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I do 7 October 2022: Afreen picks up the doll, and then apologises saying that razia proved to be of her use, but she has a rule, and thats, when the work is done, the pawn is also done with. Then she turns to khan begum and she says that in the same house, two dark forces too cant stay together, and that they can stay together, but in the house, instead of the mother in law, the daughter in law shall rule. she throws the doll on the wall and it bounces back and falls on the ground. Khan begum is shocked. Afreen asks her not to be scared, as she wont hurt her, as she doesnt pose a threat to her, and she wants her to see she and azad flourishing together. Khan begum tells hopw razia had told her powers would come back, and if she lied, just to get afreen in the house.

Afreen says that truth forms the basis of conspiracy, and she knows mahira’s child shall bring her lost powers, and afreen says that she wont let the child be born, nor shall she regain her powers, as only she can sire a child with azad. she asks her to keep dreaming. Khan begum turns her around and says that she can dream of becoming azad’s child’s mother, as she wont let it happen. she says that she would supercede her intentions and make mahira have a child who will give her the evil powers. Afreen smiles evilly. she asks if mahira’s innocent soul can fight her. She tells begum that she hasnt understood the power of dark soul. Khan begum comes out and starts screaming for mahira.

While mahira is walking in the corridor in the hallway, she finds her brother sahil who has come to her, saying that she got himself rescued from the dark forces. she is unable to believe that her brother is actually with her, and hugs and kisses him, emotionally overwhelmed to see him safe. she tells him that in this house, noble souls like theirs cant stay together. Mahira leaves with sahil. afreen sees this and smiles evilly. Khan begum comes to the main door, but doesnt find her anywhere. She gets a sudden push, and her feet starts paining badly, and as she looks at her feet, she starts to find it corroding away. she is apalled, that being a normal being, its better that she dies. She says that the strongest of ships can brave the strongest of storms, and that her determination shall not be hurt by this new girl. She thinks that by coming yhere, afreen has made a huge mistake, and she shall be punished for this. she is determined to get mahira back in the house. she gets in the car and drives off.

Scene 2:
Location: At the bus stop
mahira comes to see sahil off at the bus stop. He asks why isnt she coming. mahira tells sahil that she cant come with him, as there’s some obligations, and shall soon come. she asks him to talk to her on call whenever he wants, and meanwhile she shall find a good boarding for him, and come to him. She gives him a taveez to protect him and then he boards the bus. sahil drives off, while mahira stands distraught. As mahira walks lost, she suspects someone following her, but isnt able to see anyone. she starts running.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Khan begum is berserk searching for mahira. She wonders where can mahira be. She suddenly finds mahira running towards her, and then comes to her and asks her to sit in the car, as she doesnt have time to think and she shall exp0lain everything later on. They sit in the car and leave. Afreen who was following mahira, eyes them tensedly.The next morning, mahira gets down her car and begins to walk. Khan begum stops her, while she says that she doesnt wish to listen to any clarifications and that she has had enough of her plans and conspiracies, and now she wont stay at any cost.

Kahn begum wonders what to do now. she says that she can go if she wants, as she wont order her or threaten her, but as a mother, she is here to plead to her. Mahira stops. khan begum comes to her and begs on her knees, saying that as a mother she wants her to save him from the devilish lady, as he has saved her from every challenge and problem, and even saved her life and its her time now to repay the favour. She then tells about azad’s undying love for her, and the reasons why he doesnt stay with her. Khan begum says that loving and attaining is easy, but loving enough and then keeping it away, takes life away, and that azad is dying with every passing second, and that he wont express but he is in immense pain.

She tells mahira that azad isnt a normal human and has devilish forces, that can cause her harm, and hence he stays away from her. mahira connects the dots, as to how azad has rebuked her, to keep her away. Begum says that azad’s human heart beats for her, and he shall die for her, if she leaves. she begs her to save him. she says that the power of love has immense effect and begs her to save him, as he isnt at fault for what happens to him, and begs her to save azad from afreen. Mahira has her head turned low. when she looks up, she finds afreen sneaking behind begum, laughing amusedly.

