Illusion update Tuesday 8 February 2022

Illusion 8 February 2022: Kabir’s inner voice tells him that he loves Pooja. Kabir asks if he has gone made, how can he love Pooja. Inner voice says he is himself and truth is he loves Pooja. Pooja in her room thinks Kabir’s sudden changed behavior is troubling her. Her inner voice emerges and asks if his feelings for her or her feelings for him are troubling her, she knows what is going on in her mind. Pooja nervously asks what does she mean. Inner voice says she doesn’t want to accept that she loves Kabir now. Kabir shouts at his inner voice that he doesn’t love Pooja and to get out of from here. Inner voice disappears, Kabir panics with Inner voice’s words echoing in his mind. Pooja’s inner voice says since she saw Kabir taking care of her mother, she started loving Kabir.

Pooja shouts this is not true and thinks what is happening to her. They both walk on stairs with Inner voice’s words echoing in their minds when they clash and Pooja slips. Kabir holds her. His hand injures. She worriedly asks what happened. He says nothing. Suman walks in and shouts at Pooja what did she do to Kabir, why don’t she leave him alone. Kabir confronts her to stop shouting, he slipped and injured and it is not her fault. Kabir walks to his room. Pooja walks behind and nurses his wound. Suman walks in with herbal paste and seeing this angrily walks away. Kabir looks at her face while she finishes nursing his wound and thanks her.

At night, Pooja walks into Suman’s room and locks door. Suman nervously asks why did she close door. Pooja says nobody should know she is here, Suman is right that she is behind all the mishaps and soon she will get back her wealth from Kabir. She strangulates Suman to kill her when she hears Kabir’s voice and injuring herself alleges that she came to check Suman, but Suman injured her. Kabir drags Suman away. Suman wakes up and realizes it was her dream. Anuradha walks in and asks why she looks nervous. Suman says she fears Pooja and thinks she is acting as reformed but will harm them soon.

Kabir falls down from couch in sleep and writhes in pain. Pooja walks to him and says he can sleep on the other side of bed. They both sleep nervously on corner of bed with pillow in between and fall down. Kabir says he will sleep on sofa while she can sleep on bed. Pooja says they will sleep on sofa alternatively. He agrees and she sleeps on sofa.Anuradha asks Rani if she really thinks Pooja will do something wrong. Rani says 100% wrong. Anuradha says they should leave from this place so that Pooja accompanies them. Rani says Pooja will not leave Kabir without taking revenge as Kabir forcefully married her. Anuradha asks how can she her daughter doing wrong. Rani smirks.

In the morning, Pooja performs her father barsi/pooja. Rani walks in and asks what is this drama. Pooja reminds it is their father’s barsi today and warns not to create any issues, else she will not spare her. Rani says nobody will support her. Kabir walks to her and sits with her. Anuradha walks in and stops her shouting she will not let a sinner perform her husband’s barsi and let her husband’s soul in sorrows. Pooja says she didn’t do anything wrong. Anuradha shouts why did she kill PK. Pooja says he killed her father alive. Anuradha asks why did she try to mentally imbalance Suman, had fake marriage with Dhruv, and troubled Kabir. Pooja accepts she did mistake by troubling Suman and Druv, but Kabir forcefully married her and she agreed to protect her mother, but when she saw Kabir taking care of her mother in hospital her perception changed towards him and she…

Pooja pleads her mother Anuradha to trust her that she has changed and doesn’t want to take revenge from Kabir, instead she… Suman says its all drama. Pooja walks away crying followed by Kabir. Anuradha and Rani with Suman and Chanda types perform Ashok’s barsi pooja while Pooja watches standing behind. Kabir walks to her and asks why she is not attending her father’s barsi. Pooja says its okay. Anuradha asks Kabir not to interfere in her family issues. Kabir asks Pooja how can she go so weak, she is the one who fought with PK’s injustice, bought up her sister and herself alone and how can she lose her fiery side. Rani yells at Kabir to respect her mother’s feelings and she will not let Pooja attend dadda’s barsi. Kabir holds Pooja’sh and and takes her to lawn where has arranged Ashok’s barsi ritual. Family walks out. Kabir says it is his duty as a husband to respect his wife’s feelings and wishes and nobody should have any problem with it. They all walk back in fuming.

Kabir performs pooja with Pooja while Pooja gets mesmerized with his kind guesture.Anuradha asks Rani to go and give prasad to Pooja. Rani says she will not. Chanda taunts how can she disobey her mother. Suman asks her to not interfere in Anuradhas’ family issues. Rani gets adamant and Anuradha warns her not to argue with her. Rani takes prasad to Pooja while Kabir goes away to keep things, she offers prasad to Pooja and dropping thali herself alleges Pooja for dropping it. Kabir returns and scolds Rani to stop her drama. Rani calls Anuradha and Suman and alleges that Pooja dropped pooja thali. Pooja says she didn’t. Kabir backs her. Anuradha walks away yelling that Rani was right, Pooja doesn’t deserve prasad.

Pooja returns to her room and feels sad that she couldn’t have her dadda’s barsi prasad as maa distributed whole prasad among others. Kabir says he knew this would happen, so he kept some prasad for her and offers it. Pooja gets emotional seeing this and holds his hands trying to hold plate. They both feel shy and walk aside. He asks why didn’t she try to get back her mother when she found her location in hospital. Pooja says when she saw how he was taking care of her mother, she decided to back off and realized how many mistakes she did in life. Kabir says he knows she has changed and her mom will also soon realize it. Their conversation continues and they feel romantic. Kabir further says he feels he.. She thinks he wants to express his love for her and asks what… Kabir says he feels he is hungry. Rani watching their conversation standing near door walks away and decorates Pooja and Kabir’s bathroom with flowers and candles. Pooja enters her bathroom and seeing decoration thinks why did Kabir do this. Kabir enters and even he feels why Pooja did this. Pooja slips and falls on Kabir on the ground.

Suman in front of Jay and Chanda feels concerned that Pooja is trapping Kabir completely. Jay consoles her. Chanda says the way Pooja braided her hair seems she has changed. Suman shouts she doesn’t believe. Rani walks to her and Anuradha and asks to come and see what Pooja and Kabir are doing. They all enter bathroom and see Pooja and Kabir together on floor. Suman yells at Pooja that she stooped so low to trap Kabir. Kabir says she is thinking wrong and walks behind her. Suman yells that he married Pooja for a different motto, but now is getting trapped in her love. Kabir says again she is thinking wrong. Suman demands to divorce Pooja. Anuradha also yells at Pooja that she lost her shame, etc.., and demands to divorce Kabir if she wants her mother’s trust back.

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