Imlie starlife update Sunday 18 December 2022

Imlie 18 December 2022: Pallavi bids adieu to family emotionally and asks them all to take care of them and Nishant. Pallavi hugs her and asks her not to worry about Nishant. Nishant asks her not make Pallavi more emotional as she will return soon after finishing her course in Australia. Adi says its time for the flight. Radha says she brought her home just a few days ago and she is going now. Aparna says one who has to stay at home is going and one who should leave is staying forcefully with them. Nishant says they are getting late. Aparna says she will not go to drop Pallavi in Radha’s car and not with Adi. Adi says he and Imlie will come on bike. Malini reminiscing Imlie sitting in Adi’s bike before and thinks if she had listened to Anu and stopped her at that time, Imlie wouldn’t have grabbed her husband now.

She asks Adi to accompany her instead of coming on bike. Imlie says Aparna will not like if she accompanies them and heads away with Adi. Rupali tells Malini that her husband has a second woman and nobody respects her and think she ruined a happy family. Malini says she is right as a legal marriage is respected and not the forced one. Rupali says soon Imlie will get everyone’s approval, rest Malini is intelligent and understands what she means. Malini sees Imlie sitting behind Adi in his bike.

Mithi reaches Delhi and searches Imlie’s address. She meets with an accident under Dev’s car and falls injured and conscious. Mob gathers and seeing Dev’s concern asks who is she. He says she is his daughter’s mother and asks them to help him get her into his car. He then thinks it would be late if he takes her to hospital and calls Adi. Sundar picks call and informs that family has gone out to drop Pallavi to airport. Dev thinks there is only 1 way left now.

Mithi reaches Delhi and searches Imlie’s address. She meets with an accident under Dev’s car and falls injured and conscious. Mob gathers and seeing Dev’s concern asks who is she. He says she is his daughter’s mother and asks them to help him get her into his car. He then thinks it would be late if he takes her to hospital and calls Adi. Sundar picks call and informs that family has gone out to drop Pallavi to airport. Dev thinks there is only 1 way left now.

Tripathi family returns home and try to cheer up Nishant. Nishant says Pallavi will not have time to speak to him after day’s busy schedule. Imlie plays Nishant and Pallavi’s wedding video. Aparna gets angry seeing Imlie dancing with family in the video and switching off player says they should edit this video as its their son’s wedding video and an outsider is spoiling their sweet memories. Adi says in lieu of hating Imlie, she wants to spoil their sweet memories. Malini thinks she couldn’t see Imlie trying to lure Adi from the first day by acting as helpless. Aparna says Imlie is always in front of her and if he is so worried, he should send Imlie somewhere else from here. He says he already told her that he will also go if Imlie goes.

Aparna warns to stop supporting Imlie. Imlie starts her jokergiri to lighten the issue. Aparna and Malini fume in anger while Pankaj and Rupali laugh. Malini says Imlie has to leave this house some day. Pankaj asks why is she saying this. Malini says Imlie has to leave the house for higher studies as Adi didn’t like her college from before, even abroad. Adi says he will support Imlie like Nishant supported Pallavi and will drop her to airport. Malini thinks she Imlie will get out of this house for sure.

Sundar informs Malini that her family had called nervously and there must be some issue. Malini goes to her room and calls Anu to find out. Anu says everything is fine and panics seeing Dev bringing Mithi home. Their argument starts. She asks him to get Mithi out of her house. He shouts at her to shut up. At Tripathi house, Imlie prepares honey milk for Radha and Aparna and jokes with Rupali that their tongue is bitter after taunting her whole day, so she wants to sweeten their tongue. Rupali laughs and says she finds positivity in everything. Imlie says they were good with her before and they changed after knowing the truth. Rupali says she blindly trusts everyone without realizing if the person is trustable or not. Imlie asks whom she is talking about.

Rupali says Malini is her elder sister and she blindly trusts her, but Malini has come here with a bad intention and asks her to be careful until Malini is here.Malini reaches her parent’s house and sees Anu shouting at Dev asks what happened. Anu informs that Dev brought his keep/mistress home. Malini is shocked to see Mithi lying unconscious on bed. Dev continues shouting back at Anu to shut up and have some humanity. Anu argues that he even bought a house for Imlie and supported her over Malini, she will not tolerate his nonsense anymore. Malini requests her to calm down and takes her in. Aparna tells Radha that Imlie will not leave their house forever. Radha says they should call Imlie’s mother and ask her to take her daughter from here.

Aparna says Mithi looked good, but why would she take her daughter back when she knows about Adi and Imlie from before. Radha asks her to try once. Aparna calls Pagdandiya post office and finds out that Mithi has gone to Delhi. Radha says maybe she wants to shift here with Imlie. Imlie walks to the room to give milk and gets worried for Mithi hearing their conversation. She rushes to Adi panicked and requests him to search amma soon. On the other side, Anu tells Mithi that Dev told Mithi came under his car, but why would she come under only Dev’s car. Malini says she must have come to meet Imlie. Dev calls Adi and informs Imlie that Mithi is with him and met with an accident via his car. Malini says Imlie doesn’t like her staying in Tripathi house and hence called her mother with a plan.

