Imlie starlife update Tuesday 1 November 2022


Imlie 1 November 2022: Aditya calls Malini thinking he wants to tell her truth, she may be hurt hearing truth, but should pick her phone at least. Malini thinks she doesn’t want to pick his phone for the first time, picks call and asks how is he. He asks if he can come to meet her. She asks if he is sure he is not busy. He says he took leave from job. She says she is talking about Imlie. He asks what she means. She says she read his article and felt good, Imlie deserves what he has written and she will be awarded today. He asks how does she knows. She says every year government awards toppers by inviting them with their families, he is Imlie’s family. He says he will come tomorrow then and answer all her questions as he doesn’t want to keep her in dark.

She thinks there is nothing left in her life than darkness as her husband gave her place to someone else. He repeats if he should come tomorrow. She says of course he can, she will wait for him ready like a bride the way he likes. He thinks how to break her heart. She says I love you and asks why is he not replying I love you. He says he will come tomorrow. She insists to tell I love you. He asks not to get adamant and disconnects call. She sits shattered and thinks they cannot live like this, she will end everything tomorrow.

Imlie calls Pagdandiya’s post office thinking her amma would be very happy hearing good news. Postman picks call and runs to inform Mithi. He informs Mithi that her daughter has made her proud and has called her. Imlie reminisces Pari revealing truth that Imlie is Adi’s second wife and sits back. Prakash walks in and asks to go and speak to Imlie. Mithi says she will not as Imlie hid truth. Prakash says she should question Adi and not Imlie about truth. Dulari enters and asks what truth. Prakash says Imlie hid truth because of Dulari and walks away saying he will speak to Imlie though. Dulari insists Imlie to tell truth, but she walks away. Dulari thinks of finding out truth.

Prakash speaks to Imlie and congratulates her, asks if she returned to Adi’s house. Imlie senses his nervousness and asks if he informed truth to amma. He acts as network issue and disconnects call. Imlie thinks why Pari was nervous. Rupali shows dresses to Imlie and asks her to choose one for today’s award function. Imlie thinks why didn’t amma speak to her, if Pari informed truth to her.Dev reads news paper and tells Daadi that he is very happy seeing Imlie’s success and hopes he could have attended Imlie’s award function, says how can he attend it when Malini’s condition is bad.

Daadi agrees and says they will frame this news paper as Imlie’s good memory. Malini hearing their conversation thinks she made even them sad by coming here. She walks to them. Dev hug her and says Adi loves her and everything will be fine soon. Malini says even she feels same and asks them to get ready for Imlie’s award function. Daadi says how can they leave her alone. Malini says she is not a 3-year-old child who needs a babysitter and says she will rest or else would have accompanied them. Daadi asks her to rest then. Malini hugs Dev again. Dev says he is happy seeing her smile. Malini thinks she wants him to remember her smiling face.

Imlie calls Malini and says she called to take her blessings as she is getting award tonight. Malini congratulates her and says its her big day. Imlie congratulates even her as Adi is coming to pick her up. Malini says he is not coming as he will celebrate with Imlie, even papa and daadi will attend her award function. Imlie requests her also to attend function. Malini says her presence doesn’t matter, the show must go on, and she should enjoy her big day. Imlie says her big day will be incomplete if she is not with her, everyone will be with her except her amma and if her elder sister is also not with her, she will feel alone; she needs her badly. Malini disconnects call wishing her good luck and cries immensely.

Imlie gets ready for award function and thinks if Malini is angry on her. Adi asks her to wear dupatta in different style. Dev with Dadi leaving home waving at Malini and asking her to take care of herself. Adi informs Imlie that he will inform truth to Malini, Imlie can take over his life after that. Malini cries looking at her bridal dress and thinks everything changed; when she wore this dress for the first time, she thought a new journey has started, but didn’t know it would end this way. Adi tells Imlie that he cannot wait more and gives her bangles. Malini gets ready like a bride reminiscing the promises she made to Adi during their wedding.

She thinks their gathbandan became only a bandhan for Adi, she doens’t want to hold him forcefully, so she wants to free him. Tauji asks Imlie to hurry up as they are late already. Adi says they are late already and don’t want to be late anymore. Imlie asks what will happen after that and applies sindhoor in her hairline. Malini also does same and looks at her and Adi’s photo.

Dev and Daadi reach award function venue. Tripathi family greets them. Imlie touches their feet, and they bless her. Pankaj asks if Malini didn’t come. Dev says she is resting at home as she is not feeling well. Adi thinks Malini is sad then. Aparna asks him to meet Malini tomorrow and bring her back home. Function starts, and host calls awardees on stage. Malini calls Adi. He picks call and says everyone are missing her, papa told she is unwell. She says she is fine. He asks if he should let her speak to anyone. She says its okay and says he will realize later how she was. He asks what doe she mean. Host calls Imlie on stage. Adi asks if she is fine. Malini asks him to concentrate on Imlie and disconnects call. He thinks his doubt is right that she is unwell.

Imlie goes on stage and receives award. She gives speech that she felt special after coming here. Malini writes a letter to Adi that she felt special after meeting him and was happy after getting him, she wanted his chance to regain his love. Imlie continues her speech that if city is a river, her village is a well, river can reach ocean, but well stays at one place with its darkness where education cannot reach; she was happy getting out of darkness, but they made her village famous by awarding him and hopes some villager educates his daughter with this. Malini continues writing that her 7 years spent with Adi were the most valuable moment and she doesn’t have any problem with him; she cannot share him with anyone and what was her mistake that he left her hand and held someone else’s, its not even his mistake as love cannot be wrong and she cannot stop loving him, etc.

Imlie introduces herself and ends her speech. Everyone clap for her. Malini writes that Adi cannot love her even if he wants to; she cannot live with a fake relationship like her parents, so she is going away from him, he should be happy always, etc.Dev and Daadi take Imlie home and ask her to go in and show her award to Malini and cheer her up. Imlie walks in and seeing Malini sitting on chair says she told her that she needs her elder sister, Malini didn’t come, so she came; if she is so angry on her that she cannot turn towards her, she should look at the award at least as she could study because of her.

She continues requesting her and stands shocked seeing blood on floor, rushes to Malini and sees her already attempted suicide by cutting her wrist. She shouts for help. Dev and Daadi rush Malini to hospital. Tripathi family also reaches there. Adi requests doctor to start Malini’s treatment. Doctor says he has to follow protocol. Adi threatens that he is a journalist and can complain against him. Dev says he knows hospital’s trustees and will inform them, so he should start treatment. Doctor takes Malini in.

Adi tries to walk behind Malini. Daadi stops him and says Malini needed his support, but he never understood her, now he should leave his granddaughter alone. Aparna asks what is she saying. Daadi continues pouring her heart out that Adi did very wrong to Imlie. Adi says he was meeting Malini tomorrow, but she didn’t wait. Daadi continues pouring her heart out and says he left Malini alone, so she felt better to die as a suhagan; now she realized that Anu was right that Adi is unfit for Adi. Dev consoles her and makes her sit. Imlie thinks living without being a suhagan was in her fate, then why did god gave that fate to Malini, now her hands are smeared with Malini’s blood.

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