I do update Thursday 11 August 2022

I do 11 August 2022: While walking in the lobby, Ahil is shocked to find the new bride having turned around feet, signalling a witch and is stunned in shock, while she eyes him evilly.Eyeing the unconscious bodies, Shashi kapoor finally lifts off the mask. It turns out to be Misbah, who has pretended all this while to be shaad’s and his family’s aide, but is actually seeking out revenge and enemity.While misbah is hiding behind the curtain in the room, sanam rushes in. Sanam finds shashi kapoor from behind, and is shocked. Meanwhile, misbah is tensed as to what to do to escape while she keeps asking the person to turn around, or else sha shall call the police. she picks up the vase kept on the table, for her safety. Finally, misbah turns around, having lowered her cap.

Sanam anxiously waits for her to turn. Before she can see, the lights go off, and misbah has the chance to get back in the mask. When the lights come back again, she asks the person to take off the mask, and asks what has he come here for, and throw the key here. But misbah stealthily takes the vase and throws it to catch sanam off guard. when sanam composes herself back again, she finds that the person is coming towards her with a knife. she overpowers her, and throws her away. Just then, sanam gives the person another blow with the vase, and snatches the key. As she turns back, she is shocked, as misbah’s mask has come off partially. She finds that Shaad Kapoor has long hair. She is shocked, and rushes down screaming for Shaad. Mibsha follows after her, in her masked get-up. She rushes after sanam, who hides herself in a room. Misbah is frustrated.

Ahil is tensed in his room, disturbed that there’s something very wrong with the new bride, as he thinks of the previous strange encounters with her.While misbah continues to slam the door, inside sanam tries to call shaad, but doesnt get through. she is terribly scared wondering who to call, while misbah beats the door profusely. she suddenly remembers a number, and dials it, out of a distant memory, and is herself tensed by it. She finds that its busy on another call, while ahil is talking to mamta maternity home. he gets the call waiting and wonders whose call this is, on an international sim. he receives it, but just then the call is cancelled by sanam. Finally misbah breaks in, and sanam hurls towards the bathroom and locks herself. Misbah is frustrated.

Meanwhile, ahil again tries the Maternity home’s number, and is shocked to find that the doctor is nomore, as he was found dead in his cabin, the time of death being around 10:45 in the morning, and is reminded of the new bride’s lies. he thinks that he can see an evil spirit lurking behind the new bride, just like tanveer, and wonders if there’s more to this than meets the eye. he is determined to find out.Meanwhile, while wazira and her team are tracking shaad’s residence, from the outside, they are tensed. Finally, she dials shaad’s number, but noone picks up. She wonders how is there no noise coming from inside, when its the celebration inside. they enter the house and find everyone unconscious. misbah hears it too, and rushes away. Wazia hears the noise, and goes to sanam’s room, where she identifies herself as shaad’s wife, and how Liyqat’s murderer attempted this all on her family too. wazira is disturbed.

When shaad and his family members wake up finally, shaad is extremely worried that he had this chance to nab shashi kapoor, as he was behind the attack, and missed it. Misbah gives him a glass of water, saying that she didnt want to come here after what happened, and didnt realise when she fell off to sleep, in her sobs. The police comes for her statement, but shaad says that it isnt needed, as she is a trusted member of the family. He leaves to meet jannat, while she smiles evilly, as she hears the horrific fear in shaad’s relatives’ statements.

While sanam is describing everything, as the police takes a statement, misbah is frustrated that she wouldnt get a chance like this again, as she would have gotten the file and ran away forever, but couldnt due to Jannat. meanwhile, wazira asks how is she so sure that it is the same person, and sanam recognises it by the missing thumb. Wazia puts pressure on her to remember again, while she starts having a splitting headache. just then shaad comes in and asks them to stop, and not bother them anymore. Just then, sanam says that the theif wore a hat and had long hair. all are surprised including shaad, as she says that by her height and stature, it felt like it was a girl. they are shocked, while shaad thinks that this could mean that Shashi kapoor is after all a girl. Meanwhile, misbah thinks that this fake thumb is her power not her weakness, as she used the sacrifice to get out of India, befooling the indian army, that she is dead.

she says that after having come to pakistan, she had just one identity that sahshi Kapoor is thumbless, but its this thumb which is fake, and it leads shaad never to trust her.Meanwhile, misbah thinks that shaad may know that Shashi kapoor is a girl, but he wont be able to trace her, and before he reaches her, she would lay a trap, that ends his search forever. She says that before he ruins her, she would do so, and that marrying him, isnt her dream but her motive, as by being his wife, she can be safe in the world, and that he made a huge mistake by marrying jannat, who turned it into a crime, by coming in her path. She says that she would teach jannat a lesson, who thinks that she is dangerous and a wrong woman, and she shall prove it to jannat, by becoming what she fears her to be.

is angry as she clutches at sanam’s wedding lehenga’s dupatta, and tears it apart, saying that she would have her revenge on Jannat for having spoiled her plan. She tears it apart, and in doing so, her fake thumb comes off, and falls in the dustbin. she doesnt realise it, until a knock on the door, makes her realise about the thumb, which has fallen off. she is tensed as the door continues to be knocked, while she rummages for her thumb, in the dustbin. outside, the police says that they need to search her room. she hides her hand behind the dupatta, and opens it. the police says that just to be clear, they have to be careful of their thorough investigation for the crime. she is also asked to give her fingerpronts down. While she resists, they hope and demand that she co-operates with them. As the police comes and takes the dustbin to look for evidence, misbah is tensed asking why is it needed, and they say that they have to be thorough in their investigation.