Dev informs Imlie that Mithi’s condition is fine now and doctor gave her injection and suggested her to rest due to her internal injuries. Adi says he will book a cab to take Mithi home. Malini says Aparna and Radha are already angry on Imlie and don’t know how will they react when they take Mithi there. Anu walks in. Dev asks her not to create any drama as Adi has come to take Mithi from here. Anu says she will let Mithi stay here on humanity grounds. Imlie says she invited her home last time and insulted her, reminiscing the incident, so she cannot let amma stay here. Adi says he will book a hotel room for Mithi and they all 3 will stay in a hotel room till Mithi gets well.

Malini thinks if Adi and Imlie will shift to a hotel room, they will get more closer and she will be left alone in Tripathi house, so she suggests that they should let Mithi rest here till she gets well. Anu also insists. Imlie agrees. Adi says he doesn’t think its a good idea. Dev backs Imlie next. Imlie says she will drop Adi and Malini out. Malini asks her to stay with her mother and leaves with Adi in his bike. Dev asks Imlie not to worry about her mother and be with her till she brings her mother’s medical reports.

Mithi wakes up and seeing herself in Dev’s house thinks she cannot be here and should go to her daughter. She falls. Imlie lifts her up, asks if she developed a new hobby of wandering, and asks her to rest. Mithi insists to go from here as an other woman/herself cannot stay in a sughan/married woman/Anu’s house. Imlie says she is not an other woman and insists to stay here. Mithi asks if her in-laws didn’t accept her yet. Imlie says they will discuss about it later, she should rest first as she is weak. On the other side, Adi while driving bike tells Malini that he should have stayed back with Imlie to help her. Malini thinks he is still thinking about Imlie and insists him to stop the bike near tea stall.

He says they will reach home in sometime. She says its a pleasant environment and she wants to enjoy tea with him like before. He agrees and buys tea. Imlie calls him informing about Mithi’s condition and he rushes back towards her. Malini throws tea away fuming that he is still mad behind Imlie even with her presence.Anu sees servants arranging dinner and asks whom they are serving it for as Dev is not at home. Servant say for Imlie madam and her mother.

Anu angrily scolds them for calling servant Imlie as madam and asks to call her and her mother. She angrily throws dining chairs shouting servant and her mother are staying here for free and want a royal treatment now. At Tripathi house, Aparna fumes saying Imlie is staying here forever and now her mother Mithi is staying in Anu’s house, she feels pity for Anu now and don’t know how she is letting her sautan stay in her house. Pankaj says she should pity on Mithi’s condition as Dev had betrayed her. Aparna says Imlie has brainwashed him and if she was in Mithi’s place, she would have rather died than seeing Dev’s face again. Rupali comments it easier said than done, she should understand Mithi and Imlie’s sufferings. Harish suggests to stop discussing about Imlie.

Radha says they should take Adi to a baba/saint to ward off Imlie’s ghost from him. Pankaj jokes to take Radha there first. Adi with Malini returns home. Nishant asks about Mithi’s condition. Adi says she is better now. Rupali asks where is Imlie. Malini asks why is Imlie needed here. Rupali asks what? Malini says she means Mithi needs her there. Aparna says at least for sometime, they don’t have to see Imlie. Malini thinks soon Imlie will be out of this house. Rupali says its waste to argue with Radha and Aparna and asks Adi to wash his hands till she prepares him dinner. He says its okay as Imlie has prepared fat rotis for him. Malini thinks its time to change Adi’s taste.

Imlie takes Mithi for dinner. Anu says she would have asked them to sit on dining chairs, but they are broken due to termites; termites enter and hollow the whole place. Imlie says her mother needs food to have medicine. Anu asks her to go and have dinner with servants. Imlie thinks its better to go from here than arguing with Anu. Anu grins. At Tripathi house, Malini hides Imlie’s fat rotis and prepares dinner for Adi. Adi asks what is she doing. She says she thought of serving him veg rice and if he doesn’t like, she will serve him fat roti. He says its okay. She serves him veg rice. Back to Chaturdevi house, Anu sees Imlie and Malini having dinner on floor with servants and thinks finally she and her daughter Malini are together and will snatch back whatever Mihti and Imlie snatched from them. After finishing dinner, Malini thinks after a long time she and Adi had dinner together.

She passes by Adi’s room and gets angry seeing him chatting with Imlie and complaining that he is feeling hungry as he didn’t like Malini’s food. She rushes to kitchen and hides rotis. Adi walks into kitchen and searches rotis. Imlie thinks Radha and Aparna must have thrown rotis and suggests Adi to diet for today. He says she can prepare fat rotis for him when she returns. Malini watching him hiding thinks she will not let Imlie return to this house.

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