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I do 25 February 2022: Zoya is stunned to see the T bracelet, and imran tensed at the girl who’s wearing it. Zoya ses that the girl has disappeared. Before she can see, dilshad asks her to get the gifts, and she complies. But asad says that they are in his room, and goes to fetch himself.

Imran comes to tanveer, and takes her inside a room, so as not to be seen by others. She teases him for being so happy, and lavishly spending at his engagement. Imran asks her to shut up, and asks whats she doing here. Tanveer asks if he didnt like the gift that she’s given him. tanveer asks him to be silent or someone would hear them. While imran is tensed, tanveer recognises it as asad’s room much to imran’s amazement. Tanveer tells about her asad connection.

They are oblivious that asad is approaching his room. Imran cant belive tanveer’s evil play. Tanveer says that she mightnt be successful but isnt failure either, as she still has him. Imran is scared that anyone might see them here. Imran is tensed while tanveer is amused that asad is coming this way only. He is shit scared when asad opens the door. As he does so, imran and tanveer hide. But before asad can enter, he is acleed by nazma and he stops. She tells asad that she has already got the gitfs and they are in the hall, and asks him to come along. Asad complies. Imran is relieved.

Zoya searches around for the veiled lady.Zoya is seeing around and wonders where the veiled lady went and who is she. She deduces that imran also isnt to be seen. Ayan too comes to the verandah and goes towards asad’s window to enter, so as not to be seen by others. Inside asad’s room, imran is shocked when tanveer demands for 2 crores. tanveer says that she would be silenced by this amount, or else she asks him to think what would happen if she blabbers out the truth about their unborn child. Imran agrees, but asks for some time. Tanveer asks him to take time, and says that she wants before the marriage, as he knows that she cant bear anyone’s happiness. She gives him 3 days to arrange the money, and threatens if she doesnt get.

Ayan sees imran from the back, and asumes that its asad talking to a girl. as he progresses, he is hugged by asad in the verandah only. Ayan is surprised and wonders who was the person inside. Asad asks why is he late as all arew gone. ayan says that he wanted some alone time with nazma. asad asks him to meet everyone. Ayan says that there are so many guests inside even his room. Zoya, who has entered asad’s room, is shocked when she finds ayan saying that a gentleman was arguing with a girl. asad says that it vmust have been one of nazma’s friends.

Meanwhile imran tells tanveer to go from there. zoya, who comes out sees them. She is shocked to find that its actually tanveer, and with imran. Tanveer tells imran to remember that she wont be gotten rid of easily. Zoya runs out of the room. Tanveer says that she would tell everyone, if he doesnt fulfill his promises. She goes onto taunt him to hug her for old times sake. Tanveer hugs imran, who is distraught. Zoya, meanwhile walks out hurriedly towards the outside to confront them, also alarming nazma, who wonders where is she going.

Tanveer warns imran and leaves. Just then zoya arrives and misses tanveer by an inch. While she sees imran tensed, after talking to tanveer, she wonders how to confront him regarding this.

Zoya calls out to imran, and sternly asks who was the lady that he was talking to and how he knows her, and what were they talking about. Imran is speechless. Zoya repeatedly asks again. He says that he doesnt know her, and says that he thought that she was their relative, who congratulated him and then went away, after he showed the way out. zoya thanks him that he doesnt know, and tells what a lowlife that tanveer is. She warns him not to talk to her again, and not be befooled by her ever again. She says that she got scared when she saw him talking to her, like they know wach other fopr ages. He manages to convince zoya that he didnt know her. She asks him to come back and join the function.

Inside, ayan gives a gift to nazma, saying that this is what is needed to be done by a brother. she says that he has already done that, by providing all the happiness in the world to her. Ayan wrongly refres to her as ALOO and then corrects it to be TAMATAR. When he sees imran mingling with the guests, he is somewhat tensed. imran too faces him awkwardly. He goes to ayan, who courteously congratulates him. Zoya asks when he came. ayan says that he juist arived, and demands to leave, zoya breaks in to poetry:

Apno ki mehfil mein kyu ban rahe ho begana….
Ab aa hi gaye ho, toh kha ke jana tamatar ki sagaai ka khana…..
Seeing zoya and asad tensed, ayan is surprised why are they fighting again. Nazma says that its an everyday routine. Ayan asks why are they marrying anyways. Asad says that he wants to be mad. Zoya also gets ayan in their fight too. ayan says that if he continues like this, then she would runa way. asad asks who would tolerate her.

Zoya asks ayan if he can. He agrees. zoya teases asad asking ayan that he would run away only with her. Asad puts an end to this by taking ayan away, while zoya is amused.

