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I do 3 October 2022: In the lawns, mahira sits sullenly and tearful, remembering azad’s insults about her face and his humiliation, and then amad’s proposal. She says that she shouldnt have returned, as the elder brother made a joke of her face, and now the younger brother proposed her out of the blue. she says that he didnt even bother to ask her what she wants. she turns around surprised, to find azad standing across her. She turns to go, but he stops her. With much composure, she stops. he comes to her, and then says that he wishes to talk to her. she says that she doesnt want to weither listen to him, nor wants to talk. He takes her by the hand and then turns her around to face him. their eyes meet, and an awkward yet romantic eyelock follows, with her hand his his.

she jerks her hand away. he asks if she has decided on amad’s proposal. She asks what he thinks. he says that he doesnt know whats going on in her mind, and that she didnt need a makeover, and advoces that if she is agreeing to marrying him, then she would make the biggest mistake of her life. She taunts that he must have felt bad, that the girl who he rejected and hates so much, is loved by someone else. He remembers his insults and is apalled. she comes to him and asks if he is here to warn her against his own brother, and asks whats wrong with him, as he professed his love in front of everyone and she knows that he knows manners and how to treat a woman, which is impossible for her. He remembers what amad’sopnion is about her and this marriage and gets worried.

he asks her to think whatever she wants to about him, but marrying amad would be wrong. she asks what would be right for her then, and is amad is wrong for marrying and he isnt the right choice, then who should she marry and should she marry him instead. he is taken aback. she asks him not to bother to reply, but know this much, that this is her life, and he shouldnt interefere in her matters as she would do what she wishes to. She asks him to never come to her with his advices again. she storms off. he is apalled.

In the house, mahira wonders how can azad be so fickle minded, that he can insult her whenever he feels and then come to advice her whenever he wants to. she says that those who dont feel anything for anyone, shouldnt advice others. she says that she shall do whatever she decides. She is stopped by khan begum who comes to her with dresses, and then says that she was coming to see her only. she says that she has selected some drsses for her marriage and asks her to select one. Mahira tries to speak, but khan begum shushes her up. She says that she knows that mahira hasnt even agreed yet and she is already preparing, but adds that she has the fullest faith that she would say yes to the relationship. she says that nothing matters to her more than amad;s happiness, and his happiness is in her, and he has never seen him so happy, and he shall always keep her happy, even though he is a little brash.

mahra comments that sometimes the person doesnt know what their happiness lies in, and remembers her moments with azad. khan begum says that she is sure that once they get married, happiness shall always reside here, and she would get what she wants. she is shocked about the accidental blurt, and then composes that she wants amad to be happy. she promises mahira a lavish and grand wedding. Mahira is tensed. khan begum again asks her to select, and mahira says that she never thought anyone would do this for her, and no thank you suffices to what she is doing, as she got her back against everyone’s wishes, and gave her respect too, but regretfully she doesnt and cant accept amad’s proposal.

Khan begum is shocked and frantically asks why, as amad is a noble soul, and likes her, and they all like her, then why is she refusing. She says that these things dont matter as marriage is from the heart, and since her heart doesnt accept it, she cant. She apologises that she cant stay in this house, and is going rightaway. she turns to leave. khan begum is shocked and outraged. She finds razia coming to her, and tells her about mahira’s decision and asks how would she get her powers if mahira left and asks what should they do now. razia says that they would have to try alternate means now. Khan begum is tensed.

Mahira goes to the outhouse, and decides that she cant stay here for anotjher minute and shall leave and thinks that she shall give her sisters a final goodbye. She wonders where they are. she finds their wardrobe completely strewn apart and the clothes in shreds and torn. she is surprised to see this. She rushes out to see where are they. She rushes to khan begum, who is amused, and berserkedly asks where are the stepsisters, as their clothes are all burnt and torn. Khan begum tensedly asks her to look outside. mahira rushes out. She finds a trail of their belongings.

