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Imlie 5 February 2023: Imlie notices actress Pooja walking into her room angrily. She thinks she needs to take her interview at any cost or else Aditya and Aryan will scold her. She sees room service boy taking tea for Pooja and requests him to let her go in. He denies and says he will lose his job. She starts her jokergiri and says he must be working since years, but she got a job just now and will lose it if she doesn’t take Pooja’s interview. He observing her accident asks if she is from UP. She says she is from Pagdandiya. He says she is from same district and hence they are cousins and allows her to wear her dress and enter Pooja’s room.

Imlie 4 February 2023

She sees Pooja crying and venting out her anger for making her act like puppet. Imlie gives her tissue paper and asks her to have some tea to feel better. Pooja says she is a human and not a puppet that she is ordered what to wear and what to eat, above that an arrogant reporter who asked irrelevant questions. Imlie says some reporters eat bitter gourd and speak bitter. Pooja says she will attacked by reporters again like a zombie if she goes out. Imlie says she will get her out in her style. Pooja agrees.

Editor confronts Aryan for giving Adi assignment of interviewing Bollywood heroine. Aryan says he gave Adi to prove his competency as Bhaskar Times’ chief report. Editor says Adi doesn’t like it. Aryan says if he doesn’t like it, he has to leave the job. Editor says he cannot do that. Aryan thinks this is the best chance to punish Adi.Editor confronts Aryan for giving Adi assignment of interviewing Bollywood heroine. Aryan says he gave Adi to prove his competency as Bhaskar Times’ chief report. Editor says Adi doesn’t like it. Aryan says if he doesn’t like it, he has to leave the job. Editor says he cannot do that. Aryan thinks this is the best chance to punish Adi.

Imlie exchanges dress with her and walks out wearing Pooja’s dress. Reporters throng her and question where is Pooja. Pooja walks away silently. Imlie says she is Bhojpuri #4 actress Imlie and came give interview, but if they are interested in some other’s interview, she will leave. She also walks away and searches Pooja near her car. Pooja walks to her and thanks her for saving her from zombies. Imlie shows her ID card and says even she is a reporter, but different. Pooja asks if she did all this for her interview, she will not. Imlie pleads and promises to ask different questions. Pooja agrees and asks her to sit in her car. Arpita and Narmada walk to Imlie and seeing Pooja insist to meet her.

Imlie calls Pooja out. Narmada takes her autograph. Once they return home, Narmada watches Pooja’s videos. Aryan rushes home and worriedly asks Narmada if she is fine, why did she call her. Narmada says she wanted him to meet Pooja for their alliance and also reveals Imlie is taking Pooja’s interview. Aryan thinks he will punish Adi for failing in his task and Imlie for not doing her job properly.Tripathis get ready to meet Imlie and attend Pooja’s press conference. Harish enacts as old Bollywood hero.

Family jokes with him. Malini says they are looking good. Aparna asks if she is not accompanying them. Malini says no as she has some assignment to finish and asks when will they return as they usually forget time when they are with Imlie. Aparna says she can call her if she needs something. Malini thinks she got a chance to take mobile from Rupali’s drawer. Tripathis are about to get into car when Imlie calls them and requests to let her take Pooja’s interview at their house. Tripathis agree and rush in. Malini hears Rupali and Nishanth coming and in a hurry leaves drawer keys beside drawer and hides.

Rupali finds her keys and takes them along. Imlie brings Pooja and takes her interview questioning her about her hobbies and interest in sociology. Pooja gets impressed. Adi walks in. Pooja gets angry seeing an arrogant mannerless reporter. Imlie says he is a trespasser and asks him to go from there. Family supports her. Pooja asks Imlie to show her washroom. Imlie remembering her promise stops outside and sends Rupali with her.Malini fixes Imlie and Adi’s photo on wall to make Pooja notice it. Pooja notices photo and confronts Imlie that she lied for an interview and warns to sue her and Bhaskar times.

Harish says Imlie will not print her interview and praises Imlie. Pooja calms down and permits Imlie to print her interview. Imlie walks to Adi who talks about her selfishness. Imlie replies him that his sister betrayed him and trying to snatch her husband, her husband is supporting her sister and doubting her, etc. and walks away fuming from there.Aryan returns home and joins Aprita and Narmada for dinner. They say they will have dinner with Imlie. Aryan finishes dinner and gets busy on laptop. Imlie returns home. Arpita and Narmada ask her to join them for dinner. Imlie says she already finished her dinner.

