Imlie starlife update Tuesday 21 February 2023


Imlie 21 February 2023: Imlie finishes her heartfelt song. Tripathis praise her singing. Arpita says let us discuss our new year resolution on this new year’s eve and asks Aryan to discuss his new year resolution first. Aryan says starting a news channel is his new year resolution and he promises to show only what his audiences want to show in his news channel. Everyone clap. Narmada asks him to bring a bahu/DIL for him. Harish says he wants to bring back what is lost. Aparna asks why is he saying that. Pankaj says he wants to help Aparna more in household chores, Rupali says she wants to open a music school, Nishant says he wants to visit Pallavi in Australia, Malini says she will not let her thing snatched by someone this year and any year. Imlie says she will not leave her dear ones either in happiness or sorrows.

Arpita scolds Aryan that he should stop thinking of money and think of bettering his life. Aryan thinks he is working on 1 resolution since 4 years and says his this year’s resolution his he will protect his family from every bad thing, be it bad situation, bad human, or.Anu walks aside thinking she need to find out about Babusaheb via amma/Meethi. Aryan also walks away to make a phone call. Imlie clashes with him. He asks why did she fall down without any reason. She says due to gravity effect and asks why is he questioning him. He says she is carrying unnecessary burden on her shoulders and hence she falls down repeatedly. He asks why didn’t she talk about herself instead of her so called dear ones. She says when he can, why can’t she.

She says the ones whom she feels as dear ones will ruin her life. She says what is his problem if she thinks about dear ones. He says problem is Aditya is one among her dear ones, correct him if he is wrong. She blabbers why would she say wrong. He stops her and says he doesn’t need any excuse from her; he thought she is strong and intelligent and different from other girls, but he is wrong; she performed last rights of her sorrows by shedding tears, but she cried next day itself; what happened to her promise. She says nothing happened and she doesn’t care for Babusaheb. He asks then why did she run aside to call PGD. She says to check on work progress. He asks her to stop lying and asks her to follow her resolution while he follows his as she disappointed him a lot. She thinks she doesn’t want to disappoint him, but she cannot stop loving a person/Aditya she loves. He thinks he will snatch everything from a person whom she loves.

Aparna asks Anu about Malini’s condition. Anu says she shouldn’t bother as she never cared for Malini, Malini is very tensed regarding Aditya. Aparna says she will ask Imlie about Aditya’s situation. Anu asks why she still is behind Imlie when she has already divorced Aditya. Aparna says Imlie is Aditya’s colleagues and only she can inform them about Aditya’s whereabouts. Anu thinks she will not let Imlie speak to Aditya.Imlie’s colleagues enjoy liquor and offer her a drink. Imlie denies. Colleague Arjun says she is too virtuous/shareef. Imlie asks if they are are all badmash/bad. Aryan warns her not to insult his guests. She says he is a big badmash and gives a long lecture that one who enjoys is not badmash.

Aparna asks her if she got Aditya’s news. She says no and asks her to relax and chess. Aparna says its cheers and she doesn’t drink alcohol. Imlie calls her associates and asks about Adi who say they didn’t see Aditya since sometime. Aditya is seen heavily inebriated during PGD party. Aryan orders cranberry juice. Imlie hears that and comments one who is getting everyone inebriated himself is not drinking. He asks if she thinks every man drinks. She says she didn’t mean that and shares her moral gyaan with her usual jokergiri. He asks waiter to serve this girl some cranberry juice. She says she doesn’t let anyone control her life. He thinks he even he doesn’t want her to give her life’s control to anyone else.


Aryan and Imlie’s nok jhok continues. Aryan orders bartender to serve juice to this girl and shut her mouth. Imlie says she needs lime juice as she doesn’t want others to control her life. Anu signals bartender who spikes Imlie’s juice. Imlie continues arguing with Aryan, sips juice, and says its different. Aryan thinks at least for sometime she is diverted from Aditya. Sundar nervously walks to Arpita and thanks her inviting him for party and offers her gift. She thanks him and asks him to have food and go as her caterer prepares tasty food. He says he will prepare food one day and feed her. She asks what will he prepare. He says gatte ki sabji. She gets sad remembering her husband Arvind liking gatte ki sabji and walks away. Sundar continues explaining recipe. Nishant taunts him.

Imlie calls her aide in Pagdandiya/PGD and takes information about Aditya. She feels heavily inebriated and collapses. Anu covers grocery sacks around her and thinks if she is lying here unconscious, Malini will enjoy party. T family gets worried when Aditya doesn’t call them for long and think they will return home once Malini’s condition improves. Anu walks to them and asks them to enjoy their drinks. Nishant thinks she is up to something whenever she looks happy.Aryan searches Imlie and calls her, but she lying under grocery sacks is unable to respond. He walks to the venue and thinks why would she come here, then steps on her phone and thinks why is her phone here.

He searches her around, hears her voice under grocery sacks, rushes and gets her out and asks why is she lying here. Inebriated Imlie orders him to speak to her with respect and blabbers. He senses her drunk and thinks this jungli drank someone else’s cocktail, he cannot take her in front of everyone and should handle her. He offers her water. She insists him to sing a lullaby for her. He sings Nanhi Kali Dheere Chali. She lies on his arm. He wiggles his finger between her hair. Kaise Hua Tu Itna Zaruri Kaise Hua.. song plays in the background.

Aryan continues singing lullaby. Imlie wakes up and asks what is he doing here. He asks if she is serious. She picks her phone to find out about Aditya. Aryan gets angry and says if she thinks he is her nanny to run around her when she is inebriated. She says naani is in PGD. He scolds her and offers her water again. She thinks she needs to find out Aditya’s whereabouts getting away from Aryan. Aryan says scolds her that she couldn’t handle a cocktail and wanted to drink instead, so she will be with him during whole party. She thinks how will she find Aditya’s whereabouts.

Anu humiliates Tripathis commenting that Narmada invited low class servant Imlie and middle class Tripathis, she should befriend her and join her elite class. Arpita gets angry, but Narmada controls her. Anu asks if she should book a table in her club for 3 of them. Narmada hesitates. Anu starts her jokergiri again and says Anu and Narmada are already a member of bigger elite club where everyone are eager to visit including politicians, actors, VIPs. Anu excitedly asks which is that place. Anu says Devimaa’s temple. Anu angrily raises hand. Arpita stops her and says aunty wants them all to dance, so they all will. She gives masks to everyone and says whoever has same mask will form a team and have a partner dance. Imlie thinks she will go and check if Babusaheb sent an update.

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