Imlie starlife update 6 October 2022


Imlie 6 October 2022: Malini goes to meet Imlie. Imlie asks why did she come to her after incurring so many injuries. Malini emotionally says they are all her dear ones and asks what would Adi reply to her mother if something had happened to her.

Imlie reminisces Mithi giving Imlie’s responsibility to Adi. Malini says they all love her, she is her younger sister and shouldn’t do any herogiri again. Imlie says she is very sweet, sees Daadi and Dev and asks why are they emotional. Dev thinks his daughter is very cute. Tauji asks why she was determined to get injured. Aparna says she is a habitual intriguer. Imlie says she will get well soon by having milk daily and will feed even Malini. Malini says she will force her to have milk. Imlie says she lifted a tree with the strength from milk. Rupal says Adi saved her and they all saw on TV how he was running holding her.

Dev with Naani walk to Malini’s room and seeing Anu packing clothes asks what is she doing. Anu says she doesn’t Malini stay here, so she is packing her clothes. Dev says she should be thankful to Imlie for saving Malini’s life and instead she is hating her. Anu continues venting out her anger and confronting them and finally says she got married to her daughter Tripathi family and not a servant. Dev says Tripathy considers Imlie as family member. Malini enters.

Anu says she will take her home and take care of her as everyone are busy with Imlie and nobody bothers about her. Malini says Imlie saved her life, etc., and she will stay here with her family, so they all 3 can go. Anu asks again who will take care of her. Adi enters and says he will take care of moon. Anu says she saw his care on TV while he was running holding Imlie ignoring Malini, he and his family are only worried for Imlie. Malini asks not to start again and asks Dev to take mom and daadi home. They all 3 leave.

Aparna feeds Imlie and says she will inform her amma how bravely she saved Adi’s wife. Imlie nervously requests not to inform her amma. Malini with Adi enters and asks why shouldn’t they inform about her bravery to her amma, her amma will be very proud of her. Imlie says amma will be worried if she hears about her injuries and will stop having food. Aparna says then they will not and force feeds Imlie again. Malini says she got her admission form and will get her college admission soon. Imlie says she will get healthy having so much food and will study so well that whole college will praise her.

Daadi thanks god for saving her both granddaughters and prays god to protect them. Dev informs that he spoke to Malini and she told her pain is less with medicines. Daadi asks him to come and pray god. He asks if he should thank god that his both daughters are safe or mourn that they don’t know that they are sisters, what will he tell Malini about Imlie.

Daadi says he should be thankful that his daughters are following their sisterly duties even after not knowing about it. He says she is right as always and prays god to keep his daughters safe and united

Adi prepares turmeric milk for Imlie and asks Sundar to give it to Imlie. Sundar asks what else. Adi asks if he did his job right. Sundar says Malini madam will like his gift. Adi then takes milk for Malini. Malini says she doesn’t want to have milk. He shows popcorn and switches on movie. She gets happy. He says he will get all the culprits of bridge collapse punished. Malini asks if he got afraid. He says a lot and he thought he would lose her, he tries to get intimate. She says someone will see them. He says let them see, nobody will come between them. Sundar gives milk to Imlie. Imlie thinks of giving milk to Malini and takes it to her room. She stands sad seeing Adi hugging Malini and saying he loves only her and will always be only hers. She says she knows that he is only hers and collides her head to his. He gets concerned and asks if she is fine.

She says like their love, their relationship will never end or else she will die. He asks not to say that and gets angry. She convinces him and watches movie leaning on his shoulder. Imlie shatters seeing that and falls down tryin to return to her room. Malini tells Adi that she told him to close the door. Adi with Malini walks out and seeing Imlie asks what happened. Imlie turns. He asks if she is fine, if she is having pain. Imlie says she brought milk for Malini. Adi says he prepared milk for her and Malini.

Malini says he must have left gas on and goes to check. Adi insists Imlie to have milk in front of him. She says she will later. He says she takes responsibility of whole world and even has to prepare for her studies. He force feeds her and says she enjoys complicating things. She walks away. He thinks if she felt awkward seeing him and Malini together.

Tauji goes to Nishant’s room and seeing him asleep cleans his room. He wakes up and asks what is she doing. She says cleaning his room and will find 2-3 pairs of socks under bed like in childhood. He says he has grown up and can do his chores himself. Taiji emotionally says mother doesn’t get old when children are with him, how could he stay away from his mother so long. He says even he realized her importance when he went abroad and felt alone without her; when dear ones are not with a person, a person feels alone even in crowd. Taiji emotionally hugs him. Imlie watching them thinks that is why she was feeling alone when whole family was with her except Adi, then thinks why is feeling bad, Adi doesn’t have any feeling for her at all, why will he stay with her.

After sometime, Tauji checks Imlie’s temperature and says its normal. She excitedly asks if she can go now. Tauji says she should rest whole day like Malini. Once he leaves, she tries to get out again when Sundar enters with breakfast and asks her to have it silently in room. Imlie fumes on him and walks to kitchen once he leaves. Rupal scolds her to go and rest, Nidhi also does same. She walks out of house somehow and says she is a free bird now.

Adi trying to start his bike says an injured bird should stay at home and sends her back in. He gives helmet to Aparna and runs out saying he is going via bus today. Aparna asks to take his tiffin in vain, she then asks Sundar to go to bus stop and give Adi’s tiffin. He turns and sees tiffin missing. Imlie walks towards bus stop with tiffin signing when she sees a few boys troubling girls and blocking their way. Boys order them to go via long route.

Imlie tries to confront them, but then walks away thinking she has to give Adi’s tiffin. Adi standing in bus stop gets boss’ call who asks him not to work on bridge collapse case as culprits are very powerful and may harm him. Adi says he has already started working on it. Boss says its not the right time and orders him again not to work on the case. Adi stands fuming. Imlie noticing that thinks of keeping tiffin near him hiding. She does so and walks away. Aparna calls Adi and informs that Imlie brought his tiffin. He says he found tiffin but not Imlie.

Imlie walks through same lane and sees boys bullying girls. She picks their bat and warns him to stop troubling girls, but they don’t agree. She acts as hitting them showing batting moves. They afraid apologize her and run away. Girls thank her. She says this lane belongs to everyone. Girls leave. Imlie sees Adi standing and thinking he will punish her herself sits in a cock position. Adi claps and praising her bravery says even he wants to learn using bat like her. She says he doesn’t have to use bat as he uses pen to show truth and get justice, etc. He stands silently. She asks if she spoke a lot.

He says he wanted to hear same and will not back off. Adi reaches office where boss asks to wait for sometime as criminals are very powerful and its a question of his safety. Adi asks what about innocent people/s safety and one who lost life. Boss says he is very adamant and suggests him to be careful as its a question of his life. Adi says his life is nothing in front of the fear of losing his wife.

In the evening, family gathers in living room. Taiji asks where is Nishant. Aparna noticing Pankaj’s face says Pankaj knows everything. Pankaj says its a secret. Rupal says he is right. Aparna says elders and even children are hiding secres. Taiji asks if he went abroad again. Aparna says he must have gone to bring a bahu. Taiji says Dhruv and Adi didn’t let her find bahus, now even Nishant is doing same. Nidhi and Malini ask if she doesn’t love them as they are not her choice and was acting as loving them till now. Taiji says she loves them more than Dhruv and Adi and couldn’t find better bahus than them. Aparna says Adi is very lucky that he got Malini. Nidhi says she is right. Taiji says even Malini is lucky to get Adi. Imlie studying in her room gets sad hearing that.



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