Imlie starlife update Friday 30 December 2022

Imlie 30 December 2022: He seeing Imlie lighting a temple lamp says she told its a lamp of trust, that means she still trusts him. She says trust is broken and even hobby will, he has old hobby of loving Malini and hence she will leave him. He says he loves only her and remembers being with her last. She asks if Malini was looking like her that she went to her, he has done so much last night and should remember her only in his memories as she can’t continue relationship with him and there is no other go than breaking this bond. He says their love is not a threat that can be broken, he will find some way out and she should trust him. She says he repeatedly breaks her trust and walks away while he continues pleading her.

Malini walks to him next. He says he couldn’t say her sorry properly, he just remembers that he was with Imlie last night and don’t know how this happened. She says their relationship is based on friendship and friends don’t leave each other, he trusts her. He says Imlie doesn’t, he has to do something that neither she nor Imlie is hurt. She thinks she knows he will choose her and Imlie will be out of the house permanently, her dream will come true once she finishes her last task.

Malini with Anu burns Imlie’s sari in garden. Dev stops his car near by to chat with his client. Malini noticing him informs Anu. Anu nervously tries to set off fire. Malini walks to Adi. Adi asks what are they doing here. She says she needs to get something from car. Dev says something is burning. Anu taunts his servant daughter’s heart is burning. Dev says he needs to get something from car. Malini says he should meet Imlie first and takes him along. Anu hides half burnt sari in car to burn it in her house. Malini takes Dev to Imlie. Dev tells them that everything changes, but not blood relationship; they can’t deny that he is their father and they are sisters, so they shouldn’t change their relationship for 1 person; he knows whatever happened last night and feels they both shouldn’t stay with Adi as Adi doesn’t need them, they should go with him instead and he promises to take care of them.

Malini asks why should she leave Adi as Adi proved last night that he loves her, he should take Imlie along instead as he says he spent less time with Imlie and doesn’t care about Malini, so he should take his loving daughter Imlie away from her and her husband. Imlie says Seeta maiya will decide what is right and wrong and walks away with her bag.Imlie holding her bag walks away with Mithi and Dulari. Dev requests to listen to him once. Adi noticing Imlie pleads her not to go. Aparna says let Imlie go, and Radha offers jewelry and money to Imlie and asks her to take them away and not return again.

Nishant and Rupali oppose her. Pankaj says this is wrong. Harish says Aparna and Radha are right and Pankaj is wrong, Imlie is wrong and shouldn’t have been let here. Pankaj says he considered Imlie as his daughter. Harish says it was his mistake. Aparna says they are sending Imlie with jewelry and money. Rupali asks if they will repay Imlie’s favors with money. Adi insists that he will not let Imlie go, and Aparna stops him. Imlie shouts stop and says Aparna never considered her as bahu, she kept quiet earlier to save her sasural’s dignity and even now is quiet for same. She returns jewelry to Radha and says she would have taken money long ago if she wanted to, she needs her saas’ ashirwad and if she doesn’t, she came poor and will return poor. Mithi says she is thankful to them that they let Imlie stay in this house, but they didn’t value Imlie’s love and sacrifice and will realize it only after she leaves.

Adi holds Imlie’s hand and pleads Mithi not to take Imlie away. Anu gets angry and says whom she calls beggars, she pleaded them; if her daughter doesn’t get justice, she will drag him to police and file a case against him. Harish, Aparna, and Radha request Adi not to let Anu call police here or else he will go to jail. Adi says he needs punishment for his sins and himself will call police. Aparna says let Imlie go as its good for everyone. Anu tells Malini that situation is getting against them, servant was leaving but Adi is stopping her. Malini emotionally blackmails Adi that if this issue is out, people will humiliate her and asks Aparna what will she answer people.

Aditya tells Imlie that he is a biggest criminal and will handover himself to police Malini starts emotional blackmail and asks why don’t she think of her, what will peope think of her character. She hugs Aparna and acts a crying. Dulari thinks Kalini is more wicked, she will tackle her later. Adi says once he goes to jail, even Malini will not be blamed. Imlie says after thinking about family, she decided its better he supports Malini and she gets leaves this house; their story has entangled so much that its time to break it, their relationship is bonded by the thread of trust and she is breaking it. She walks away with Mithi and Dulari holding her potli/bag. Anu smirks while Imlie’s supporters cry. Adi tries to walk behind her. Aparna warns if he tries to stop Imlie, he will see her dead face.

Imile breaks down after getting out of main door hugging Mithi. Mithi says Seeta Maiya will handle everything. They see a religious group carrying god’s idol, and Imlie thinks whenever sin happens, god comes to fight, how should she start her fight now. She sees her burnt sari piece in Dev’s car dickie and opening the dickie via her hair pin thinks this is her sari, then what is it doing in Dev’s car, why did Anu and Malini try to burn it, did Malini got intimate with Adi wearing her sari, Malini did a big sin and she will get her punished.

Adi insists Aparna to let him go to Imlie. Malini asks him to accept god’s wish and learn to live with her. He says he cannot live without Imlie. Aparna says whatever happening now is right. They hear a police siren, and Aparna asks Adi why did he call police. Harish asks Anu if she called police. She denies. Rupali asks who called police then. Inspector with his team enters. Aparna says they didn’t call him. Radha says Adi didn’t do any mistake. Inspector asks who is Malini Chaturvedi and says she is under arrest. Dev shocked asks why. Anu asks who complained. Imlie with Dulari and Mithi enters and says she complained against Malini. Adi asks what is she doing. Imlie says she is getting Malini arrested for fooling her husband and spending night with him. Anu shouts what nonsense. Harish asks if Imlie knows what is she saying. Anu asks how will a woman force herself on a 6 feet strong man. Harish says inspector is mistaken.

Inspector says complaint is made and hence they should sort out the issue between them. Imlie says Malini mixed hypnotic in juice and served it to her in-laws and husband and then got intimate with her husband. Adi asks her to stop. Imlie says she will not let wrong happening to him and will not keep quiet until she gets Malini punished.Malini says she is alleging her in frustration. Adi says she alleged Malini last time without any proof. Imlie says she has proof and showing her burnt sari says she found it in Anu’s car, Malini used it to lure him. Anu says she tried to burn it and not Malini as she brought Sari for her daughter and seeing a maid wearing similar sari, how can she tolerate it. Imlie says she is lying. Anu says she is lying and provoked a tigress, now she and whole Tripathi family will be not spared and she will ruin their reputation.

Imlie asks inspector to arrest Malini. Inspector arrests Malini and drags her away. Imlie and her team feel proud off themselves. Aparna asks Imlie why did she do this. Imlie says she did right and without complaint, there wouldn’t have been justice. Aparna asks did they get justice when she did wrong to them, why did she return when she was going by herself. Harish asks when she boasts about protecting their dignity, then why did she ruin it. Radha also comments. Dulari rudely shouts at Radha and says she is illiterate but knows that whether a man or woman does mistakes, he/she should be punished.

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