I’m on the edge update Monday 22 August 2022

I’m on the edge 22 August 2022: Devi says before Masa uses this lie I have to tell you this truth Adhi but I have to win your heart and trust first.Ambika says how will you stop masa. Devi says I will tell him lie first. Ambika says why don’t you turn this lie into truth. DEvi says how? Ambika says I don’t want my actual child’s life to start with a lie. I will do this once he actually loves and trusts me. Ambika says I have to do something.

Devi comes to room and opens a box. Adhi comes. Devi hides it. He says what are you hiding? She says I found this trumpet in your closet. Whats its story. Is it yours? She says can you play it? He says i played 15 years ago. She says you can try after 15 years. He says I don’t do it anymore. She says music doesn’t ever go away from you. She gives him the trumpet. Adhi throws it out. He says once something is over for me its over.Heera says Adhi will break his relationship with you too. Devi says I wont let that happen. She says in heart what if that actually happens.

Mukun is changing his shirt. Kesar says can you put this sindur.. It falls by his hand. Kesar says oh this is so bad.Adhi is asleep. Devi comes to his room. He says whats in your hands? She says nothing. Adhi checks her hands. Its trumpet. Adhi says I told you I have nothing to do with music. She says but you have relationship with me. And I want to listen to it. She plays it. Adhi says stop. Adhi takes it from her and plays. Devi rests her head in his lap.Keasar says its been three years when I waited for you. Kesar hugs him and says I want to go ahead with this relationship. He says please listen. What are you doing.

THere is a reason why I stayed away from you and for my behavior. He wears his shirt. Kesar says three years I have lived alone. I want to make this relationship. She says what is it? He says I met a baba ji. He told me if I get married I will die. She says what are you saying. I waited these three years for you and for your life. She says let me bring you water. he says how do I tell you truth.DEvi asks Adhi are you doing all this for me or just your child. Saradh comes. Kesar says I am going to temple. Mukun isn’t well. I have fasted. A baba comes in and says somethihng really bad will happen. Heera says what are you saying baba.

Heera says he came from Ajmer. He si saying something bad will happen in this house. Its because of the coming child. Adhi says dont’ say a word about my child. Baba says there is a danger in your child’s life. Adhi says tell me the solution.Adhi says tell me what I have to do. Baba sasy you have to save him from the danger. Devi says stop this is superstition. Adhi says I dont’ care. Devi says to Masa please stop all this. She says the solution baba is going to say might even kill adhi. Devi says how can you do this. Masa says can you see him in? If you wanna stop this tell him truth. Devi says how can you see your son in pain? Heera says you don’t need ot care about that.

Baba takes adhi to temple. Devi sees adhi all chained. Devi says what are they doing with him.Saradh says to Adhi what are you doing. He says its about my kid. I have to do it. He is tied by a nailed chain. Devi says please listen to me. You take care of me and our child. Nothing will happen to him. This is supersition. He says I will do anything for my child. He lays down. Devi says I beg you don’t do this. The nails bleed his body. Devi says to Heera please stop him. Heera says tell him truth. DEvi says adhi please stop.

Devi says to baba how can you tell future? He says when I hit myself I can see people’s future. She says you hit yourself and get future of other people. you don’t have to hit yourself anymore. I will do that for you. I will hit you. Adhi says what are you doing? Devi says he said pain makes him see future. I will make him see future. Anyone can give him that pain. Devi takes the belt from him. He is scared. H says I am a fake baba. I did what I was told to do. This is all lie. He runs. DEiv says to Adhi why did you have to do. Nothing can happen to our child. Heera says are you okay? Adhi says to devi make sure no baba ever comes near our house. Devi says sure. She says to Masa you play so bad.

Scene 2
Devi applies med on Adhi’s wounds. He says I can do anything for my child. Devi says you what about me? You can do anything for me. Am I part of all this or not? He leaves.Kesar applies tilak on Mukun. She says I fasted. This will solve all your problems. He says what am I doing. She fasted all day because of me? She deserves to know truth. He calls Kirna and says I am coming to meet you.Devi comes to Ambika’s room. She hugs herr. Ambika says what happened? Devi says I can’t live this lie. Ambika says you can’t give up. Devi says I have seen the good in him. I have seen love in his life. I have lied to him.

We did this all for him but its a lie anyway. He is crazy for his child. I have to tell him truth before Masa does. You know I can’t do all this. I will tell him truth.Urmi comes to Heera and shows her the video. She has recorded everything Devi was saying to ambika. AMbika says this proof isn’t enough. I can’t show this to Ahdi. I have to do something.

Urmi gives her phone to an editor. She asks him to edit the clips. Devi snatches her phone. DEvi says you were spying on me? The man runs. Devi says I will go to police. Urmi says give me my phone back. She tries to snatch her phone. The phone falls and devi gets hit by a car. Urmi screams. Everyone is dazed.

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