Imlie starlife update Saturday 18 February 2023


Imlie 18 February 2023: Malini rearranges home furniture via servants. Rupali yells that changing home furniture location will not make her owner of this house. Radha says this house belongs to even Maini. Malini asks Aparna if she has problem with new arrangement. Aparna says no. Rupali yells again that if she had bothered about Aparna’s opinion, she wouldn’t have married Adi. Malini says she is trying to rearrange thinks for her ring finding and kitchen ritual. Rupali continues yelling. Adi walks in. Malini asks if he liked new seating arrangement and changed cushion covers. He says yes. She asks him to take time and get ready for function or else there are people here who wait for a chance to insult her.

He says he doesn’t bother about people here. Door bell rings. Imlie with Arpita, Narmada, and Aryan walk in. Adi asks Imlie why did she come here uninvited. Aparna asks him not to insult guests. Malini says she invited them to attend postwedding rituals as they did an exceptional job and will even select photos for final print. He says she did right, let them attend the functions, and walks away. Malini greets them in and asks Imlie if she liked the changes.

Aditya and Malini start ring finding ritual. Imlie feels disheartened remembering her and Aditya’s ritual. Tripathi family silently watches without enjoying the ritual.. Arpita tells Narmada that its looks weird here as nobody wants to enjoy the rituals. Narmada says let us go from ehre. Arpita asks her to watch the ritual silently. Malini notices Imlie’s sad face and thinks finally she is seeing what she wanted to. Adi wins. Malini says he won. Adi says he will not let her lose and gifts her ring. Malini says he is speaking so cute and hopes their evil eyes don’t fall on their marriage. Imlie asks why did she make an excuse of this ritual as nobody is enjoying the ritual except her. Malini says she speaks so immature. Imlie says she is speaking immature instead.

Malini tries to reply when Aryan stops him and asks her to stop her rituals and discuss business with him. He taunts Aditya that he must be having less work in obituary department, but he is busy. Aditya replies not so busy to ruin other’s lives. Aryan warns him to stop blaming his failure on someone else as one who is afraid does that. Aditya says he need not fear he has lost his everything. Aparna warns Aditya to go in if he wants to misbehave. Pankaj apologizes Narmada on Adi’s behalf. Aryan asks not to as it doesn’t affect him, he is here to discuss business with his client, newly wed bride and ex-wife of Adi. Malini asks him to have her prepared lunch first and then discuss business. Imlie says they are professionals and doesn’t have time to waste followed by Aryan. Malini gives cheque to Imlie and says now they have to finish a work they came for. They agree.

Malini serves lunch to everynoe while Aryan and Imlie check their laptops. She says they must be thinking why she prepared so many dishes, she wants to describe her and Adi’s love story via her dishes. Sher serves pasta and says Adi and her first had pasta together in college, gol gappa as Adi knelt and proposed her while she was having gol gappa, and biryani as they had biryani during their first date. Adi says he remembers everything and asks her to feed one spoon to him. She does while Imlie looks silently. He says its very tasty as Malini’s love is mixed in it. He suggests Aryan and Imlie also to have it and experience Malini’s love. Imlie gives a befitting reply.

Adi says let it be as Imlie will not have spicy food. Imlie says she can have even chillies and fill her stomach and munches chillies. Harish worried shouts at her to stop. Malini offers Imlie more chillies and says she shouldn’t go empty stomach from her sister’s house. Imlie picks chilli.Aryan holds her hand and says time is money and if she wastes his time, she has to fill many zeros in cheque which she and her mom would have seen in life, so she shouldn’t waste his time. He takes chilli from Imlie’s hand and leaves it. He then fills water in a glass and offers her. She drinks water and feels relaxed. He asks her to finish work here soon as this place as a lot of negative wibes. Arpita feels her lense dislogged in her eyes and asks Aparna to show her washroom.

