I do update Thursday 20 October 2022

I do 20 October 2022: Latif and gazallla tease armaan about his concern for mahira, and says that she has gone to search for work. he says that she already used to work somewhere as a newspaper columnist, and was quite famous. They say that they threw her out, due to him. he is tensed and boggled. later, mahira comes and finds the newspaper editor at her home, completely apologetic and having turned over a new leaf. she is shocked to see this change, as he requests her to take her new job, and hat he has come to rectify his mistake, and has come to do that. she is overjoyed, as he says that he wants her back with her columns. she is highly amused and agrees to join in tomorrow itself. she asks him to stay and have some sweets but he eyes armaan, and caressing his cheek, he walks tensedly. mahira sees this and is boggled, and then calls the editor, and asks him if he knows this person.

he remembers how armaan had stormed into the office and had slapped him hard, for having gotten her out of the job. But he doesnt say anything and walks off. she is boggled, that something is wrong. She gets a call, from the employee, congratulating her for her new job. mahira asks her how the editor knows about armaan. She tells her that armaan is the new owner of the newspaper, thats why she got the job back. she is shocked. she goes onto confront him, asking what does he think of himself. He is confused, while she asks him not to dare interefere in her professional life. He says that it needs character and not right to do so. she maligns and taunts his character, as selfish people like him always have a motive.

he says that he does have a motive, and thats to see her happy. she says that he stripped her of all happiness and now wants to see her happy. she reminds him that its her life, and she can see how to amend it, and doesnt need anyone’s support. he says that he knows she doesnt need support, but he wants to give her company, for the rest of her life. She is tensed as she turns around and faces him. She comes to him and asks him to dream on, as in dreams, people can trap the moon, but in reality cant touch it, and thats the truth, that he shall never replace azad in her life, and whatever he tries, he shall never succeed. She turns and storms off, while he smiles. He says that he has never left his dreams incomplete, and he shall finalise this too, and she shall say yes.

Armaan holds a press conference and says that people can distance themselves from anyone, but not from dear ones. he says that he has decided to stay here only, and this haveli is the glory of the city hence he wants to keep it as such. the reporters ask what caused this change of heart in a thoroiugh businessman. armaan clarifies that it isnt a what, but a who. he says that the person who brought this change is mahira. All clap, while she stands stunned. He says that mahira doesnt want a resort here. he has shelved all his ideas to convert this into a resort hotel, ethnically themeed, as mahira doesnt like that, and also informs that she is 50% shareholder in the property stakes, and from eheron, that shall happen which she wants. she is tensed and boggled as she hears this.

he asks her to come and sit. She complies. the reporters ask how does she feel at having gotten her haveli back. before she can respond, he says that its indeed a moment of happiness for them and in that honour, they have kept a party, which is fairy tale themed, as dreams arent always guaranteed to be fulfilled but shouldnt be stopped from seeing. She is tensed. he says that he is seeing a dream too, as he confronts mahira who understands what he means.

Kainat is shocked as she conducts the pregnancy test and finds that she has tested positive. she is shocked as she collapses on the bed, completely distraught and shaken up. She calls up sameer, but the call doesnt go through. She sends a message saying that he cant turn his eyes away from her now, as she is the mother of his child, and tonight in front of everyone at the party, he shall have to accept her and the child. she sends it. He gets the message, while he is philandering around with another girl. He says that those people who betray are talking about trust, as begum betrayed afreen, and tonight he shall have his revenge.

As mahira storms in her room, fuming and blabbering at her anger towards him, she finds him sitting comfortably, giving her water to cool down. this infuriates her more, as she is boggled and shocked too. He comes to her, and she denies the water. he drinks it himself. He then says to her, that he can do anything, but she wont be pleased, but he believes in trying and hoping and he shall continue doing so, and she should try too, as happiness doesnt come itself, and that maybe some fairy godmother wants to see her happy once again. he then gets her a dress that he got for her. he asks her to wear this dress tonight at the function, since she is the co-host. she takes it and throws it up his face. he still smiles, as he keeps it on the bed, saying that tonight her life shall change forever. she is frustrated.

