Imlie starlife update Thursday 5 January 2023

Imlie 5 January 2023: Sundar sees Imlie dusting kitchen and asks her to study and let him work. She says she completed her studies and is dusting to relax. Malini walks in and asks her to dust her room. Rupali taunts that Malini’s room is full of dust, only Imlie can clean it. Malini replies that aunt/bua is worried for her neice/nephew. Rupali taunts forceful relationship. Anu is put in jail. She shouts it must have some standards, her servant would have served her almond smoothie at this time. Constable offers her jail food. Anu shouts this food is worst than her servant food. Constable shouts she can have it or skip it. Anu sees her cell inmate getting VIP treatment and questions constable. Constable shouts back at her and walks away. Intimate introduces herself as hardcore criminal Rajni Devi who is involved in murders, human trafficking, etc., and pointing knife at Anu threatens to keep her mouth shut. Anu shouts for help.

Rajni gets her aide’s call that one girl among many they kidnapped for human trafficking died. She gets tensed and tries to stab Anu. Anu says she will solve her problem and will offer her a servant girl.Labor employment bureau people visit T house for inspection and asks to show servant’s IDs as they are tracking underage employees. Sundar goes to get his ID. Officer asks Imlie to show her ID card. Pankaj says she is his bahu/DIL. Officer says they got an information that this house has 2 servants, Imlie doesn’t look like from Delhi and looks underage. Pankaj gets angry and goes to call Adi. Imlie goes to get her ID. Sundar shows his adhaar card, and they ask him to get tea for them. Imlie gets ID card. They kidnap her and take her away.

Adi walks towards living room asking Pankaj why didn’t he check their ID cards. Mithi at C house prays Seeta maiya to protect her daughter and give her courage to clear all her hurdles. Lamp blows off. Mithi gets tensed thinking its an abshagun and prays Seeta Maiya to protect her daughter. Adi sees officers and Imlie missing and finds her ID card and broken vase nearby. Family gathers and search Imlie. Adi asks Pankaj and Sundar if they checked officers’ names. Sundar days he didn’t. Rupali with Sundar goes to check in neighborhood. Dulari gets worried. Malini says she must have gone for a walk getting bored at home. Dulari yells at her.

Kidnappers take Imlie to their den. Imlie warns them that they made a mistake by bringing her here and will punish them. Goon points gun at her. She picks a wooden stick and says she is not afraid of gun. Another goon asks her to escape if she can. Goon calls other girls and says they are afraid of gun, she should sit with them silently or see them dying. Imlie walks to them and asks how are they kidnapped, they should trust Seeta Maiya. Goon asks them to stand in a line. At T house, Adi gets worried for Imlie. Malini says he need not worry as Imlie will return home soon. Dulari yells at her. Mithi calls Tripathis and asks them to let her speak to Imlie. Aparna asks if Imlie didn’t come there. Dulari says her daughter is missing.

Sundar and Rupali return and inform that nobody from Labor employment bureau.Anu introduces herself to Rajni and thanks her for kidnapping Imlie and says she can spend her whole wealth if Imlie gets out of her and her daughter’s lives. Rajni asks if Imlie can do household chores properly. Anu says she is from village and works as a servant here. Rajni calls her aides and orders them to give household chores to girls and test if they can work as maids. Goon drops garbage and asks girls to clean it. Nishant informs that he checked with labor employment bureau and they didn’t send any officers. Sundar blames himself for going in to bring tea for fake officers. Adi says Imlie is kidnapped.

Kidnapper orders girls to pick a broom and clean the floor. Imlie asks why should she. He says he got her a job abroad. Another goon thre atens them at gun point. Girls clean floor. A girl asks Imlie to save her as goons will kill them like they killed another girl. Imlie realizes they are human traffickers who sell girls as maids abroad. Malini meets Anu in jail and says she knew only she can plan Imlie
s kidnap. Anu says who else is so genius and introduces her cell mate Rajni Devi and says she is more useful than her kitty party friends, her new best friend. Rajni says she will befriend her when girls reach their destiny. Malini asks how can she make a gangster as her bestfriend.

Anu says she will make even a donkey her bestfriend if she can kick out servant Imlie from Adi’s life, Adi will miss Imlie and then will forget her, then Malini and her baby can happily live with Adi.Imlie and other girls continue dusting and troubles goon. Goon then orders them to mop the floor. Girls throw dirty water on goons and run away. Rajni gets a call about it and orders she will not spare them if girls escape. Malini asks Anu what if Imlie finds out she is behind her kidnap. Anu says she thought Rajni is an intelligent gangster, but she is a fool and hence in jail. Adi walks to them and asks Malini what is she doing and blaming Anu asks where has she hidden Imlie. Anu asks how can she know being in jail. Malini says she came to confront mom for same, but mom doesn’t know anything.

Anu acts as crying and says her daughter because of whom she is in jail doubts her. Imlie with girls runs on road.Adi with Malini reaches goes to police station and asks inspector to file his wife Imlie’s kidnapping case. Inspector asks since when she is missing and if he has any proof that she is kidnapped. Adi says he knows. Inspector says his wife must have gone somewhere, he cannot file complaint for 24 hours. Adi gets angry on inspector and misbehaves with him. Adi says he himself will find his wife and walks out. Inspector asks Malini to control Adi. Imlie reaches police, but before that goons kidnap her again. Adi reaches his informer in a liquor shop and explaining him whole situation asks to find out where his wife is.

Informer calls his aide who informs about girls being kidnapped and sent abroad as maids and their flight is in 2 hours. Adi says he needs to reach airport soon and orders informer to pick his call next time. Malini returns to Anu and says police denied to file complaint for 24 hours. Rajni informs that his goons kidnapped girls again and have taken them to airport.Goons reach airport disguised as medical team and take girls sedated on wheelchairs. They pass first security entry and at second entry, officer calls airport doctor to cross verify their reports. Doctor supports goons.

Goons clear second entry and thanks doctor who asks him to inform Rajni to send payment on time. Goon tells his associate that girls will not wake up for sometime due to sedation. Adi reaches there and after checking flight details calls informer and asks to find out where kidnappers take girls. Imlie hearing him wakes up and unable to speak raises hand thinking he should notice her. Goon video calls his goon and shows his team captivating whole T family. Mithi with Dev visits T house. Goons captivate even them. Goon warns Imlie if she tries to actoversmart, his goons will kill her whole family. Imlie cannot speak, but gains strength to open her veil knot and throw paper tied in her pallu praying Seeta Maiya to send her message to Adi.

Adi shows Imlie’s pic to passengers and asks if they saw this girl. They all deny seeing her. He steps on paper and thinks informer’s information cannot be wrong. Goons board flight with girls. A man notices paper under Adi’s shoe and informs him. Adi picks it and reading note realizes it Imlie’s handwriting.

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