I do update Thursday 22 September 2022

I do 22 September 2022: Downstairs, mahira talks to latif, when they discuss about how royal and elegant the khan family is, when mahira mutters except for azad. She then cracks a joke about his birthday being on Independance Day, given his name. Latif gets scared when she spots someone, and signals it to her. when she turns around, she finds azad glaring at her angrily. Latif escapes. mahira however confronts him saying that he needs to calm down his look, as she isnt scared of him and his monstrous look like everyone is. She then is tensed about her blurtung out about him being a monster. He eyes her sternly.

Khan begum is irritated, while all lure over Anand Kumar’s dialogues. then they ask about his daughter and khan begum says that she is getting ready. kainat comes out of the room, dressed in a bful suit, and azad and amad praise her galore for her beauty. they assure her that everything would be fine. she drapes the dupatta around her paralysed hand, saying that her father told to hide her weakness. Azad reminds her that she has no weakness, as if he took her hand function, then she also got a bful heart. kainat remembers mahira telling her this, and tells azad about this. Amad teases that azad can only copy. azad gets tensed, and asks kainat not to talk with mahira. They get her down, while all happily welcome her. they compliment on her beauty and anand kumar prides herself. Mahira is about to get glasses when her phone starts incessantly ringing. They all get tensed, while azad and khan begum are furious.

Gazalla takes the tray, and mahira goes inside with the phone. Saira and bano reprimand her for being so careless. She sends a message, but before she can, she gets a call from a troubled listener, saying that she is pregnant and is doubtful that her boyfriend is betraying her, and says that she shall send his pic rightaway. just then, Latif comes in saying that all is good outside, and hopefully the relation shall be fixed now. mahira goes out. saira and bano fume, that they are still unmarried. The groom’s mother likes the girl. Mahira gets the pic of the guy n the phone, while khan begum finalises the relation and then asks the maid to serve sweets. latif and gazalla rush to get it themselves. they hand the plate to mahira, from whom gazalla takes. The ladies and men congratulate each other, while mahira gives a thumbs up to kainat.

They get to deciding the date of the marriage, while mahira gets the pic and then a call again. Amad gets emotional and says that he shall miss her. Azad too blesses her, and mahira is surprised and thanks the lord in relief, that there’s na new expression of smile on the monster’s face. Khan begum says that they shouldnt delay the marriage. As mahira eyes the pic, she is shocked to find that its the same guy who has come as kainat’s prospective groom. The groom says that before elders, he wants to promise that he shall always keep kainat happy, and be forever hers. Mahira remembers the plight of the caller. mahira is shocked at his lies, and how he is deceiving both the girls, and wonders how to break this bitter truth, and that she has to do it, for kainat’s sake, as she cant ruin her life, after knowing the truth, and decides to do it.

She is about to get ahead, when azad confronts her, asking where is she going. she mumbles, and he asks her to speak up, and go from here lest her phone distracts them. She overhears khan begum and anand kumar deciding for the engagement tomorrow. Azad breaks his attention asking what happened. She eyes the glass jug, and says that she needs to serve water. He asks her to do whatever she wants, but not create trouble. he leaves, while she fumes at him. Anand kumar and the groom’s mother say that now they can socialise. but the groom denies saying that his upbringing and mannerisms wont allow him to interact with kainat before marriage. All commend his good nature and sense. mahira meanwhile is angry at his double face and hypycrisy.

Mahira says that she wont let kainat’s life be spoiled, and decides that she would do it rightaway, when both the families are here. She is about to go ahead, when she collides in the table, and almost falls, while the mobile flies out of her hands and inside the glass jug. All are shocked. kainat is tensed, while khan begum and azad are angry. mahira is shocked to see her phone in water. saira and bano are very happy as they knew she would botch up some way or the other. Mahira composes herself and the vase. azad asks her to get lost, while amad is amused. Khan begum is frustrated. mahira dips her hand in the jug, and tries to take out the mobile, much to everyone’s shock. She leaves with the jug,.

In the kitchen, mahira takeas out the phone, cursing herself how could she do it. She finds that the phone isnt switching on, and remembers that the number and the pic were saved in this phone only, and tries to see the memory card if there’s a backup. latif comes, and she requests her to give the phone, so that she can check her memory card. Mahira is shocked to find that the card isnt working in latif’s phone either. latif says that she knows how to dry the phone perfectly. She asks mahira to go and serve water, while she takes care of her phone. mahira thanks her and leaves. latif asks her to be careful or else she faces aZad’s ire.

As mahira comes outside, she is tensed to find that everyone is gone, after having exchanged greetings. she overhears azad telling kainat that he always knew a prince charming would come for kainat. amad again teases him. khan begum shuts them from fighting, and then hugs and blesses kainat, and makes her wear the heirloom bangles, saying that she has the fullest faith that akram shall keep her happy. Mahira is distraught, wondering what to do, as she cant escape not saying the truth. saira and bano are sure that mahira shall botch up again, and this time around, she shall be out of the house. mahira goes to them and asks them to listen to her. Kainat finds her tensed, and asks if she wants to say something, and asks whats the matter. mahira finally speaks up hesitatingly. Azad asks her to speak up clearly. she then decides to blurt it out. mahira suggests to khan begum that this guy isnt right for kainat. all are shocked.

Khan begum and azad reprimand her for even having the audacity to speak in their internal matters, and how dare she talk like this, when she doesnt know of the khan’s family background and their royalty, and the relations that they have with other people. Azad asks her how dare she ruin this for kainat, when for the first time in her life, she has got this happiness. kainat seems upset too. khan begum says that she tried to do that which she shouldnt have done. mahira tells the call of the distressed caller. Khan begum asks her to even think once whats she saying and in front of whom. Khan begum says that she has tried to black shadow her daughter’s happiness, and asks her to stay in her limits. Azad and amad ask why does she talk like this, when she doesnt know anything. mahira still manages to have guts and replies that since its kainat, thats the exact reason why she is so vehemently saying this.

They are all shocked. mahira explains everything, and then also blurts that the distressed caller is pregnant due to akram. this shocks the wits out of everyone. the screen freezes on khan begum’s shocked face, as she turns around and finds that akram stands in the doorway with his family. Others too turn around and are shocked. the screen freezes on mahira’s tensed face.

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