He picks up her phone and leaves, locking her from outside. She screams to open the door. He leaves. She asks for her phone but gets frustrated when he doesnt respond. later, she cuts the dress off with scissors, and then says that she ruined all off armaan’s plans, and angrily says that he shall not decide what she wants and what she shall wear. she says that she isnt his slave, and takes her own decisions and decide what she shall wear. She then rushes to the wardrobe and finds another similar dress with a scroll, from him that reads, that those who have had pain in love dont appreciate the love laden gift too. It ads that she might be cutting the gown. She is shocked at his presumption, and reads that he knew that she would do something like this, hence he took all of her clothes away, and left her no choice.

He begs her to be his princess for today, as he understands her so nicely, and give up her anger. she stands resignedly and tears the scroll in frustration. she says that this doesnt suit him, and decides to teach him a lesson at the party tonight.Meanwhile, Armaan tells himself, while dressing up, that she wont be able to ignore his love for long, as she might be different, but she is a girl after all, whose love beats as azad’s heart in his chest. He says that when he fell to the heart, she too shall. he thinks that in the party tonight, he shall declare his love for mahira, and she shall have to accept his love in return.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Ehsaan’s mother is eyeing tarana’s pic, emotionally, when begum comes and stands behind her. she is shocked to see her as the lookalike. Ehsaan comes and clears the confusion saying that god has given them back their tarana. She eyes begum tensedly, while she too seems frazzled. boggled, his mother looks at him, while begum is worried and steals her eyes away. she comes to begum and then emotionally hugs her, while begum is shocked at this reaction. she thanks the lord for having brought their tarana back to them. he smiles. His mother says that blessings have turned the impossible into possible and that now antidepression medication stop from today. begum asks her not to worry as he is her responsibility now. he gives her a beautiful necklace set that he wants her to wear at the party.

she says that she shall go if he wants her to, but before that, she wishes to talk to him. she whispers something in his ear, and he smiles hugging her. She thinks that she tried hard to get back her new powers, but now that she is starting this with ehsaan, she wants to start afresh. She says that armaan might hate her all she wants, but he would have to accept her in his life.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
The party begins and latif and gazalla are gorging away on food. they find kainat highly tensed, and assure her that sameer shall come soon, teasing her. She leaves from there upset. As armaan mingles with the guest, he searches around for mahira, but then finds ehsaan teasing him that he is already looking for someone else. He has come with his mother, who both greet him, and then he welcomes them inside. they tease him that he might have gotten a need for happiness, just like ehsaan has. Armaan is shocked to know this, and ehsaan asks him to have patience and asks him to wait as she shall come soon. Armaan wishes that he hopes mahira comes down soon. instinctively, his eyes go up and he finds mahira descending down the stairs, wearing what he had selected for her, while she eyes him furiously. he looks at her mesmerised. The screen freezes on both their faces.

Armaan is mesemrised as he casts his eyes on Mahira, who eyes him angrily, wearing his dress, descending down the stairs. She comes and joins them, while ehsaan and his mother tease him, that he has rightfully fallen in love, as anyone would. she comes and stands beside him, and then walks past angrily, while his eyes travel as to where she goes. She mingles with the guests. His mother teases armaan that he isnt able to take his eyes away and that she is the reason of his happiness. Kainat smiles at sameer, as he comes and then begins to approach her. she hastily rushes towards him, but is then shocked as she finds another girl with him, arm in arm. they both confront her while she is shocked, as he eyes her curtly. sameer is asked who is this, and whats she doing here. The girl replies that she is doing what a beautiful girl does with a young guy, and starts caressing him.

he smiles, while kainat is distraught. she wrenches her hand away from sameer’s face. She insults her, referring to her as one hand girl. Kainat reminds him that she is his fiancee and asks whats going on. he pretends to be shocked and asks if she usnt dreaming on. She asks whats he saying, and what about what they did and what about the ring, and the promise of marriage. he asks her not to take that joke seriously, and asks why and how did she think that he would marry a handicapped girl like her. she is apalled and asks how can he say that. he pushes her away, and taunts that when she cant compose herself with one hand, how would she take care of him all life.