Afreen gives her a push and khan begum falls off the cliff, much to mahira’s shock. She eyes khan begum evilly, who is herself scared. Atop a cliff, jhanjhariya tells mahira that her mother in law had already left for heaven and that rightfully a bahu should be around a mother in laaw to serve her, and who better than mahira to do so. mahira stands boggled, as she is wearing white linen for mourning. she is boggled and tensed. Jhanjhariya tells them that she has planned everything for her too to go to her khan begum. She tells her not to be scared, as she wont hurt her at all, as she isnt a threat, but the power of her love is. mahira struggles to get free. Afreen holds her and asks her to close her eyes. then in sudden swift, she throws Mahira down the cliff.

Scene 4:
Location: Begum’s residence
While taking a shower, azad thinks that he had wronged mahira, and wishes that he could revert it back. he remembers mahira’s anger. Just then, Afreen opens the door of the room, and hears him bathing and thinks that with mahira and khan begum gone, she has the entire house to herself and shall now be able to spend her wedding day if not wedding night, in peace with azad. She eyes her face and shape morphing ring, and changes into mahira’s personality. She says that now she would have to become his totally. When azad comes out, he finds mahira waiting for her in the doorway. He is surprised to see her, while she comes to him, and apologises profusely, saying that a marital relation is based on trust, but she didnt listen to him, and left him, and its good that begum told her everything, and begs to be forgiven.

he says that she doesnt need to apologise. She hugs him and he hugs her back. she smiles evilly as its actually Afreen. she then tries to get intiate with him, kissing him on the forehead trying to consummate their marriage.Meanwhile, khan begum and the actual mahira enter, as they save each other from the cliff, helping each other get up. they eye each other, and then mahira makes her way through the corridor to azad’s room, while afreen is oblivious of her presence. In the room, azad notices afreen’s blue hand. and asks her, while she seductively tells him that this is the time to forget and not remember. Mahira stands outside the door. the screen freezes on mahira’s and azad and afreen’s faces.

Mahira opens the door, while afreen inside is oblivious of her presence, as she is busy consummating her marriage with aazad. she is shocked to find mahira coming back from the dead. Afreen meanwhile has come back to her original self. azad is unconscious. Afreen asks how is she alive. mahira says that she has come back from the dead, to save her husband, as he is only hers, and shall remain so. she then finds azad in a daze, and asks afreen what she did. she rushes beside azad and asks whats the matter. he is semi unconscious and unable to respond. She turns to afreen and finds her vanished. She finds a half empty glass with a red liquid, and understands that afreen must have laced it when she smells it.

Later, mahira comes to afreen’s room and asks what she did with her husband. she eyes her curtly. She throws the glass at her, and afreen catches it, eyeing it evilly. afreen asks her not to address him as husband, and that she doesnt have the calibre to snatch her husband away from her. mahira says that she neednt snatch as azad is her own. afreen says that she has nbo clue whats happenede to azad. Mahira asaks her to shut up, and say what she did. She says that she just sedated him, and couldnt do anything as she intervened, and that she didnt want to hurt him, but just get azad to come to her. mahira says that she dosnt understand love, as love isnt snatching and attaining but its losing to attain.

Afreen says that the heart always loses over the brain, and even if she cant get azad’s love, she shall get azad, but she wont be able to stop her, as she is a Daayan, and she is merely a mortal. mahira says that she has the nerves of steel, and that she has already defeated her attempt to kill her. mahira says that whatever and whoever he is, he is her husband. afreen tells her that he is the devil, and that he isnt meant for mortals, and hence he is meant to be with the Daayan, and hence she wont be able to get along with the devil for long, and hence should lose the battle already. Mahira tells afreen that QUBOOL HAI arent just two words, but a message to the lord, and thats a noble relation. she says that she has married azad and he shall always be hers. Afreen says that the fight between good and evil has been long fought but this time she shall see who wins, her faith or her own evil powers and that she accepts this bet with her. mahira turns around and leaves. afreen smirks.

