Imlie starlife update Monday 9 January 2023


Imlie 9 January 2023: Anu taunts Imlie that everyone are at the right place, Malini and Adi are together and Imlie and her mother can’t do anything, her daughter and Adi will leave together forever and Imlie may not even live. Imlie thinks she hasn’t changed even after spending time in jail, she needs to do something. She gets up and walk away. Anu follows her. Malini starts coughing due to her asthma. Imlie plans something with Sundar in Dev’s painting room. Anu searches and finds her there. Sundar asks if she can really do magic. Imlie says she can. Anu asks what is happening here. Sundar says Imlie told she can disappear anyone. Anu says she doesn’t believe her nonsense. Sundar says she really can.

They both forcefully make Anu sit, then Anu does her weird jokergiri, and Sundar acts that Imlie really disappeared Anu. Anu gets angry. Sundar brings Nishant who says he can see only Imlie and Sundar in this room. Anu asks if he can’t see him and threatens them. Imlie says she disappeared Anu with her magic. Nishant also acts a panicking and says let us test her via a photo. He asks Anu to pose for a photo between Sundar and Imlie. Anu does fuming. Nishant edits photo and shows Anu missing in it. Anu walks away confused. They all 3 laugh after pranking Anu. Imlie says let us see what else she will do.

Anu nervously walks in corridor thinking its not possible. She panics more seeing her missing in mirror. Rupali joins them and frightens Anu more. Anu wakes up Dulari and asks if she can see her. They all 4 get tensed thinking that Dulari doesn’t know about their plan. Malini’s condition worsens and she coughs more due to havan smoke. Adi asks if she is fine, they can stop pooja. Malini says she is fine and thinks if she stops pooja, Adi will go on a date with Imlie. Dulari acts as dreaming about her husband and asks him not to disturb her. Anu walks away panicking more and reaches havan venue. Dev asks what happened to her. Anu asks if he can see her. Aparna asks what happened to her. Malini gets out of pooja and asks Imlie what did she do with her mom.

Imlie says Anu insulted her mother, so she played a small prank with her. Malini asks if she thinks this is funny. Dev supports Imlie and says what can anyone do if Anu is so dumb not to understand a prank. Malini confronts him next and starts coughing more. Anu gets concerned. Malini says let us start pooja and sits back. Adi says let us stop pooja as her condition looks bad. Malini insists. Panditji says pooja is spoilt already. Imlie asks why she is coughing so much. Malini collapses.

Imlie calls Malini’s doctor and informs that she was sitting in pooja and collapsed. Doctor says he already warned Malini not to attend pooja as she has asthma. Imlie thinks Malini risked her and baby’s life to stop her and Adi’s date. Doctor says Malini has asthma and he warned her to stay away from dust and smoke. Anu takes phone from Imlie and asks him to come home and treat Malini soon. Imlie thinks whether she should inform family about Malini’s act. Malini’s condition normalizes. Anu says she frightened them. Radha asks why did she take risk. Malini thinks she can bear 100 asthma attacks to keep Adi away from Imlie. Family takes her for dinner. Nishant stops Adi and insists him to take Imlie for a dinner date not bothered about Malini as there are 20 people to take care of her.

Adi says her condition worsened even with 20 people’s presence. Nishant convinces him somehow. Adi asks Imlie if she would like to go on a dinner date with him. She agrees. Malini calls Adi to join them for dinner and he leaves. Imlie thinks of teaching panditji a lesson, snatches his money and insists him to expose Malini’s lies if he needs money back.T and C families sit for dinner. Sundar informs Adi that he made all arrangements for his and Imlie’s dinner date and he can leave now. Adi tries to leave. Malini and Aparna stop him and ask him to finish dinner. He walks aside saying Malini needs dinner much, he is not feeling hungry and will have it later.


Malini thinks why did she arrange pooja when she couldn’t stop Adi and Imlie’s dinner date. Dulari hiding showers money on pandit. Pandit picks money thinking its a miracle. Imlie notices Dulari and gives pandit’s snatched money. Pandit leaves happily. Imlie asks Dulari how did she get so much money. Dulari reminds her that she showered these fake notes on her. Imlie surprised asks if she saved those fake notes for her. Dulari says she is no more her fake nani and doesn’t need these fake notes. Adi walks to Imlie and asks what is she doing with these fake notes.

Imlie also starts her jokergiri and feeds Anu. Harish is surprised to see Imlie and Anu feeding each other. Malini thinks Imlie will have so much food that she will not go on a lunch date.Adi arranges a table for Imlie with Sundar’s help on terrace and hopes Imlie likes dishes. Sundar suggests him to tell Imlie what is in his mind. He says he will say sorry to Imlie and gets nervous. Sundar says he will mimic as Imlie. Adi walks closer to him and says I am sorry Imlie. Sundar asks him to get some feelings. Adi fails after multiple tries. Back at C house, Imlie and Anu continue feeding each other. Nishant gives note hidden in puri to Rupali and asks her to give it to Imlie.

Rupali asks Dulari to give it to Imlie. Dulari insists Imlie to have puri from her hand. Imlie says she can’t have any more food. Harish says he will have it. Dulari says its for Imlie. Dulari insists Imlie’s name is written on it. Imlie understands her signal, takes puri, reads Adi’s note to come on terrace, and silently walks away. Sundar continues to teach Adi. Adi delivers dialogue. Sundar asks him to stop talking old discussion, talk something new, and not be serious like a reporter. Malini enters and says she likes Adi’s serious reporter look and seeing junk food says she was bored having healthy food and wants to enjoy junk food. Sundar says its not for her.

She asks him to go. Adi says its not good for her. She says she wants to have it. Imlie brings Malini’s doctor who says he warned her to stay away from dust and smoke. Malini nervously denies. Adi says she got doctor’s call when they were in car. Doctor takes Malini for checkup.



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