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I do 3 July 2022: Razia tells Seher couldnt connect so what to do. She rues, Ahil’s car was behind you. I couldnt let u out of my hand or get in Tanveers hand. If Tanveer got any doubt, it did be messed up. Now alls well. Seher says crap. Only you think its ok. Thank Bappa, am safe from that bomb blast and then Sanam was standing in front of me. She was acting so weirdly, i couldnt understand.I thought she has gone nuts. She hugged me. Dunno why she had so much love for me. Razia diverts saying, let it go. We gotta think what we need to do. Dilshad watches quietly. Razia shows Seher papers of property and says i changed them a bit. U gotta take Ahils sign on these. Seher asks why did u change.

Razia says its Tanveers world so i got some more conditions on it. Once signed all property will be mine. Seher reads the documents where amount is Rs500 Crores. Dilshad self thot, if Sanam hugged Seher means she found out all. One side Sanam wants to welcome her sis on other side, Seher is trying to ruin Sanams happiness. Stop Ahil-Sehers wedding please.Rahat grabs Faizs collar and says.. people says blood is thicker than water but people are wrong. I did all for my bro. I gave up all my happiness for my bro and he is giving me this advice. Cant believe. Faiz removes Rahats hand from his collar. Haya watches the duo. Faiz says .. i cant believe that u are going against ur words.

Rahat tells Haya..trust me.. i agree i broke ur heart once.. i know its difficult for u to trust my words but my eyes dont lie. Look in my eyes. Cant u see love in them for u.Tell me. Faiz smirks. Haya removes Rahats hand from her shoulder and says. the word u dont know the meaning of .. u shouldnt talk of it. The proof that Faiz showed.. dunno why u said these words.. they dont mean anything for me. The only thing matter for me is that how u both brothers have made a drama of my love. . .my life. Whenever u wanted. .u gave me to each other. U made a joke of my feelings. Haya asks the duo, do i have any right on my life or not. Who are u two to decide about my life. Rahat tries to calm Haya. Haya says enough. She says i loved u a lot ..but u..! Haya tells Rahat .. u gave me pain .. i will give the same to u..! U wanna see me getting married to someone else and today i promise to u.. i will belong to someone else right in front of ur eyes. Rahat is shocked. Faiz is smiling.

Haya walks into the bedroom and Faiz follows. Haya closes the door on Rahats face. Rahat is shocked and breaks down.Seher says that till date thought i was the biggest thug in the world but this Razia broke my belief. This woman is so shrewd. She is taking Rs.500 Cr herself and giving me a lolipop of Rs. 2 Cr. Seher rues .. i do all work . by risking my life and all benefit this oldie gets. I will get Ahils signatures but entire property will be on Sunehris name. Right then she feels a hand on her shoulder. She freezes. Turns and sees its Ahil.Ahil asks her the matter and Seher smiles. Ahil says u were blabbering something. What is this in ur hand. Seher says was cleaning and found these papers.

Ahil snatches the papers from her hand and says ur gonna marry Ahil Raza Ibrahim .. ur gonna be an Official Begum so u gotta start behaving like a Begum. Seher turns his face and says.. am gonna marry my AHIL. Ahil says.. wow.. u and ur eyes. He tries to grab her and Seher says .. till wedding .. no touching. She pushes him out of the room and closes it. Ahil rues.. sometimes i doubt that u dun love me. Seher keeps quiet. Ahil rues.. the closer i try to come, the farther u run. Seher says nothing like that. Why will i try to go away from u. Seher says.. ‘Dil se dhadkan dur ho sakti hai bhala… i cant be far from u either Ahil.’ She says.. distance makes heart grow fonder so doing all this for that. We are getting married traditionally so following traditions. Groom cant see Bride before wedding. Ahil says fine.. tomorrow morning we will go to Dargah. .then party and next day Nikah. After that.. Ahil cant stay away from u for a second. BYE. Seher says BYE.

Ahil leaves and Seher opens the door and says.. Nawab Ahil Raza Ibrahim .. u have no idea.. how many people i will shut off at ur wedding. Wont leave that Begum and Pan ki Dukaan. Their dreams will be broken coz all property will be mine. She closes the door.Azhars mom comes to Tanveer and says.. i was thinking. .u are making dupatta here and my brain is exploding. She tells Tanveer..Ahil is getting married. U arent worried. Think of something. I am sure.. that Sanam has some djinn in herself. Tanveer says luck is favoring her for now.. but luck can change anytime. Ahil is celebrating tomorrow.. that Sanam will become his forever but he doesnt know this happiness will be incomplete coz tomorrow his love story will END.