Razia tries some black magic with saira and bano, and has them trapped, while they experience burning in their bodies, as razia continues with her rituals, and finally has them paralysed, while they beg to be forgiven and released. mahira comes there and is shocked, and surprised when she tries to get to her sisters but is unable to, as an invisible shield stops her. they finally turn into voodoo dolls, and razia comes to them and picks them up. mahira comes and asks razia if she did this, and asks if the dolls are the sisters and asks what and why she did this to the sisters. An angry razia asks her not to mess with her. mahira is shocked, as she throws the dolls on the floor, and closes her eyes and starts some ritual yet again.khan begum comes and mahira tells her that razia isnt right, and distraught tries to narrate what happened, saying that they are all trapped.

Calmly, Khan begum says that not them, only she is trapped, and as far as her sisters are concerned, then razia wont kill her, but she shall. Mahira turns to look at her shocked, while khan begum says that she got the sisters. she says that as per her instructions, razia turned them into dolls, and shall finish them also, if she tells her to. mahira is stunned into silence. Khan begum tells that she holds the key to her sisters’ life, and if she wants to save them, then she should quietly marry amad. She says that she doesnt know whats her enemity with her and her sisters, but then says that the good is far better than the evil, and what they are doing is wrong, and she wont let her succeed, and she may try everything, but she wont say yes to amad’s proposal.

she says that she would tell everything to their sons, and then they shall be exposed, and shall also go to the police. razia says that she has much spark, and she loves playing with such girls. Khan begum asks what would she tell the police, and asks that statements wuld hold credibility. she asks mahira to go and tell, while she stands tensedly. they are amused. she gets to go, but then razia shows her some video of her brother, trapped in the same area, who razia made to disappear by her magic. mahira is apalled and asks where is her brother, and why are they doing this. razia teases her saying that she got them all. Mahira asks why is she doing this. razia guffaws. Razia asks mahira that if she wants the safety of her brother, then she should do what khan begum asks her to. mahira turns to her and begs her to let go of her siblings.

Khan begum says that she shall spare her brother and sisters, but in return she shall have to agree to marrying amad, and tomorrow when she is presented the engagement ring to wear by amad, she has to wear it, and say yes to his proposal. Mahira is shocked. the screen freezes on mahira’s face.As mahira comes scared and tensed with khan begum and kainat, amad teases azad who eyes him angrily, that she is his wife, and it isnt nice for him to stare at his brother’s wife with longing eyes. He sys that he shall make mahira his, right in front of his eyes, and they they shall consummate their relationship, as is normal for a husband and wife. azad is furious. mhira comes with kainat, khan begum and razia.

Amad goes on one knee and then presents the ring to mahira, while she eyes him, as he asks if she accepts his hand in marriage. Azad eyes her angrily. mahira eyes khan begum tensedly, not knowing what to answer. she eyes azad helplessly, remembering his confession of love and then khan begum’s blackmail. With much problem, after giving a long cursory glance at azad, she finally complies to the proposal and accepts it, as amad says that he shall give his whole life to her. She is sad and azad is distraught, as she extends her hand for him to don the ring. kainat, khan begum and razia are happy, while amad is amused as he places the ring in her finger. azad stands apalled, as all clap and celebrate it. Amad kisses her hand, and she is extremely at discomfort.

Kainat hugs mahira in glee, and says that earlier she was just a friend, but now is her bhabhi, and she is very happy. khan begum tells mahira that she knew she would say yes, and is about to hug her, when mahira stops her. razia and khan begum are angry and tensed. Amad goes to azxad and says that he finally deposited his love on mahira’s finger, and says that his brother is getting married and won he congratulate. Azad leaves angrily.

Later, in their room, Razia congratulates khan begum, while she fumes at mahira’s behaviour towards her. razia asks her to let be and tells khan begum that once all is sorted out, they should start playing their bet, as its an easy win for them from thereon, after the marriage. Khan begum thinks that they should start with the preparations soon, as she cant afford to wait any longer, as she starts getting impatient. they are both startled as they turn to look at the door, and find azad standing there, eyeing them sternly. he says that he wishes to speak to her. razia leaves. Azad comes and asks khan begum how can she do this and agree to the marriage, as amad isnt marrying for mahira’s love but due to his hatred.

