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I’m on the edge 12 August 2022: Devi fixes a pillow under Adhi’s neck. he says what you doning here? She says I came to massage masa’s feet. He says go sleep. She goes to sleep. Adhi says in heart she can’t do any such thing that masa accuses.

Next morning Masa wakes up. Adho says are you better? You scared me. Masa says you are with me nothing would happen. Ahdi gives her water. Masa says everything was fine until I had dinner. Devi comes andd says masa I brought this juice for you. Masa says want to kill me again? Adhi leaves for work. Masa says you tried to kill me but failed.

Devi comes to Adhi. he says what happened. She says i wanted to ask if you dont want i wont cook. He says when I have a problem I will tell you myself. Bring my tilak. She applies him tilak. He says why you look scared? He leaves.

Saradh brings a movie CD for Kesar. Urmi asks what is it? He says movie. She takes the CD from her. Devi comes and says to Saradh I tried to tell Kesar that Mukun won’t come back but you have to tell me the reason. Saradh says let me see.

Scene 2
Doctor calls Adhi and says there was poison in your mom’s meds. But the poison can only be made from meds. Only a doctor can make it. Devi serves everyone food. Masa is about to eat. Adhi comes and throws it away. He shoves Devi. Devi says what happened. Adhi says no one will eat this food. The doctor said there was poison in the food and some doctor made it. Adhi slaps devi she falls on the table. Everyoone is dazed. Adhi says you have done a sin. And you will be punished for it.

You tried killing my mom. devi says I can never do this. You know i did everything to remove this animosity. You can’t think that way about me. It can be a conspiracy. Ask your heart I can never do this. He says I don’t know anything. The doctor said someone mixed med in the food. Devi says I made the food but.. heera says she wants to kill me like they killed your dad.

The episode starts with Masa accusing Devi’s family of separating her spouse in the past and says that Devi is playing the same game to eliminate her from her son’s life.With folded hands Masa requests herson to save her from Devi who she says is hell bent on taking revenge on behalf of her family.

Adhi gets emotional and says that he is ashamed of himself because h e has overlooked her advice and believed In Devi.Urmi and Bansuri adds fuel to the fire by saying that Devi who can not even prepare tea properly went into the kitchen with intent to poison Masa’s dinner.Urmi further provokes Adhi by saying that Devi knows how to take advantage of Adhi’s kindness,that’s why she could manage to shift to the guest room from the dungeon.

Devi tries to convince Adhi by saying
that Masa is mother not only to him but to her also and insists that she can never do such a heinous act .She begs him to believe that she is innocent.But Adhi already mad with anger shouts at her to keep quiet as he is not going to believe a single word of hers.Devi says that he can not accuse her without any proof.Now really furious ,Adhi confronts her with the proof he got from the doctor .He says only a doctor or an intern can get the medicines without a prescription and he is sure that she has procured the medicines to poison his mother.When Devi looks on helplessly ,he becomes more aggressive and asks her where she has hidden the poison.

As Devi keeps protesting ,he drags her to her room and starts searching.He ransacks the complete room but when it doesn’t yield any result,he drags a crying Devi to the storeroom.After lot of searching ,he finds an unlabelled bottle securely hidden.On finding that ,he gets more violent with her and asks her what it is,Devi answers it is only a cough syrup.Not ready to believe her , he says that first he had a doubt only and now with this proof ,he is absolutely sure that she poisoned his mother.Devi’s protests fall on deaf ears as Adhi drags her back to the hall and announces to Masa that here the culprit .

He shows her the bottle and tells her that Devi has used it to poison her.Waiting for that opportunity,Masa starts her allegations ,Devi begs her to believe that it is her medicine for cough.Adhi interferes and taunts that to believe her,he needs proof and challenges her to prove her innocence.Kesar tries to say that Devi can never do such a thing but Masa instructs her to keep shut as she knows very well that Devi is responsible for the recent transformation in her.

Adhi stops her in her tracks saying that he knows how to get the confession from Devi.To Devi’s astonishment,he asks her to drink the contents of the bottle which she says is only a cough syrup and prove that she is innocent.Devi says that she will drink if that is the only way to prove her innocence and to his utter disbelief she drinks the medicine.Shocked to the unexpected turn of events,Adhi leaves and goes to his room followed by a disappointed Masa and her accomplices leaving Devi alone with Kesar.
On Kesar’s inquiry. Devi confirms that the bottle indeed contained Poison and requests her to bring some cold water.As Kesar hurries,Devi already shaky .makes her way slowly to her room .In his room Adhi starts feeling guilty for suspecting her.He feels ashamed to go out and face Devi.

In her room Devi ,With lot of difficulty ,closes the door and the windows and tries to drink water but in vain ,unable to stand any longer,she trips and falls.Before she crawls to the bed,the poison finally takes over and she becomes unconscious.

Scene 1
Devi tries to get out of the room. She is in pain. Urmi comes to Heera and says that girl.. Heera says I gave you a small work. Urmi says I gave her the poison. Masa says then why didn’t it affect her? Urmi says I don’t know how she got saved. Devi is fainted in her room. Kesar comes and says are you okay? She gives her water. Devi takes the icy water. She vomits so the poison comes out. Masa says she got saved. I risked my life to get this game going.

Kesar says to Devi are you okay. Why are you doing all this. You are great. If something happened.. Devi says I knew there was poison. But I had to drink it to prove myself right. I have to find out what truth is.

Heera comes to Adhi and says I was given poison. That girl is very clever. She can

fool us all the time. Adhi says aren’t you done yet? She drank that poison without question. There is no greater proof than that. I hit her with these hands. She endured everything we did to her. She drank the poison and she proved that she is not wrong. Enough now.
Adhi comes towards Devi’s room. He hears her talking to the doctor. Devi says I wanted to ask you something I drank poison by mistake. Can you tell me some meds. She notes the meds doctor gives her. adhi is dazed. Devi says that poison will be out completely. ADhi says she fooled me? He is really angry.

Scene 2
Devi asks kesar where meds are. Kesar says let me bring it. Devi says no one should know the truth. Kesar is going towards Devi’s room. Urmi stops her and says where are you taking these meds? Kesar says I am not well. Urmi says you don’t have fever. Kesar says my eyes are allergic. Urmi says okay go.

Adhi says to Heera I was wrong. I saw her reality. She fooled us. Heera says she wants to take revenge from us. Heera says a girl like her only deserves one punishment. Adhi says death. ADhi hugs masa and says I am sorry for not understanding you. Adhi says masa you give me punishment first. She used her wit against me. She used our goodness. Masa says my lion can’t give up like this. She deserves death. she wanted to kill me. Adhi says I will kill her.

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