I do update Tuesday 20 September 2022

I do 20 September 2022: Sanam asks if she actually thinks she would beg for her life, being scared of the revolver, as she is mistaken, since that sanam isnt alive anymore. she says that she doesnt understand the power of love, hence doesnt know what happened that night, and that the sanam that loved life, and wanted to live life with ahil, is dead since ahil died, and had also thought of commiting suicide and be with him forever, but then thought that this would hurt ahil and his soul wont rest in peace, till his arch enemy i.e the new bride doesnt lose terribly. She says that hence she had resolved to live on and that she shall ruin her. The new bride asks if she actually thinks that she can still kill her, and what if her powers are captured in the ball now, she would have to destroy them to defeat her, and that she wont let happen.

Sanam says that true lovers can do anything, and maybe she cant kill her, but she wont let her win,as she is her enemy, and would lose life, but not her enemity. She says that to make love reach its true destination, she would avenge agaim and again, and everytime someone tries to keep lovers apart, a sanam would come along. She says that her death isnt the new bride’s win, but her life is her defeat, and that if she was a human, she would still be able to live, but being the devil, she would live miserably stripped of her evil powers. She says that the lord does hear, even if late, and that some stories are meant to be incomplete to be fulfilled later. she says that maybe for her story too., the lord has done something similar, and what if her life isnt complete with revenge, someone would come, and when she leads life miserably, she would remember ahil’s torture, and then someone would come along who would torture her so bas, that she would beg for her death and then it would be time for her to pay for her sins.

she says that this last wish of hers shall be accepted by the lord. the new bride is astounded while sanam smiles. She starts retreating backwards. Sanam says that her parents were tested along with their love, and that her love too had to face the test of time, but now its the time, for doomsday, when everything ends and destroys, and from its ashes shall start a new beginning, saying so, she takes one step back, as her whole life flashes before her until she reaches the last stretch of land, and then jumps off the cliff, taking the ball with her, much to the new bride’s horror, as she lets out a scream.

The new bride gets disgusted thinking that sanam cant do this, and that she cant live like this, a mere mortal, and that when she finally won after much struggle, she cant lose her powers, and sanam cant do this. She thinks that she mightnt have gotten ahil, but she wouldnt let herself be the victim of the loss, from ahil and sanam’s story, and that she doesnt accept this fate landed out to her. she too gets her entire story back to her in a flashback, as she eyes the cliff. she progreeses towards it. The new bride is distraught. She then stands up determinedly, and resignedly lets herself take a free fall too down the cliff. But before she can, she is stopped by a person who turns her around, and the new bride looks at her shpckingly.

as he takes off his ssunglasses, he flirts with her saying that she got bful eyes, and that they shouldnt go to waste. She then asks him to let go, as she doesnt want to live like this. He says that lfie is god’s greatest gift, and they shouldnt be returned, and a person shouldnt lose before losing, and that the game is always on. The new bride says that he knows nothing about her life, and turns to go. he says that he wants to know about her, and her life. She turns and asks who is he. He says that he is Nasir, the person who changes destiny, and says that when he has held hands, he shall have to be with her, and that there’s some mystery which draws him to her, and there must be some wounds too, but there’s none, that cant heal with time and his company.

He promises to be with her always, and then proposes with a cliche on one knee. The new bride thinks that life gives many oppurtunities and this chance she accepts, as she would start afresh once again, and regain all of her powers. she accepts the proposal, and he kisses her hands, extremely happy, while she too smiles through tears.

Scene 2:
In an old barn, a woman goes through labour pansg, while the anxious father waits outside, nervous and tensed. The midwife comes out with a child, declaring its a girl. the father is overjoyed, and rejoices as he takes the little child in his arms. The lady finds that an eight is inscribed on the neck, and tells that such people are god’s children. the man is happy saying that they shall call her MYRA. This is the person that sanam was talking about, in the form of reincarnation, as when she dies, this child takes birth, whose purpose is to avenge the new bride’s sins.


The new bride’s voice speaks out, that destiny plays weird games, and that she got landed a second oppurtunity when destiny came knocking at her deathstep. Sometimes, destiny won, and sometime she had the upper hand. but finally,. she got the better of destiny, and carved her own fate. She says that since the last 25 years she and her destiny have been playing these games, and much has changed, and that she married again, to Nasir Khan, bollywood hearthrob, and had two sons, and a bful daughter. she says that she started a new life, but with some old characters, latif and gazalla. gazalla asks her about the new sanam, and latif asks her not to ask about sanam, but the Khan begum instead, as she doesnt like the name. they both wonder where she is, and begin to search around.