Rahat is sitting in his rocking chair and suddenly feels the breeze and turns. He sees Haya on the bed. Before he can walk to her, Faiz walks past him and comes near Haya. BG – Tum bhi mujhse pyaar karlo. Rahat is shocked. The duo dance & romance around him. Rahat watches shocked. They both lie on the bed and Rahat suddenly gets up and realizes he was dreaming. Haya breaks down behind the door. Faiz holds her. Haya says need some time. Faiz says i understand what ur going thru. I swear, i wont repeat my mistakes. Faiz says i will wait for u.. no matter how long it is. He promises her. Haya quietly walks away. Faiz smirks happily.

Razia enters the godown and asks Sanam if she is all awake. She then tells her to come out of her dreams. Razia asks her what she thought that if she cries in front of her sister and tell her all, she will believe you and reconsider marrying Ahil. Your a fool. Razia says thank God not all are fools like you. Razia says ..she is Sunehri, she is your twin but different from you. She only loves money and that only i can give her. She will cheat her life but not me. Razia asks Sanam to accept the truth and Sanam says no ..never. Razia asks how to convince you about the truth. Razia tells Sanam, lemme take you to the party tonight where you will witness your hubby dance with your sis ..or wait its even better to take you to the Nikah and you can watch them signing the Nikahnama. But i cant do that. Razia smirks that your thinking why this is happening to you ..well if you want to do that then i have arranged for that too.

Razia asks her to do whatever she wants to here. Razia says am not as bad as you think, am a little better than worse. Razia gives Sanam the chadar on which one offers namaz. She says instead of questioning Allah, you better ask for strength to bear the truth. Your sis is gonna marry Ahil and rule him. She is ur sis but seeing someone else with ur own hubby, is intolerable. Razia tells Sanam that tonite all my dreams will come true. She tells Sanam its Qayamat ki raat for you. Take care. Razia turns to leave when Sanam calls out to her and says you dont know Allahs power… he can turn the tables anytime. As much faith you have in your tricks, i have faith in my Allah. He tests his followers but rewards honesty.

If Allah accepts mine and Ahils relation, Seher wont do anything wrong. A sister wont ruin another sisters life. U arranged for me to worship my Allah. I will keep doing Ibadad till i get what i want.Rahat is sitting on the floor of the bedroom and recollects Hayas words and her action of going into the room with Faiz. He turns and notices Haya drying her wet hair. He asks Haya what does she want and what can he do to make her believe his true intentions. Haya says if u want anything.. stay away from me. He tries to hold her but she glares and he steps back. Rahat says.. it was wrong what i was going to do. Haya says i dunno if it was ur mistake or my misunderstanding but i dont care. Stay away. She turns to leave and Rahat calls out and rues.. u believe the clip but not our love. Haya says..its Sanam’s party .. and am going there with Faiz. U better stay back and if anyone asks will tell them you had urgent work. If anyone asks you .. you say the same thing.

Ahil-Seher arrive at the Dargah. Seher puts the veil on her head just like Sanam puts on herself before offering namaz. Ahil asks Seher to buy chadar while he goes to wash hands. BG- Jaan me tu, jee me tu. Seher is buying chadar while Rehaan is standing nearby buying something. Sanam is offering namaz. Right then Sehers dupatta falls on Rehaan. He bends, lifts it up. Seher-Rehaan eyelocks. He puts the dupatta on Seher. Ahil watches them. He comes near them both and asks lets go. They go inside to pray. Sanam recollects Razia’s words. All three are inside the dargah. Seher watches everyone pray and follows them. Sanam is in tears. Self thought. . .main janti hun waqt aur halat galat hai par meri behen galat nahi hai. She rues.. two people who are closest to me cant marry. If you accept our love ..please dont let this nikah happen.

Ahil prays that his life was a desert but Sanam brought in rain of love in his life and he prays for blessing on his nikah. Rehaan rues that his life was filled with love but he did not respect it and so he wants to bring Seher back in his life. He seeks forgiveness from Allah. Seher rues that the mistake i am going to do ..there is no forgiveness but life has done wrong to me. Family, love all turned back on me so what shouldnt i do wrong to some stranger. I know you dont accept this. Sanam is in tears. Seher-Rehaan are standing in front of each other. Rehaan thinks to tell Sanam (aka Seher) that he wants to give another chance to Sunehri. Right as he is about to speak, Ahil comes and says we both are gonna start life together so i want us to tie the dhaga together so our relation is unbreakable. The duo leave as Rehaan watches. Sanam is crying while still praying.

Ahil-Seher are tying the dhaga. Sanam prays to Allah to accept her prayers ..to save her love. Just as Ahil turns to leave a strong breeze comes and the thread Ahil had tied opens & falls. BG – Junoon. Ahil doesnt notice & turns to leave. Self thought feel like the breeze wants to say something to me.Reehan ties the thread on the one Seher had tied. Seher watches amazed. Rehaan turns to walk and Seher looks at him with tears in her eyes. Rehaan self thought. . why do i feel its Sunehri in front of me and Seher self thought.. why do i feel Rehaan has recognized me. Rehaan says ..the way to exit is that side. Seher is heartbroken. Rehaan walks off. Seher watches teary eyed.

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