Malini calls Sundar to help. Sundar imagines blowing air in her eye and clearing it. Malini gets him out of imagination and asks him to show washroom to Arpita. He takes her towards washroom when she writhes in pain. He removes her lens. She thanks him for his help and returns to Narmada. Adi sees Imlie sitting alone and asks if she is waiting for Aryan, he will drop her to him. She picks her bag and tries to leave. He says he loves Aryan so much and hates him that she doesn’t want to talk to him. She says she doesn’t want to love Aryan or hate Adi, but learnt to respect herself; if Adi wants to allege her, she will not stay here for a second.


Aditya asks Imlie if she cannot stay with him even for 5 minutes and loves Aryan so much now. Imlie says she neither loves Aryan nor hates him, he is questioning her character again which she will not tolerate, he forgot that he is someone else’s husband now and should return her. He asks if she is feeling jealous that he is someone else’s husband, she should imagine how he felt when he saw her with Aryan. She asks if he saw her proposing Aryan, Aryan touching him inappropriately, or them in same bed; that unfortunate incident was in her fate; she gave him a chance to explain even after seeing him with Malini, but he wrote an obituary message on her character instead.

He says there are many other issues, she went to Aryan when she was in problem and not him. She says she fell in problem because of him. He says she got a front page article so easily. She says she got it with her hard work and not by sleeping with someone, etc.He asks if there is nothing between her and Aryan, then why did she send him divorce papers. She asks if he thinks she sent him divorce papers. Malini enters and accepts that she sent him divorce papers. She says she did a mistake, but Aditya should listen to her once; she immensely loves Aditya and feels pain if he is hurt emotionally or physically; she didn’t want to interfere and was hoping his and Imlie’s differences would clear on their wedding anniversary, but when saw Imlie with Aryan, she felt Adi would be more depressed seeing that; she realized Imlie has moved on and loves Aryan now and hence she had to send divorce letter from Imlie’s side to stop Aditya from agony again.

Imlie alleges that Aditya’s friend is the reason for their divorce and she is a culprit.Malini warns her to stop her drama as she loves a luxurious life now and moved on with Aryan, and if she had loved Aryan, she wouldn’t have let him in pain and agony; she truly loves Aditya since 10 years and not a 1-year-old infatuation like Imlie’s, so Imlie shouldn’t dare question her love for Aditya. She asks Aditya if she ever forced him to love her or marry her, she just wanted to give their baby a father’s name and proper upbringing; her love is not temporary like Imlie which falls for any Aryan’s wealth, etc., so Imlie shouldn’t dare question her love. Imlie tells Aditya that Malini is purely lying and he should understand it.

Aryan walks to her and ask her to pack up soon as they need to visit office from here. Once he leaves, Imlie asks Aditya if he wants to say something. He says nothing. She says he is a biggest idiot who blindly trusts Malini’s lies. She continues laughing on his foolishness and walks away.Aryan checks a pic and says they can print it in their article. Imlie asks him to shock her with some news as her amma used to do same in childhood whenever she used to cry. He asks if she has lost her mind. She says she is feeling like crying and he should as a friend shock her. He asks who friend, he is her employer, one among India’s 1% billionaires with multiple businesses, and former Mr India runner up. She asks what former.

He says he was once a Mr India runner up. She laughs hearing that and asks if he can see something from his red goggles and mimics him making bodybuilder poses. Shiddath movie’s song plays in the background. He thinks her amma’s technique worked and her tears stopped, Aditya ruined such an innocent girl and hence should get ready to be destroyed. He asks her to restart work if she is done. She says yes.

Aditya walks to her and asks if he can speak to her for 5 minutes. She denies. Aryan says she has 5 minutes and asks her to go. She walks away with Aditya. Aditya asks if she needs permission from Aryan to speak to him for 5 minutes. She says these taunts are old and he should use new one. He says whatever Malini told is right, she sent them divorce papers, but didn’t force them to sign papers; they both were separated and didn’t want to reconcile. She says they were away but not separated, he is blindly trusting Malini who destroyed their relationship and she doesn’t want to talk about Malini again. He asks her to get out of his life permanently then.

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