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I do 2 March 2022: Ayan is lost, when the servant announces that the priest has come and is calling for him. He wipes his tears and goes after him. He is stopped by razia. She informs him as to why is he called, and he is surprised. she says that if they sign, then their marriage is proved and asks if he understands this. She says that humaira’s life is already spoilt and he too wouldnt be ahppy now.Ayan stands helpless saying that he doesnt know what to do. She says that things would still be in control if he refuses to sign the papers.

She asks him to say that he would marry only humaira. He says that he cant do this, as he cant do this to nikhat. She asks if he ever bothered to think about humaira once. She asks him to think, what does he choose, his love or his sister. ayan is confused and tensed. She says that nikhat regrest her called off relation, but that can still be handled, as nikhat didnt love farhan, and they would find a better groom for her, but what about humaira, who has loved him all her life, unconditionally even when he rebuked her.

She says that this is the time to take humaira’s hand. She asks him to chose humaira, and if he feels shy, then she would tell everyone his descision. While ayan is confused, his eyes fall on nikhat, with the knife in her hand. He rushes after her, and takes the knife from hher. She says that her parenst and family are insulted due to her, and hence she should be allowed to die. Nuzrat sees this too and goes down to call for the doctor.

Downstairs, zoya coaxes him to go now. Asad says that they would have to wait for some more time, till everything is right. Nuzrat informs shirin that nikhat tried again to commit suicide. She is shocked and tells this to rashid, and who gets up to go. The priest asks where’s he going, as this is the last step for their marriage, the signing of the marriage certificate. Zoya and asad are shocked to hear this. The priest says that the marriage would be complete with the signing of these papers. Zoya rushes out from there. Asad follows her. Meanwhile, ayan tries hard to control nikhat. shirin rushes after asad. She tells him that they mightnt be related, and he wouldnt even listen to her. She says that she’s asking this only for her daughter, and informs about nikhat. Shirin requests asad, profusely that only he can save nikhat’s life, as its completely on him now.

Shirin shows asad, nikhat’s condition and says that noone would marry her now, if this relation is called off. she says that she has to be taken to the hospital, but she cant be taken in this condition in front of the guests. She tells him that he considers himself as her elder brother, and only he can save their prestige in the society. she asks him to get back zoya anyhow. Asad is distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Asad sees zoya in tears, and is upset. He calls for her. Zoya says that she wont be able to do this, as this is getting too much, as she’s willing to do anything, but not this. Asad says that even he hadnt thought this. zoya asks to come along then. Asad asks what would happen then for nikhat. Zoya is confused as to what he means. Asad says that he knows, but he also knows that if they go, then nikhat would be dead. Zoya is distraught. He takes asad’s hands. Zoya asks him to let go of as its paining. Asad says that he too is in pain, and says that he doesnt understand why destiny is playing thgis cruel game, and he loves and needs her as much as she does, and that he wont be able to spend one moment without her. He says that right now, its nikhat’s life’s at stakeand that they have to save her life first and foremost. He asks her if she believes in him. She manges to nod, but is unbelievably sad.

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The priest asks mamu where did the groom and bride go, and says that if they dont want the certificate then they shouldnt insult them. In her room, Nikhat is reprimanded for her childish act, as she faints. Rashid says that they should hurry to the hospital, but shirin says that that would make a drama out of their daughter, and she wont get married ever. rashid says that they wont leave, till the certificate isnt signed. They are in a dilemma what to do. Shirin says that she knows what to do. She goes to ayan and says something. Later, as ayan is brought down by rashid and shirin, asad too enters holding zoya’s hand. Both ayan and zoya are distraught. All are surprised to see them. They both progres towards each other, with their families. Rashid is perplexed while shirin looks on tensed. Ayan tries to tell asad, that he ditn know that this would happen. Asad asks to let be now. the prierst asks them to sign the papers. ayan goes to the priest. He looks at zoya, who stands stunned into silence.

Asad too is distraught. He lets go of zoya’s hand.(SAD MITWA) She moves ahead to ayan, while razia is tensed. Ayan takes the pen and signs the papers, while razia is surprised. Asad watches sadly and devastated, as zoya too takes the pen, and looking back at asad, who nods her to sign, and she finally complies. The marriage is finally legalised. After she signs, asad leaves. The priest congratulates them on their marriage. Hearing this, humaira is shocked in her room. Hasena says that now everything is alright, and now in nikhat’s and farhan’s relation, nikhat’s sister in law too would be there. all are tensed. humaira too is devastated in her room. The priest leaves with the committee members, while razia is angry with ayan’s choice. Zoya is inconsolably crying.

