I do update Saturday 19 March 2022

I do 19 March 2022: Haseena is chatting with nikhat, and asks her to stand by the shade, so that her dark complexion doesnt get darker. She sees imran playing in the pool. Haseena pretends to be hungry and goes to get biscuit.

nikhat offers to go herself. haseena says that she doesnt know where its kept. Nikhat asks what would she do alone. She gives nikhat a towel to give it to imran when he comes out of the pool. later, haseena gets nazma by the poolside on the other end, chatting with her and pretending to be horrified that she iosnt where she left her, and instead is standing somewhere else. While haseena and nazma are by the poolside, haseena takes nazma’s attention, intentionally to nikhat standing behind the tree, on the other side of the pool.

she says that she’s actually standing there, to stealthily take a sneak peek at imran playing water volleyball, naked till the torso. nazma is tensed to see nikhat smiling. Haseena instigates her that she’s seeing him in this condition, having left her own husband in the room, and eyeing nazma’s. Nikhat is getting restless, wondering why she didnt come, as if haseena gets lost, it would be trouble. nazma brushes aside her doubts and denies accusing nikhat. haseena still instigates her that nikhat isnt just watching the game, but watching imran, from behind the pillar. Nazma is tensed to see nikhat, who’s actually just smiling innocently.

In their room, farhan sees that nikhat’s plait of hair, is stuck in her suit kameez, and her discomfort with it. finally he gopes on to help her getting it unstuck. The touch thrills and excites nikhat at the same time. He hastily goes on to mend whats wrong, thereby getting into slight physical touch with her. As he is about to leave, her chain gets stuck in the watch on his hand, and they enter into a romantic embrace.

After an awkward puase, as she struggles to get free, farhan helps it himself,. and clasps her free from their tie. He goes aside, while she is thrilled. He wonders what happened to her, as he cant be attracted to nikhat. He thinks thats why hew didnt want to come, but fell prey to haseena’s trap. He is about to leave, when nikhat tries to clarify about the pool accident. farhan says that she doesnt need to justify, as it was an accident and she wasnt to be blamed for that. Nikhat thanks him profusely for understanding. she tries to get close, but farhan leaves, citing an urgent call. she is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: In the garden
Dilshad takes a walk in the park remembering her past moments with rashid. She remembers rashid’s request to move in with him, and ayan’s opinion on rashid’s life. She comes to the road. just then, a car stops by her side,. as rashid, sitting in the car spots her. she too smiles. Rashid gets out of the car and confronts her. She asks how’s he here in this condition, as he should be home. He says that he’s much better than before, and came back from the doctor only.

Dilshad fumbles while rashid says that he knows that she went to the Mazaar, surprising her. He says that he would talk to shirn today. He says that he knows this road is going to be difficult, but he is prepared to face it Rashid tells dilshad that he would talk to shirin and he has full hopes that she would understand, and that would make descision making easy, for dilshad. Before he can plead his case any longer, she says that she’s ready, surprising him and giving him immense pleasure.

She says overwhelmingly that she’s ready, as he’s right in life’s uncertainty and shortlife. She says that they spend half of their life, in hatred and anger, but not anymore. she says that she may be hurt and angry, but it couldnt lessenh her love for him, but she never voiced this, due to the society and familial pressure, but now asad and zoya taught that love is the strongest power. She says that she doesnt want to hurt shirin, but she also doesnt want to hurt him, by denying, and hence she is ready, to go wherever and whatever he wants her to go and do. He hugs her getting all emotional. They both have tears in their eyes.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamu reprimands razia for her childish act, while she apologises profusely. Shirirn overhears mamu scolding razia. Razia says that she wont repeat it again. mamu leaves. He goes to search for his meeting file in the study room. After he leaves, shirin breaks into fits of laughter, surprising razia. she asks whats so funny. shirin says that it isnt a matter of joke, but a matter of surprise. Shirin reminds razia about a certain mad woman in the relative, who also behaved similarly like razia is doing now. razia asks her to stop it, as nothing has happened to her, and enemies are after her. shirin takes it lightly and makes fun of her. Razia taunts her that even her enemy, Dilshad is after her, and to ruin her life. Shirin gets serious, when razia tells about the incident at the mazaar.

She taunts her about when she was laughing. Just then, rashid enters, and shirin asks her to be quiet. Rashid is about to go to his room, when razia asks about his health. He says that he’s fine now. Mamu comes and asks rashid to take special care of a certain VIP business partner, who’s coming to India. mamu leaves. Rashid tells shirin that he wants to talk something important and beckons her to his room. shirin is scared while razia enjoys it.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad returns home, and finds zoya and asad discussing whether she should work after marriage. seeing dilshad, she asks her to join their discussion. She gets tea for dilshad. zoya explains that she wants to work after marriage, as she is bestowed with infinite qualities, while asad wants her to work from home. zoya asks what, and asad says that she should learn basic mannerisms. Zoya says that he has a problem with woman emancipation. Asad agrees that women should be empowered, but she shouldnt work outside, as her home disasters can be handled, but not the office disasters, that were out of their reach. Zoya says that she cant understand whats his problem, if she works after marriage, particularly as even dilshad did so. Asad says that dilshad didnt do out of her choice, but because she was forced to do it, when rashid left her no choice.

Asad says that only they know the turmoil that they went through. Asad asks her to do whatev er she wants, and she would be supported, either ways. asad excuses herself, while zoya is tensed. seeing his anger for him, Dilshad wonders how she would make asad understand that she wants and is going to live with rashid. The screen freezes on her tensed face.


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