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I do 25 April 2022: Razia’s tension is visible as Zoya sees mamu’s pic with herself. Zoya is tensed and turns around to find razia, and thinks that the pic is humaira’s and gives it to her, saying that she looked cute yet very different. As zoya leaves, razia is relieved that she couldnt identify herself, or else lots of wrongs would have been done. tanveer too comes down and reemphasises that destiny is on her side.

Later, in the night, asad intentionally teases zoya for having the wrong angle of the bedsheet, and a heated discussion ensues, as usual, wherein zoya defends her eating on the bed, while asad says that he never spoils the bed like she does.

She gets on asad’s nerves and he gets her down and draws a pillow line in between the ebd, and asks her to spoil her side of the bed. Zoya says that this indeed is the best solution. As she gets on changing the pillow covers, asad heads for a shower. Zoya leaves the room, but is aware of tanveer’s gaze following her. tanveer teases her about her fight with asad, and says that only living together cant ensure a relationship. but zoya is unfazed. She warns her that before playing a prank, tanveer should look at her face in the mirror, that she so easily disfugured. Zoya leaves, while tanveer is furious.

In their room, while haider is in sound sleep, humaira is far off from dozing and is a little tensed. She goes over to haider and starts caressing his hair, while thinking what happening recently, as this isnt what she expected from marriage, as she has turned distant from him since then. He turns around to her side, in sleep, while unintentionally cupping her arm. She kisses him on forehead, calling out his name, while he calls someone else’s. She is shocked. haider opens his eyes, smirking evilly.

After having taken the shower, asad asks for a towel from zoya and as her hand comes to give the towel, he finds her seductively moving her hands on his. as he grabs her and tries to get her inside, she skips away, while asad teases her that he would have his return payback now. As asad comes out of the bathroom, with the dim lights in the room, he finds zoya’s silhouette, and cozies upto her, teasing her that she cant stay away from him, and wait till after the walima to be intimate with him. Just then, zoya walks in saying that she got what he had asked her to, and as she switches on the lights, both she and asad are boggled and furious, as they come face to face with the person impersonating zoya, taking advantage of the darkness in the room.

Zoyas gets angry at tanveer, while she innocently says that she heard asad’s voice and couldnt resist himself. zoya reprimands her for wearing her type of clothes, while she innocently preternds that nothing happened. Asad too is furious at her. Zoya drags her out by the hand, and spews her frustration at this act of hers. tanveer says that her asad didnt seem very disinterested in touchingv her and why’s she so tensed, as she didnt reach her bed, and was just in the room. she tries to instigate zoya against asad, who can so easily befooled, and asks zoya to take a deep long thought over it. While she leaves, zoya is severely tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
badi bi rejects all the rooms, and intentionally goes over to Khushboo’s room, despite haseena and farhan’s shock and terror. badi bi sees nikhat and she is tensed too, and is shocked and emotional. But she identifies her as Khushboo being the famous model, and khushboo too plays the role. badi bi asks her to call her dadi only, and nikhat complies. then badi bi again starts complaining about the room and what she wants, and nikhat says that haseenma’s room is perfect for that.

haseena is frustrated, while badi bi drags her out to show her the room. Finally, badi bi says that haseena’s room is the best for her, and that she would take the bed, and haseena can sleep nicely on the floor. Haseena is shocked, while farhan is tensed. She sends farhan too to check on the servant, sameera who didnt get her warm milk and asks him to tell her also to shift her bags in this room. haseena is tensed, at this unexpected turn of events, that are out of her control.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya and asad are sleeping togther, when she remebers her wedding, and grows emotional. (MITWA). she caresses his face, and then switching on the light, she gets her wedding album. Zoya is surfing through the wedding pics, while thinking that tanveer cant seperate them, as they love each other a lot, while asad is asleep, when she is shocked to find mamu’s snap in it, when she clearly remembers that she never invited him. She is bewildered. The screen freezes on his face.

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya asks mamu that she isnt surprised that he lied, but wants to know why did he come to her wedding. Zoya tells mamu that he isnt that bad a person, and she knows it well, but what she doesnt understand is why would he go to the trouble of coming all the way to Arga for her wedding, when he wasnt invited and improtantly he isnt related to her at all.

Mamu gets emotional hearing this. She asks him to clarify as this is really weird for her, and knows that he didnt have any wrong intentions, but wants to know why did he come here. Mamu says that some questions are always unanswered. Zoya says that every question is answerable but it someti9mes cant be seen or the person refuses to answer. mamu asks her to think that his old lost dream was getting fulfilled, thats why he couldnt resist himself from coming. Zoya is confused. before mamu can clarify, both are called down by dilshad and they leave hastily.

