Imlie returns to Adi’s room and holding Seeta Maiya’s idol there remembers gifting it to Adi and asks Seeta Maiya when she left Adi under her protection, how can wrong happen; she needs her help. She switches on Adi’s camera and hears him speaking. He sees video where Adi says he wants to gift this camera for her and is dreaming to live happiy with her. She then sees Malini wearing her sari walking to Adi and getting intimate with him, thinks she got proof.

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