The new bride is in her room, with a complete makeover, with a parrot by her side. She says that there was a time, when people spoke exactly what she wanted to hear, unlike today. She eyes a box kept in front of her. She gets down from the sofa, and eyes her wrinkled and shrivelled feet, and gets disgusted and quickly hides them with her clothing. she goes to the box and opens it. Inside is sanam’s dupatta, and she remembers yet again that day she got stripped when sanam jumped down the cliff. she wonders if sanam thought that taking away her powers, she changed her fate, as what she took from her, she would regain yet again, and this time, her two sons would be there, but there’s no one with her. She clutches sanam’s dupatta, and with the same venom and avenging tone, she says that sanam is dead and she is still alive, and she would love to see who can pose a threat to her existence now and change her destiny. the screen freezes on her face.

the new bride thinks that even if sanam left on her own will, she is now helpless as nothing can destroy her, and that she is alive, and noone can defeat her now. A girl stealthily arrives in the new bride, Khan Begum’s residence, and it turns out to be sanam’s lookalike only, bearing startling resemblance to sanam, seher and zoya, probably MYRA, who eyes the house sternly and boggled, with the same figure of eight on her neck, while clutching at the same place’s address in her hands. she finally opens the main gate, while the new bride breaks the mirror, with a vase, in her frustration of sanam having stripped her of her powers. the girl takes her suitcase and walks inside. One of the maids comes out asking who is there, and is surprised to see Myra standing before her, who hugs her, asking how is she. they exchange greetings, while myra says that she is very happy to see her, while the maid teases her, and eyes the suitcase thinking that she has totally come here to reside. She tells myra that she works here, and she and syra stay in the outhouse.

She tries to pick the suitcase, but myra asks her not to, giving her jolly joke, about picking up the entire house on her head when she was young. but the maid isnt amused, and turns around to go. myra follows with her suitcase, and then the maid, Bano goes to call syra, in the outhouse, who is also very surprised to see Myra suddenyl. they are tensed to have to host her, and ask why this sudden visit. She says that after her father died, she thought of coming here only, as her father too wanted that the three sisters stay together.
She says that they maybe stepsisters, but still they have much love. they remind how mean they were, to get rid of her, but she takes it in a jolly mood, and then announces that she got a parttime job in a weekly newspaper in bhopal, regarding horoscope printing.

They are fuming while she continues to crack the silly jokes, like sanam and zoya. They tell myra, that after mother died, Khan Begum gave them shelter and all amenities, in lieu of hard work, taunting that they dont have myra’s luck, to get everything without having to do anything. They hurry to get the food ready for dinner. They remember that they havent cooked food. Myra jumps to defense, while they are hesitant. She assures them saying that now that she is here, she would handle all their work, and find them wonderful husbands. they arent the least amused. They leave to tend to the household chores. Myra smiles.

Meanwhile, inside the haveli, gazalla and latif cater to the new bride, as she descends down the stairs, in full majesty. She goes to nasir, eyeing his own pic, saying that the dream is long hazy that he still sees. He however proudly says that gems dont fade with time, like he himself. she says that she has him in her hand. He says that he cant be captured. In their verbal spat, suddenly his daughter comes offering to get water for her father. he happily agrees. She goes, and tries to pour out water with one hand, while its revealed that the other hand is paralysed, and she is unable to get it to function.

she is distraught as she isnt able to get the water from the jug into the glass with one hand.Meanwhile, an unknown person in the dark shadows is busy carpentering. The daughter outside, is unable to get the job done, and the glass falls on the floor, smashing into pieces, which shatters the person’s attention in the dark room. Downstairs, Khan begum rushes to her defense, addressing her as Kainat, asking if she is okay, and isnt hurt, as she got scerad for her. While Khan Begum tends to her, Nasir Khan comes in rudely and abruptly jerks away the Begum (the new bride) from the lady. She is shocked, and asks how is he talking like this, as she is her mother. He says that he is merely khan begum, as if she had gotten time from beautifying hegrself, she would have realised what are her motherly duties.

He says that she may have sired her, but she isnt her mother, as its a blo*dy difficult job, and that he got her off the roads, and gave her everything, but forgot that royal things and class cant be imitated, as its inherited in the blood, and not given as a beggar. he continues to insult her, while gazalla and latif are surprised too. That same person, who is Begum’s son, comes in asking Mr. Nasir that its enough now. Nasir asks him if this is the upbringing he has got, that he addresses his father by his name. he says that he has learnt manners from his mother, but to forget them when necessary, he learnt on his own. nasir taunts him, and Begum for the wonderful upbringing, that she has given his son.

The person points out what a wonderful upbringing his is, that the woman who he should protect, he is busy insulting her before everyone. he says that nasir shall have to apologise, if he wants him to keep remembering his upbringing and manners and not do anything upsetting. Finally, Khan Begum addresses her son, Azaad, asking him to stop. He clenches his fists in anger. nasir is angry too. She asks Azaad to stop, and takes his hand and walks out with him.Outside, before she can speak, he says that the reason nasir misbehaves with her, is because she bears all of his torture,s taunts, insults and atrocities quietly without any repurcussion. she asks him to control his temper.

She asks him if he wants to see her happy. when he complies, she asks him to get the Blue Kajnaar flower, as if she gets it once, all her problems shall be solved, remembering how sanam broke the crystal ball. she says that his father shall start loving her and his sister’s hand shall be okay. He gets angry and slams his head on the marble monument kept. She is shocked. Kainat comes rushing asking why is he so short tempered, and she is sure that he must have hurt himself. he says that he is fine. she says that she is scared of his anger. he apologises that he wont do anything that scares her, and hugs her.

In the outhouse, Myra looks out the window and marvels at the majesty of the grand haveli, cracking a joke. she obliviously thinks what good natured people must be staying here, and asks the lord to bless them. the screen freezes on her and Khan Begum’s faces.

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