Mahira comes back to azad’s room, with a herbal medicine, and says that she wont let anything happen to him, as she applies the paste on his forehead. she says that she is his wife, and no one can harm him now, as their relation is very strong, and noone can spoil it.The next morning, anand kumar wakes up with a heavy headache and a severe nightmare, and starts coughing. he hears footsteps approaching and tries to get down and duck underneath. he hides under the bed, just in time for khan begum to enter, who is shocked to find him gone, and wonders where he went. he dives in and catches her feet from under the bed, startling her. She asks him to leave her feet. she asks him to leave the feet, but he insists and says that she wont be left. she asks him that she doesnt understand whats going on. She asks him to let go.

but he holds on and says that she brought this ire on herself, and that his mistake is that he brought her in this house. he says that he shall expose her and razia in front of his sons. She jerks him away, and says that razia is dead and trapped him severely due to afreen. When he doesnt let go, she gives him a hard kick, and his head lands right against a pillar. She is shocked to find him dead from the blow. She is frustrated wondering how to get rid of the body. Just then, she hears kainat hollering near the door. kainat comes in and is shocked to find anand kumar in a wheelchair. She is tensed and starts asking what happened to him and why is he in a wheelchair.

She doesnt let kainat meet anand, saying that he is merely exhausted from the fucntion last night. she tells khan begum that the police has come. She eyes anand kumar and asks why. kainat says that they found amad’s car by the lake. She is frustrated and then comes out, leaving him behind. they come down. afreen enters the room, and eyes anand kumar, and thinks that he shall come to her use now. Afreen is amused.Downstairs, khan begum and kainat wait for the police. the police come and say that they found amad’s car beside the lake, but without amad, and got concerned. The police also has sameer with him. sameer remembers that he had taken the body from afreen and planted it by the lake. Khan begum says that maybe he went there to visit.

meanwhile, afreen starts wheeling the chair out with anand kumar in it. the inspector asks her not to be tensed as he just came to check if all is okay. Khan begum thansk him. Afreen gets anand Kumar by the drawing room, and then disappears. khan begum ees him and is shocked. she wonders how he came here and who got him. She says to the inspector that amad would soon return. khan begum hurriedly sees off the inspector and then rushes to anand kumar. the police see him and then they ogle at him, being the superstar that he is. she says that he isnt well, and decides to take him to the room. But the police insist for the autograph. She takes the pen and paper and by her help, she manages to scribble his signatures and gives it to them. The police try and take a selfie, but khan begum ignores and wheels him towards the room.

khan begum thinks that she has to get rid of him, as he is becoming a problem now. afreen notices this from the window, thinking that she got saved this time, but next time, she wont be as lucky.In her room, khan begum is locking anand kumar in a suitcase, when latif comes and sees her doing that. Khan begum asks her to come and give a lending hand. latif comes and asks how and why would she do this work as she can herself manage. khan begum is boggled. latif says that she shall lock the door and not let anyone come in. begum says that she would go and attend to her friends, who were expected to come. latif asks her to go and chill as she shall handle everything.

Meanwhile, azad wakes up in his room, and mahira comes with medicine mixed in water. he takes it and tries to clarify about afreen, but mahira says that jsutifications arent needed, as she loves him, and being his wife, she has blind and utter faith in thim and their relation. She says that nothing has the power to separate them and that they shall happily live ever after. he says that there’s something he needs to tell her about his dark side. She says that khan begum had told her everything, and he gets worried and tensed. He says that he thought that this marriage would correct everything, but afreen’s return proves that his ill luck shall take over as their destiny, and he wont let this happen. mahira says that he is unnecessarily worried, as he just needs to give her hand in his, and accept her. She says that nothing wrong shall happen, and they shall together fight this.

He says that he is disappointed from his destiny and doesnt want to ruin her life as well. he therefore asks her to go away from him. She says that she wont be able to do it. he forcefully takes her hand and draws her out of the room and then walks off in a huff. afreen watches this and is amused. she comes to mahira and taunts him and the very first day, she got thrown out of their room, by the husband. she says that she didnt even have to do anything, and he is already distancing himself from her. She says that she is a mere mortal, and that she would have to leave azad’s hand. Mahira is tensed. afreen leaves. mahira thinks that she wont accept defeat, and that she shall save azad and get her out of the house.

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