Aryan gets angry and tongue lashes her that she was roaming whole day with Adi without taking Pooja’s interview. Imlie replies him back and walks away giving him interview pendrive. Next morning, Imlie reaches office where all her colleagues clap for her. Editor says she deserves a praise for taking Pooja’s interview. Imlie says Adi helped her. Adi says Imlie is lying. Aryan promotes Imlie as a featured reporter, scolds Adi for failing in his task and transfer him into obituary department as his arrogant and stubbornness is ruining news paper’s image. Adi tries to justify himself with his usual arrogance. Aryan gives him a befitting reply and warns to either accept his new task or resign. Adi agrees to work in obituary department. Imlie tells Adi that she will speak to Aryan and request not to transfer him into obituary department.


Adi says he doesn’t need her recommendation and says he is suffering because of supporting her. She feels sad sad and cries. In the evening, Imlie waits for Adi in a restaurant. Adi walks in and after some discussion gives her divorce papers. Imlie shatters seeing it. Adi sys he is divorcing her.Imlie tells Aditya that he is angry, so she will not feel bad for his bitter words. He says she is his senior now and if she complains boss, he may be punished and ordered to wash car. She asks if he thinks its her mistake. He says its his mistake and he is being punished for whatever happened between them.

Imlie angrily walks to Aryan’s cabin and confronts him for demoting Adi. Aryan says he is seeing someone not liking her promotion for the first time. She says looks like he is taking revenge from Adi for the old grudge and using her as she is Adi’s wife. He says he is Aryan Singh Rathod who can make and destroy industries and doesn’t need anyone’s help to take his revenge from anyone; he punished her when she misbehaved and rewarded her when she showed her talent, now he is disappointed with her overconfidence; she is a freelancer here and not intern, so she should concentrate on her career instead of focusing on unnecessary issues. Peon opens door, and Imlie falls down. Aryan scolds peon.

Peon gives Imlie’s new ID card. Imlie  Aryan ignoring her when she fell last time. Aryan says she wants to stay on floor or get up and reach new heights. He extends her hand and lifts her up, puts her new ID card in her neck, congratulates her for becoming Bhaskar Times new freelancer, and says she reached here due to her talent and should trust it. Imlie rejoices seeing her ID card.Adi returns home. Aparna shows her concern and asks if he is fine as she heard what happened at office. He says they should celebrate Imlie’s promotion instead and not bother about him.

Pankaj asks why is he saying this, he is their son. Malini asks then why they didn’t support Adi recently and just worried for Imlie. Radha says there is nothing like that. Malini says they are just supporting Imlie and chanting her name since a few months, Imlie is a wicked girl who knows to grab opportunities, who gets double promotion just after a week of joining job. Adi says Imlie got promotion because of her talent. Anu asks when he also worked hard for 10 years, why didn’t he get same treatment; he should have been a news paper company CEO by now. Aparna tongue lashes her describing how Imlie and her mother suffered because of Dev and how they suffered injustice till now and Seeta maiya favoring Imlie in exchange of her past sufferings. Malini says what about injustice to her, they are all blindfolded by Imlie and its waste to talk to them. She suggests Adi to open his own news paper funded by Dev.

Anu shows ownership documents and money cheque and says she can do this at least for her grandson’s baby. Malini asks Adi to sign papers. Aparna says its Adi’s wedding anniversary after 2 days. Malini says its after a week. Aparna says Malini is already divorced, she is talking about Aditya’s first and only marriage.Imlie talks to Mithi and informs her that she got a promotion, but Adi is angry and thinks she got promotion because of her friendship with Aryan. Mithi says she doesn’t know about her job, just knows its a new city, new job, and new friends, but Imlie is same and very special and soon Adi will realize his mistakes and return back to her.

Back at T house, Anu asks Aparna when there is no relationship left between servant junior and Adi, then why can’t she forget that relationship. Aparna says she is right. Rupali says its just a bad phase of Adi and Imlie’s lives and will pass on soon. Aparna tongue lashes Adi again supporting Imlie and says he did a big mistake when he doubted Imlie and questioned her, now its time for him to take a decision. Pankaj asks Adi to reply. Adi stands silent. Whole T family walks away.

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