They take it away, while she is tensed. she wonders if the thumb is found, her secret would be exposed, which is there back in the dustbin.Later, while shaad sits beside sanam, she apologises profusely for not having been able to catch her, as she got very scared and she tried her best but failed, even though she knows how it important it would have been for him. He says that it isnt more important than her, as if anything had happened to her, he wouldnt have been able to forgive himself. He says that she is his responsibility. she says that they are partners and not each other’s burden. he eyes her lovingly.

Misbah stealthily tries to be indiscreet, as she eyes the dustbins being labelled, a police personnel asks her to identify herself. when she does, he comments that they dont haveher fingerprints on record, and asks her to give the same. She is tensed wondering what to do, as she eyes jannat sitting tensedly, on the sofa. she gives an excuse of being thirsty and says that sh shall go to the kitchen and then come. Misbah eyes the dustbins being labelled, and thinks that she cant let her secret be exposed. the screen freezes on her tensed face.As misbah eyes sanam being comforted by shaad, she takes the oppurtunity to get a catch on the dustbin. Sanam spots her and is again haunted by tanveer’s memories, and her head starts paining. As his attention shifts to sanam, Misbah deliberately collides into her dustbin making its contens spill out, and tries to stealthily take the dustbin and hide it in her dupatta, but sanam sees her doing so, and is alarmed and tensed. Meanwhile, the police inspector asks her if she gave her fingerprints and she says that she shall do so rightaway.

While the new bride is asleep, ahil tries to rummage through her room, and finds the dark magic laden drawings and stuffs, and is shocked to find it all directed against sanam, and wonders if she has done something wrong to his sanam. Accidentally, his hand falls on some stuff, and it falls on the ground, causing a clanking noise. The new bride senses some noise from behind the curtain, and takes the knife and asks who’s there, while ahil hides behind the curtains. She finally gives a fatal blow with the dagger, while sanam, across the borders wakes up immensely scared, of soemthing terrible having happened. She screams at shaad who comes near him. she says that she is very restless. but he assures her otherwise. She says that she feels that her husband’s life is in danger. shaad is alarmed, while sanam is boggled as to how could this be, as he is sitting right before her, as he is her husband after all. He is tensed.

She says that she doesnt realise if they had a love marriage, why doesnt she remember anything and also feels disconnected and distant. She says that she feels she is here but her heart elsewhere. he is alarmed. She wonders why she thinks like that, and disturbs him too. She says that she has a solution, and wants to talk to her parents, so that she might get a clue to remember. He says that they shall talk tomorrow, as its very late. She agrees, and he begins to go. She stops him, saying that a marital relation is bound by trust, and that she hopes he never hides stuff from her, like a good husband, as in this whole world, the only truth about her life is he, himself. he asks her to sleep, and then closes the lights. As he comes outside, he thinks that he distracted her, but the truth shall come out someday and he cant lie to her anymore, and even though he needs her to get to Shashi kapoor, but he isnt that selfish that he keeps sanam away from her true love.

The next morning, ahil eyes the new bride sleeping away and thinks that there’s no use wasting time anymore, as he would have to catch her red handed. He stealthily begins to leave. he is alarmed to hear the new bride asking why was he hiding behind the curtain. She gets up and eyes him angrily. He gives an excuse that he came to check on her and the child. She asks why did he have to hide. He says that he didnt want to disturb her. She asks him to come and sit. She asks him to give his hand, so that he is able to do what he has come for, when he finally sits. He places his hand on her belly, asking if he can feel the child, as she stares at him sternly. he gets up with a jerk and leaves without responding.

Meanwhile, misbah’s mother clutches at a pic, hoping that wherever her daughter is, she should be safe, which is not the current misbah’s pic. she says that for the safety of her child, she is betraying her own family. just then, misbah springs from behind, taunting her that she misses her child, whereas she terribly failed in doing one thing, which was to convince shaad’s father to marry her to shaad. She says that she would torture her actual misbah now. Her mother is apallled. Misbah asks her to calm down, and not say a word, or else her daughter shall not be alive. she says that she was treated like an orpahn by both her parents, and hence she doesnt know to forgive but to punish. she tells the lady that if she wants to see her daughter alive, then she should silently comply, or else she knows what she can do to her daughter.

Misbah’s mother breaks into incoherent tears. Misbah leaves angrily. As she comes out, she finds sanam standing in her way and wonders if she has read. Sanam catches her off guard, while saying that she doesnt know how, but she knows her truth, and that she may befool everyone but not her. She says that her eyes only have betrayal, and her heart contains only evil. she says that she has decided, noty to be scared of her anymore, as if she finds her doing anything wrong, she would teach her a lesson for life, and not a helpless woman, who she can misuse or take advantage of. Sanam confronts and tells Misbah, that she can stay in the house but only because she is Shaad’s friend, but she wont ever be able to trust her. she says that hence before doing anything wrong, she should be aware that along with god, her eyes too shall be on her all the time.

Misbah eyes her tensedly. Sanam leaves. Misbah says that she underestimates her, and she would have to pay a price for it. the screen freezes on Misbah’s face.

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