The doctors tell rashid that they got nikhat in the right and critical time. He asks them to give her rest and attention and that she shouldnt be alone ever. He asks them to give her the meds properly. He leaves. Rashid thanks him. Nikhat wakes up tensed. rashid asks nuzrat not to leave nikhat alone and be with her. Outside, shirin asks rashid not to be tsned, as nikhat is alright and her relation isnt called off too. shirin says that she couldnt believe that asad would get zoya like that. Rashid says that asad left his heart for them, as he loves his siblings, and did this for nikhat only. Shiirn asks what about humaira now, as they had accepted her as their daughter in law. They find zoya sitting in one corner, of the drawing room. They rush to her and ask why’s she sitting here alone. Rashid asks if she ate anything. she doesnt respond. He asks her to go rest in her room, while they get something to eat.

shirin hollers for nuzrat to attend to zoya. But badi bi stops her. Badi bi says that she would do this, as this is the bahu’s first day, and they cant treat her like that. Badi bi asks zoya to come along. rashid helps her get up. Zoya gets up, as if in a trance and starts walking along with badi bi. badi bi asks zoya that she must be hungry. She asks her not to be scared, as this is her house too and her family now.

Badi bi shows zoya the room, while zoya remembers how she used to tease asad about changing the decor of asad’s room, and redecorate. She remembers the fight that she has with asad, when he copmmented that the house is so beautiful now with her entry that it doesnt need any redecoration. (MITWA) Zopya teases him that he cant distract her like this. She tells him that this room would be so colourful that she wont be missed. Asad says that he wont have to miss, as he wouldnt let her go even for one second. They hug.

(MITWA) Zoya has a wide smile, thinking about it, when she is jolted back to her life’s grim reality that this is ayan’s room. Badi bi tells her to inform them, if she needs anything. Badi bi leaves, while zoya collapses on the floor, breaking down into tears.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad enters his empty house, decorated for his marriage with zoya. He sits beside the cushions, still unable to take in what just happened with him, alone in the entire decorated room. He breaks into tears. Dilshad comes to him, in tears, and asks what happened, and where had he gone, and where’s zoya. He says that she is where her destiny took her. dilshad asks him not to play around, and say clearly where is zoya, as today they were supposed to get married.

Dilshad asks why. Asad tells her tearfully, that zoya is already married to ayan. Dilshad is shocked. After dilshad is told everything, she blames asad for all this, as he doesnt have the right to decide the fate of everyone’s life. Dilshad says to Asad, that he hasnt sacrificed anything, but its actually zoya’s who’s sacrificed, and that he didnt have a rightful place in zoya’s life as she wasnt her life yet. Asad says that he did this for nikhat. She says that spoling one life to save another isnt a mature descision. She says that nikhat had lots of people to attend to her, but zoya had only person and that was him, and he didnt even bother to ask about what she wants, before deciding. Asad says that he too didnt like it. Dilshad asks asad to go and get zoya back, right now. asad asks how. Dilshad says that if he doesnt, then she would. She says that she would see who stops her as a mother to get back her daughter. dilshad walks out, while asad is helplessly staring. he says that she isnt just her daughter, but ayan’s wife too.

Dilshad stops at this, while he collapses on the sofa. Dilshas turns back, and comes to asad, and asks why all of this happened. She caresses asad, while he too lamenst at this. he breaks into tears. Nazma too is distraught to hear this.

Location: Asad’s residence
Ayan goes to asad and tells him that zoya is his AMAANAT and that one day he would bring her back to asad. asad looks at him tensed. Ayan tells asad that he knows things have worsened, and that once nikhat is okay, he would return zoya back to him, and that its just for a few days. Asad is tensed. ayan asks whats he thinking. He says that he didnt realise that things would be so worse, when he got zoya to their house. He says that he didnt know a piece of paper would take her so far away from him. Ayan tells that they havent seperated, and that zoya was forever meant to be his, and that this is all an accident and the signing of the papers is just an unfortunate incident. He clarifies that he did this for nikhat, and why they were forced to sign the document.

He tells asad that haseena has accepted nikhat again, and that oncxe she gets married, they would stop this drama. Ayan says that he has seperated zoya from him and now he would get tyhem back together. He asks asad to have faith in his love, and on ayan, his younger brother. Asad is still sad. Ayan takes his leave. Asad hugs him, while he apologises profusely. They both are unable to control thier tears. He begins to go, but asad stops him and asks him to take care of Zoya. Ayan is helpless and feeling guilty, leaves, unable to see asad’s pain anymore. After he’s gone, asad looks lost.

Asad is shocked to find nazma still there. she says that she couldnt leave without seeing him. she breaks into tears and hugs him, saying whats hapened, as they were supposed to get married together. She says that she still cant believe that zoya isnt here. Asad caresses her and says that zoya would return back, and that its only for some time. He says that he wont let her seperate from him forever. She says that it was his marriage today. Asad says that if he got married, then his sister would have lost a husband. Dilshad sees this and is emotional. She asks nazma that its getting late, and that she should go into her new home and start a new life. They take a tearful nazma out, where imran is waiting for her. She cries and hugs dilshad, while asad says that she’s starting a new life, and wishes that she gets more love than this house too, and asks her to remember that he would always be with her, and asks her not to worry for this hosue, as everything would be alright soon.

