Imlie starlife update Monday 25 September 2023

Imlie 25 September 2023: Imlie stops Atharva and Dhairya’s fight and says neither of them but a third person murdered Mohan. Devika gets angry when Imlie doesn’t return home even next day and says she will call Arpita and complain that her daughter is roaming around since yesterday with Atharva. Rudra asks her not to worry as Atharva is with Imlie. Akash’s goons disguised as devotees bring a fake holi procession and kidnap Imlie right under the nose of Atharva and Dhairya. They both fail to locate Imlie and start blaming and fight with each other for Imlie’s disappearance. They then decide to find Imlie soon.

Akash’s goons drag Imlie into a truck and tie her hands and feet. Imlie shouts at them to free her ASAP as she is Imlie’s daughter Imlie and will not spare them if she frees herself. Goon hits her head with an wooden stick and makes her unconscious. He then calls Akash and asks what to do with Imlie. Akash says take her far away as kidnappers.. Rudra hears that and asks what is he talking about. Akash says he got a call from office that Imlie is kidnapped. Rudra says he will call police right now. Imlie regains consciousness and tries to free herself. Goon drives truck and try to locate their destiny. Imlie notices their mobile not having network and fools them by sending voice messages to them and leading them towards police station.

Atharva with Dhairya reaches police station and asks Dhairya to wait while he goes in and speak to police. Dhairya agrees after his usual dialogues. Atharva walks in and informs inspector that Dhairya is not a murderer. Inspector says he shouldn’t have escaped like that and let police investigate. Atharva informs him next about Imlie’s kidnap and seeks help. Inspector assures to find Imlie soon. Rudra asks Devika to get his phone as Imlie is kidnapped. Devika breaks down and blames herself for getting angry on Imlie. Shivani comforts her.

Imlie continues to mislead goons with voice messages towards police station. Goon realizes Imlie was misleading them. Imlie calls Atharva. Atharva and Dhairya hear her voice, but don’t notice her in truck. Dhairya notices Imlie’s dupatta in truck and informs Atharva. They both run behind truck and climb it. They then fight with goons and save Imlie. One of the goons escape. Rudra informs Devika that Atharva is fine and searching for Imlie. Akash asks Rudra if he should handle office as Imlie is missing. Rudra refuses and asks him to help them find Imlie. Imlie threatens goon to reveal his boss’ name. Akash gets another goons’ call who informs about Atharva saving Imlie and orders to shoot Atharva. Goon is about to reveal his boss’ name when another goon shoots Aharva. Imlie leaves goon and runs towards Atharva.

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