Imlie starlife update Thursday 2 February 2023

Imlie 2 February 2023: Rupali returns to her and seeing Malini there asks what is she doing here. Malini says she was searching antacid as she is feeling uneasy. Rupali says she will take her to doctor then so that she shouldn’t barge into someone’s room always. Malini says she is weak to visit doctor now and just needs antacid now. Rupali searches her drawer key and finds it missing. Malini says she will send Sundar to bring antacid then and walks out smirking looking at stolen keys.

Adi at office briefs interns on how to conduct interviews. Imlie tries to leave. Adi remembers Aryan’s incident and says he needs to talk. She asks regarding what. He asks if she doesn’t have any problem with his briefing. She says no. He says she can seek his permission if need be. She says she is becoming independent without his help after a long time and if need be, she will take someone else’s help. He says like her new friend. She warns him to stop doubting her, she will not give any explanation to any of his questions like before. At Aryan’s house, Narmada and Arpita plan Aryan’s swayamvar.

Back at office, Imlie continues to work. Interns ask Imlie to join them for a movie. Imlie remembers doing circus to enter office at night and hence denies and says she has still work left. Adi says once she finishes work, he will drop her to hostel. She fears him finding her staying at office and says she is not alone here working pointing at Aryan and asks him not to wait for her. He says they wait for one who returns home, so he will not wait or hope for her to return. Once he leaves, Aryan calls Imlie and asks what is she still doing in office. Arpita calls him and scolds him for not returning home soon. Imlie laughs hearing that. He gets angry. She apologizes and suggests her to return home as soon as possible as he lucky that someone is waiting for him. He says if her lecture is over, she should go home.

She greets him and leaves. He remembers her words and leaves home. At night, Imlie sleeps under desk.Malini meets Anu who thanks god that Dev has gone on a trip or else he would have brought junior servant Imlie home after finding her homeless. She asks how Tripathis don’t know Imlie’s location. Malini says finally luck is on her side, Imlie is staying in office. Anu says Imlie will not suffer at office, so she should do something that Imlie loses even her job. Aryan heads towards home when Malini calls him and lies that his office has caught fire. He rushes back to office. Imlie feels cold and prays Seeta maiya to lessen it. She notices candles and warms herself with its fire. Malini tells Anu Aryan will not tolerate anyone converting his office into dharamshala and will kick Imlie out of his office.

Aryan reaches office and seeing office intact thinks someone wasted his time. He notices candle light in his office and walks in thinking a thief has barged in, notices Imlie sleeping. Imlie opens eyes and gets tensed seeing him and asks why did he return. Aryan says he gave her last warning, then why is she sleeping here. She says she is saving travel time as she gets a lot of work. He says she is lying and tries to call police. She stops him and reveals that her hostel warden kicked her out of hostel and she doesn’t have a place to hide, so she is staying here. He says she lying again, doesn’t she have any dear ones who support her. She remembers leaving Adi’s house after argument and says she is alone and doesn’t need anyone’s help.

He asks her to shift somewhere else as his office is not a railway platform that can sleep here. She apologizes him, picks her stuff, and says she will have water and then leave. He snatches water bottle from her. She walks away with her stuff.Imlie sleeps on a park bench after Aryan catches her sleeping in office and ousts her. Three goons notice and misbehave with her. She warns them to mind their own business. They pull their dupatta away. Aryan catches dupatta, drapes it over Imlie, and warns them to spare a lonely girl. Goons ask if he knows who they are. Aryan clicks their pics, checks their profiles on app, and reveals their whole biodata leaving them tensed. He warns that they all 3 may kill him, but whoever touches him first will die.

They all 3 walk towards him, but then identify him the one who defeated wrestler Kooka in fight club and escape from there. Imlie thanks him. He offers her water.Anu tells Malini that driver will drop her safely home. Malini hopes watching Imlie sleeping at a roadside and feel peace. Dev enters and asks if they are talking about Imlie, what did they do to her. Anu confronts him that he is worried only about his illegitimate daughter and not bothered her ruining his legitimate daughter’s life. Dev warns her to shut up. Malini confronts him next that he loves only Imlie and silently watched Imlie ruining her life. He says she is misunderstanding him. She walks away angrily.

Aryan offers Imlie to stay at his house until she finds a proper place to stay. She says she will not sacrifice her self-respect and can manage by herself. He writes down a rental agreement in his diary and says he will deduct 5000 rs from her salary every month till she stays in his house; asks why she doesn’t want to stay in his house without paying rent. She says even a stone gets hurt. He remembers Arvind’s car accident and says stone doesn’t speak. Their chatting continues. He opens car door and asks her to sit in. Malini notices that and thinks don’t know what magic Imlie does on men that they fall for her easily. She picks a puppy and clicks their pics in lieu of taking selfie and thinks she will enjoy Imlie’s lavish life.

Adi misses Imlie while having dinner and remembers their argument. Malini shows him her selfie with a puppy. She asks Aparna if its cute, she loved it so much and thought of bringing him home. Rupali comments. Aditya notices Imlie in background, checks photo and says she is with Aryan. Malini asks what is Imlie doing with CEO at night. Aparna says they must be working, she shouldn’t bother. Malini says its not good to be CEO at night. Pankaj worries for Imlie. Adi calls hostel and finds out that Imlie left hostel 2 days ago. He gets worried for Imlie and says she should have come home. Aparna asks him to go and find her out as Imlie is suffering between their tussle. Malini says Imlie must be with a good man, maybe Aryan. Adi walks to his room feeling jealous.

At Aryan’s house, Narmada throws a party to girls to perform Aryan’s swayamvar, evaluates each girl, and tells Arpita that nobody is fit to be her bahu and hopes Aryan brings a good girl home. Aryan brings Imlie along.

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