While haider is getting ready, he asks for his belongings, and is told by humaira, in retort that he should get that done by riya too. Haider is shocked. He says that she is already doubting him, just after few days of marriage. she says that she heard riya in his sleep, and is hence asking. He is about to leave, saying that he wont say anything. She says that she wont let him leave without answering. razia comes in and finds them upset, with humaira wiping her eyes. Haider leaves. Razia comes to her and asks what happened. she too runs away and razia is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
At the breakfast table, badi bi asks haseena to go and make better and healthy breakfast for herself and she is tensed. Badi bi says that she would get sameera to do some household work, being the servant. Nikhat tries to clear up the confusion that she isnt the servant after all. But farhan stops her. farhan comes in saying that dadi is right and that servants should learn work. Khushboo is shocked, and says that he married a servant.

Badi bi pretends to be shocked. farhan says that khushboo is joking, and asks him to take sameera to teach her work. After all leave, khushboo asks about sameera being the servant. He says that since his first wife left, he married again, but noone knew about it, hence they have to keep this a secret.

She innocently asks him about his first wife, and is relied back that she left him, while she remembers her cold blooded murder attempt, and says that she doesnt believe him, as first left and the second one noone knows about, and thats very bad. he flirts saying that she loves bad boys. she too plays along and leaves. He is happy. As he turns around, he is faced with sameera, and he makes an excuse of some work and leaves hastily. Sameera is tensed.

After having finished all the work, sameera goes onto rest, when badi bi asks her to press hher feet, and she refuses, badi bi threatens to call asad, which sets her straight. sameera gets to serving badi bi, while she enjoys her torture. While badi bi pretdns to doze off, sameera is aware of someone’s presence behind the curtains. She is shocked when it turns out to be nikhat, seeing her ominously. Badi bi wakes up due to her screams and says that there’s noone here. Meanwhile, nikhat comes right till there, and sameera rushes out of the room, in horror. after she’s gone, they have a good laugh.

Scene 3:
Location: In the office
Haider finds himself distracted and tensed through business meetings. The employees point it out and he gets back to work. just then, humaira barges inside his office, demanding to talk to him right then. He asks her to wait while he finishes his work. She says that she doesnt know anything and would talk right now, and if need be in front of all the people. he asks her to wait outside, this time a little tensedly. She says that now she knows that riya works here in this office only, and begins to call out to her. He takes her hand and taking her out of the office, asks her to get out.

She says that she wont go anywhere, and that now its all due to riya, and that he has proven himself infidel. Humaira, tearingly in front of everyone, tells him that she wont leave till he answers her questions. He shouts at her to leave. He says that she wants to know thee truth and she shall hear it, while saying that he hates her venomously. She is shocked and hurt beyond imagination. razia hears this from a distance and is shocked. He furthermore insults her that no man could love a woman who can be intimate with a man shamelessly before marriage. She is shocked.

The employees are shocked too. He says that since he had made that mistake hence he compensated by marrying her and this is a truth that he is living with, and she would have to learn too, or else the consequences wont be good for her. razia, unable to take it any longer shouts at him to stay quiet. she comes upto him, and begins to say, but humaira asks her not to intervene as its their personal matter. Haider instructs the security to see that humaira never enters the office again. he leaves, while a shocked humaira walks out, lifelessly. Razia is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
razia tells humaira that haider shouldnt have done that, and he maybe punished by god, but she wont be silenced. Humaira assks her to shut up. razia asks her how can she forget the insult that he did with her. Humaira says that fight can be with a man, but not with destiny, as her detsiny has no happiness written for her. Razia advises her that if destiny cant be changed, the man can and asks her to divorce haider. She is shocked. But she refuses and is adamant on that, as destiny wont change if her destined man is with her or not. She leaves, while razia is stunned and tensed for her.

razia takes the matter to mamu, venting out her frustration with haider. She blames him for not having checked his background first, before marriage. She says that humaira maybe silent, but they would have to do something about it. Senmsing mamu silent, razia is shocked that he knew everything, and mamu tells what haider had told him. She asks why did he agree then. He says that her crimes are to be blamed for that. He tells her the reason behind haider’s enemity with them and his reason of torturing humaira. He says that they are already committed to serve their sentence in jail, and they have to see who takes them there, haider or rashid. He says that nothing or noone can stop them now. He says that she should confess her crimes, to save her daughter.

She says that she cant do it. he sks her not to be bothered for humaira then. He says that there’s no way now to save their lives. razia says that they have one way out to get rid of haider and going to jail, and thats by killing rashid and haider both. mamu is shocked to hear this. He slaps her tight across the face in anger and asks how did she even think of that, as this is the time to accept crimes, not commit more.

he says that he hasnt slept nicely since 17 years, and that he lost his daughter, and when he found out, he cant even tell her that. He forbids her from doing anything like that. He says that he has decided that he would accept his crimes and surrender himself along with her to the police, on Zoya’s walima. he leaves. the screen freezes on razia’s tensed face.

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