She tells that she is the mother of his child. He asks her not to give his name to someone else’s mistake. she asks how dare he speak like that. he callously comments that if she can consummate her marriage before wedding with one guy, she can do so with others too. Kainat is aghast. Just then, someone intervenes him, and mahira comes with confrontation. kainat rushes to mahira who composes her. mahira asks sameer how can he talk like this to a girl, as kainat is his would be wife. gazalla and latif come hurriedly too. mahira says that when a girl truly loves someone, she can do anything, even give her life. She says that she doesnt think he can understand, and hence its better that he leaves right now, before creating any more drama in the party.

he eyes her sternly and leaves. Kainat cries, while mahira assures that all would be right. gazalla and latif, rush after her, as kainat runs inside. Armaan comes and asks mahira why is she tensed. She reminds him not to stick his nose in her and her family’s affairs, as its her problem and not his, and she can handle them. She leaves while he eyes her tensedly. she says that just because she wore his dress to the party, hence it doesnt mean he can ask her questions. she begins to go. Some ladies come and ask her to come to the game, thats being organised in her house and insistently take her away. he eyes her amused, as she is taken off.

Downstairs, as the girls and boys gather around on opposite side of the table, with mahria facing armaan, the lady tells about the rules, that there are chits, pink for girls and blue for guys, which shall determine who becomes whose dancing partner, and the best couple shall win. They begin. Mahira inadvertently gets 7 number chit, and ehsaan gets the number 7 to while armaan gets a 9. when Mahira declares her number, ehsaan amusingly stealthily mixes his chit with armaan’s. he declares his number and mahira is frustrated. As armaan extends his hand for dance, mahira doesn agree. Amused, he sings a situational beautiful song, trying to seduce mahira, who is tensed.

he then bends down in front of her, and presents her a rose. she is shocked to see this and throws the rose away and walks off, but he continues singing with a smile. All clap when he is done. She tries to rush away, but her shoe gets stuck. frustrated, she walks off in a hush, without the shoe. Some ladies comment on her arrogance, and comment as to how she being a woman has to stay in her limits, more so, since she is a widow and should dress or have such delicacies and whims, as her husband hasnt been dead for much long. she is apalled to hear this. she says that she knows that she is a widow and she loves her husband as much as she used to, and what she needs to wear and how to live, she doesnt need to learn from her, and that she doesnt have to prove her love to azad by wearing plain clothes, as these are clothes, not her character.

he is tensed and concerned for her too. he stands up for her saying that she is absolutely right. Mahira is shocked. he comes to the lady, and says that stopping to live life for the person who is gone, is disrespect to his memeories, and their creatir wouldnt definitely want that. he then turns to mahira, and says that she has the fullest wish and permission to live her life, and had her husband wanted it today, he would have wanted the same too. in typical cinderella style, he picks up the fairy tale shoe that she had left back, and then takes it to her, while tears flow in her eyes. he bends down and helps her wear it, while she is unable to control her tears. Finally looking at the crowd, she resignedly gives in, and is about to take the shoe from his hand, but he doesnt give it, and then she extends her feet to fit in the shoe as he holds it out for her.

ehsaan, his mother and others watch shocked. he gets up back, and then confronts her. He says that he knows that whatever he does for her, he wont be able to replace azad in her life, and that every heart beat of hers is named for azad, but his every heartbeat is for her. she looks at him surprised and boggled. he says that the more he tries to go away from her, the more he finds himself close to her, and he isnt able to hate her, even after wanting it despertately. he speaks up that he loves her in front of everyone, while she is shocked. he says that in this party, in front of everyone, he wants her hand from her in marriage. She is stunned into silence. He tells her that life is beautiful, and in this beautiful life, he wants her company, and asks if she shall accompany him. Tears streak down her cheeks, as she is taken aback at the proposal, while remembering her moments with azad, and their love. she barely manages to speak up saying that some things happen only once, and love is one of them, and she has already lost her share of it.

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