Khan begum is tensed as she is cornered. She pretends to be boggled and asks why would amad do this. azad says that he loves….and then stops. Khan begum says that amad has done the right thing, as mahira is a right girl, and she shall get amad on the right track. sghe asks him not to do anything,t hat might set back this wedding, and asks whats so wrong if amad wants to marry mahira. she says that whatever she is doing is for his benefit, and one day he shall understand. He stands tensedly. She eyes him worried and then leaves. Azad wonders how to explain mahira why is amad doing this.

In the outhouse, Mahira wonders why is khan begum doing this, and says that she cant be a puppet in her hands, and has to search for her brother at any cost, before the marriage. She angrily eyes the ring and tries to take it off, but just then, gazalla and latif come in with gifts, but she asks them to leave. they start ogling about her good luck and fortune, that she landed such a handsome prince. they talk in merriment, while she is furious. mahira is about to leave, when khan begum comes in asking where is she going in such a hurry as she should be the one in hurry, for the marriage. she asks her to select the clothes soon, as she wants her bahu to be so perfect and bful at the marriage. mahira thinks that she has to search for her brother anyhow.

she esxcuses herself to use the washroom. she leaves. when she doesnt return for a long time, khan begum gets tensed and goes to check on her. While mahira is freshening up in the bathroom, she is very tensed about her brother, when she hears a knock, as she remembers about her brother and her talking through the doors, in childhood, only with knock and how they understood each other. She deduces that her brother has to be in the near area only. she obliviously gives a hard tap to the bottle against the basin, and it creates a ripple and sound. On the other end of the washroom, is an isolated cellar, beautifully hidden from the other end, in which her brother is trapped, who too idenitified the knock system of communication that he used to have with his sister.

he too starts trying to make a noise with the chair he is trapped to. Mahira notices this but isnt able to locate the source. she is about to resignedly when she hears her brother’s voice calling out to her. A shocked and tensed mahira deduces that her brother is in this house itself. She deduces from his knocks, that he is trapped in a dark room. khan begum comes and asks why is she taking so long and asks her not to worry as she didnt run away. she comes out. khan begum leaves. mahira thinks that he is trapped in some dark room, and she has to reach somehow to that room. She says that she is very suffocated in this room and can they go outside to finish selecting the jewellery. but they say no as its against khan begum’s orders. mahira pretends to fall unconscious due to the suffocation and they are tensed, and rush to khan begum to report. after they leave, she gets up instantly, and then rushes out.

In the lawns, azad comes to meet amad furiously, while he is amused. They confront each other. Amad asks if azad is accidentally going to mahira’s place, and he says that its none of his business. Amad says that it is, as he is the husband and shall decide who his wife speaks to. he asks if he is angry and reminds that he was similarly angry when he snatched afreen from him, and now he shall give the same pain of seeing his love in someone else’s arms, by being with mahira, and says that mahira is his, and he wont stand anyone disturbing her. azad is about to reprimand him, when kainat comes and asks azad to hurry along with her to start with the wedding arrangements. Amad teases him to go on so that he can himself have some last minute romances with his wife. azad leaves angrily with kainat.

In the house, mahira tensedly rushes upm the stairs, and then stops when she finds azad confronting her, blocking her way. they eye each other awkwardly, and she tries to walk past. but he stops her, and asks what does he want. he asks her not to take decisions on a whim and arrogance. He asks her to agree to him. Azad tells mahira that she is making a huge mistake by agreeing to the marriage. she says that she can decide for herself and he neednt bother, and asks him to stay away from her, her life and her decisions. She begins to go but he holds her hand and begs her to listen to him as a friend atleast, and just speak it out with him. She says that she cant talk to him right now, as she has an emergency.

he says that he wont let go, till she agrees that she shall refuse fr the marriage. She asks whats his problem and asks why cant he understand that she doesnt wish to speak to him. Just then, her eyes fall on an open door, behind which she sees her brother in the dark room. She asks him to let go, and when she looks back, she doesnt find her brother. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

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