He also tells imran that they are giving the light of this house, and asks him to take care of her. Imran agrees. dilshad says that now its time for her to leave. Asad gives nazma’s hand in imran, and he takes her ahead, while she looks back at her family, and asking them not to cry, she leaves. Dilshad cries on asad’s shoulders.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan enters his room, and is surprised to find zoya there, distraught and sad. He thanks zoya, as due to them, nikhat is safe and getting married, and that they restored her happiness. Zoya says that she came here for a reason, and that she wont be able to stay anymore, and that she would go tomorrow back to asad. Ayan asks her not to do so, as they have to behave like a couple for some days, atleast till nikhat’s married, and thats its only for a few days. Zoya is shocked to hear about her stay here being extended. Ayan asks her to understand. Zoya says that nikhat’s problems would end, and that she would be here for them whenever needed, but she cant stay and carry on the drama in this hosue, without asad. She is about to call asad to take her, but ayan says that he has already talked to asad, and he has agreed that she should stay here for some days. Zoya is surprised. Ayan says that he accepts the biggest mistake of his life, but he along with asad would correct this.

Zoya says that they cant correct an ything, neither of them, neither he nor asad. She reminds him of the promise that he had made to her, that he would correct everything. She blames him for putting her in this mess. He says that he would rectify everything. She asks how would he. She says that marriage isnt a joke for her. Zoya says, in anger that this isnt a relation that she takes lightly, and that marriage for her is a lifelong commitment and not just a formality. Zoya says that this is a relation done by the heart, and only person resides in her heart and thats Asad ahmad khan. Ayan is tensed to hear this. Zoya says that she signed the papers referring to him, and that she has dashed all hopes and expectations from her life now.

She says that due to them, she has become a shuttlecock. She says that they both decided the fate of her life, without even asking her once if this is what she wants. She says that one asked for sacrifice and the other sacrificed without taking her wishes into consideration. She says that they butchered her love for their brotherhood. She says that they placed a bet on her life, and that now they cant do anything. She is in tears, when ayan says that he’s rightly blamed, and he isnt running away from them, and that many hearts are bleeding now, and one of them is his too, which couldnt keep the promise that he had made to someone, referring to humaira. Ayan says that he didnt want all this to happen, and that he would rectify everything. Ayan asks her not to blame asad, as he did only what ayan requested him to. He makes the same promise that he had made to asad, and promises her that he would get them together one day and asks for some time. Zoya looks at him resignedly. Ayan is tensed, while zoya is traumatised.

Scene 3:
Location: Imran’s residence
As nazma enters imran’s room happily, with him, she is confused to see the setting of the room. As imran leaves to freshen up, she is confused to see that there are fake flowers, instead of real ones on her wedding bed. Haseena comes from behind and says that she’s right in thinking that these flowers are fake, and that this is useless expenditure for her, as real flowers would dry, and these can be used for Farhan’s marriage night too.

Nazma is confused but agrees. She sees the box that is in nazma’s hands. She asks whats it, and is excited when she hears that its jewellery. she snatches it from nazma, and says that they should be kept safely. Nazma is tensed, but she says that these are her jewellery only, but she shall keep it safe and she can ask for them whenever she needs. Nazma is tensed as haseena greedily leaves with the jewellery. Nazma is tensed when the servants take her bags too, despite her protesting that these are hers too. Nazma comes out to find haseena asking the servants if they left anything behind, and is satisfied when they say that there’s nothing left. she sees haseena locking the things in the safe. Nazma calls her, and says that its her stuff. Haseena says that all’s hers and that she should ask whenever she needs it. She asks nikhat for the wedding dress and the jewellery that she’s wearing too, so that she can keep that too in the safe. Nazma is shocked to hear this.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is mumbling about the discouraging situation. she says that humaira’s life is being spoilt and they couldnt do anything. she asks him that he should have atleast talked to the priest about divorce. mamu says that he had kept the divorce papers too in the marriage certificate, and that both ayan and zoya signed the papers, unknowingly. She is extermely happy, and is surfing through the papers. Razia is shocked to see the papers and asks mamu what has he done, as he hasnt put three weeks but three months date from now, on the divorce papers. Mamujaan is tensed. He asks how is this possible. But he sees that its actually true what razia is saying. He says that he put the wrong date hastily. Razia is tensed, thinking that nothing can happen before three months now, and what would happen of her daughter. He asks her not to be tensed, and that they should celebrate as what could possibly go wrong in three months. Razia thinks that many things can happen in three months, and wht if the father and daughter find out about their relationship. The screen freezes on razia’s tensed face.

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