I’m on the edge update Sunday 9 October 2022


I’m on the edge 9 October 2022: Devika asks Varun why is he behaving weirdly with her. He angrily says he saw her boyfriend going out of her room shirtless and she throwing shirt on him and asking to go. Devika asks why is he so angry and does not he want to know who was that man. Varun shouts he does not want to and tries to leave. She stops him and asks why he does not want to know. Heera walks to them and asks Varun what is happening. Kesar says Varun caught Devika with her boyfriend doing heinous act, but she arrogant to not accept her sin. Dhani and Basanti back Kesar. Devika asks Varun if he does not what is happening. Varun shouts to shut up. Heera and her team continue alleging Devika.

Heera says if Devika is so burning in desire, she should get married. Devika asks who gave her right to think of my marriage. Kesar says Devika should get engaged at least. Varun says Devika can stay here only if she gets engaged. Heera calls servants and asks who is not married, selects one, and asks to fix engagement ring in Devika’s finger. Devika backs off and shouts she is already engaged. Dhani tells Heera that Devika will reveal she got engaged to Varun instead. Heera asks her to keep quiet. Varun says it is lie. Devika shows engagement ring and says Dhani was unconscious in room and she got engaged to Varun under mask, asks if he did not feel different when he got engaged.

Varun stands silently. She says he gets connected to her and tries to help her as he loves her and she is his wife and fiance. He shouts no, he does not care for her and even if he got engaged to her, he will marry Dhani. Devika says he cannot. Varun challenges he will within 7 days. Heera and her puppets smirk. Dhani challenges Devika next. Devika challenges back that she is Varun’s wife and nobody else can take her place.

Devika meets Maheshwari who praises Devika for being so brave among cruel people and says she will always be with in her fight. Devika goes to Maheshwari’s fight and under table cloth finds Varun’s college photo. She asks Maheshwari why she is having Varun’s photo. Maheshwari nervously says Varun is her film’s hero. Devika says this pic is 7-8 years old, she did not know Varun then, gives her promise of her most loved one and asks to tell how she is related to Varun, she has seen her giving blood to Varun and her blood group matched when Basanti’s blood did not match. Maheshwari gives her a tight slap.

Maheshwari tells Devika that Varun is her film’s hero, so she is keeping his photo. Devika says she gave blood to Varun in hospital and her blood matched when Basanti’s blood did not match. She knew Maheshwari and Basanti knew from before, now she should tell truth, else a person she loves most will be in trouble. Maheshwari slaps her and asks how can she put her husband in trouble, Varun is her son. Devika is shocked and asks what about Basanti maa. Maheshwari says Basanti was her servant and ran away stealing her son. Devika asks how can Basti do this. Maheshwari says Basanti did and reminds how Basanti was nervous seeing her.

She continues that she searched Basanti and her son for years and found her son in a hospital, she went searching them and reached their house finally and got this photo. Devika says Basanti is afraid that Maheshwari will snatch her son back, so she befriended Heera. Maheshwari says Basanti is very cunning and cruel and can go to any extent for her benefit, she did wants to be near her so and came know Varun wants to become hero, so she became Rajasthani producer and offered role to him to be near him. Devika touches her feet and promises she will reunite her with her son. Maheshwari says she will help her reunite with Varun.

Varun guides servants in decorating house. Devika walks in and gives her input . Varun shouts it is his wedding, she is a servant and does not have to interfere. She challenges he cannot marry anyone else except her. Varun angrily says she is a servant and get something for him to eat. Devika goes to kitchen and finds juice there, thinks Basanti must have prepared it beforehand and takes it for Varun. Heera walks in and smirks telling Dhani that she wants Devika to be out of Varun’s life, just wait and watch what she will do. Devika hands over juice to Varun. Varun shouts if she will go or not. She says she will not until she takes empty glass. Varun finishes glass and falls unconscious.

Doctor checks her and says it is food poisoning and he must have taken something. Devika says he did not eat anything. Heera says Devika gave juice to Varun and she must have mixed something for sure. She and all her puppets verbally abuse Devika and asks her to go. Basanti drags Devika out. Devika warns her that he knows Varun is not her son, should she inform Varun. Basanti stops. Devika walks back in. Heera then drags her out and locks door.

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