Later, zoya sees the gift pile, and a particular gift catches her eye, the same doll that tanveer had given. She is tensed thinking about that, and tries to join the connecting links together, about tanveer, and the baby doll as a gift. She senses something wrong, and wonders why is tanveer aftre him, if he doesnt know her, and the peculiarity of the gift, and of the comments of the facebook profile. Zoya wonders why is imran lying and hiding the truth from them. She wonders what games is tanveer upto now. Juts then, Zoya gets a hand on her shoulder and she flinches. she turns around and is shocked to find rajvir, asking her, How are you, Dear. Zoya is scared at this kind of stalking.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is shocked to see rajvir. She asks whats he doing here. He says that he was concerned for Zoya asks him not to take care of her, as there are already enough people for that. she asks him to leave as they are in the mid of a function. But he forcibly takes her inside the room and locks it. Zoya is shocked and tensed. Zoya asks whats the problem. He says not to be scared, as he cant talk in front of the guests who have come. Zoya begins to go, saying that she doesnt want to talk to him. But he stops her, and reminds how he had helped her. Zoya says so what. He says that she told that they are friends.

She says that he’s mistaken, and they are not friends. She says that he’s crossing his limits and that he should maintain his distance. He starts progressing towards her, asking if she’s trying to avoid him. She is tensed. As she tries to flee, he doesnt let her, and says that she’s not returning the favour, for helping her that day. She says that she isnt that type of girl

He says that he knows such type of girls like her, who go alone on stranded roads, and smile and talk to boys, for an ulterior motive. He says that they both want the same, and thats casual intimacy, and says that she might be denying but she also wants it. He progresses towards her lustily. She is tensed thinking of a way out.

Zoya reprimands Rajvir that for guys like him, the girsl are kept inside, on the name of safety. Asad sees this. She says that for guys like him, people keep their girls confined and not allowed to have a normal life. She says that day, he had helped her and given her a lift and today she wants to repay back. She slaps him tight on the face. Humaira apologises to ayan for being so foolish and asks if he wont forgive her. Ayan is ovcerwhlemed and hugs her tightly. she too embraces him.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Badi bi asks nuzrat whats wrong, when she finds her stealthily looking inside. She informs someone on the phone, that he has come. ayan enters the room to find badi bi writhing in pain. She says that she’s in pain. She asks him to get a balm. She tells that the balm is in the store, and to get it from there. ayan is surprised, but badi bi sends him to the store room. After he goes, badi bi is amused.

Ayan goes to the store nroom and finds it compeltely lit with candles, and romantically set. He isd perplexed and all the more shocked, when he finds humaira walking upto him. He says that he was coming for the balm and hastily tries to leave, and begins to go. But finds that the door is locked, when she tells him that nuzrat has locked it from outside. He asks why did she do that. He is confused when she comes to him and holds his hands, and says that she had told her to do so. He is all the more confused. She quietens him by placing her hand on his mouth. She hugs him, shocking the wits out of him. She breaks into poetry:

Jab hoti hai mistake, tab lagta hai bahot bad…
sorry keh rahe hai dil se, please dont get mad,
chod ke jaoge yun, hum kaise jee payenge,
without u sanam, hum bemaut mar jaenge.!!!

He is tensed. She says that she knows how much he has loved and cared for her, so much so, that even she didnt do it for him. she says that she’s foolish, and has hurt him badly. Humaira apologises to ayan for being so foolish and asks if he wont forgive her. Ayan is ovcerwhlemed and hugs her tightly. she too embraces him. He wipes the tears, being overwhelmed.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya comes in asad’s room and he asks her if she’s okay. she nods. asad compliments her on her bravery. Zoya says that asad was right in thinking that rajvir isnt a nice guy. Asad says that she too was right and can take her own descisions.

As zoya gets very happy, he silences her saying that this doesnt mean she can act irresponsible and do whatever she wants, but finally says that she can do what she wants. He warns her that he wont ever talk to her if she goes without informing him. Zoya asks if he wont ever mend. Asad says never. They hug each other. Ayn and humaira too realise their love.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
In asad’s room, as zoya enters, asad takes her for a whirl. Asad and zoya enter into a romantic dance number. Both hug each other in the end, while ayan and humaira, too in their room have a passionate embrace.

The next morning, while a person is doing the preparations in the house, asad and zoya get into a fight on the plkacement of the artifacts. Nazma tries to stop, but they aggravate all the more, and nazma goes to call dilshad to put an end to it. Zoya asks asad about his fifth wish. When asad pretends ignorance, zoya reprimandingly asks him whats ther that he wants her to fulfill. Asad asks her to stop scaring him. He says that there was one, but he cant fulfill it.

Dilshad is looking at rashid’s pics with nazma and remembers his words regarding nazma’s marriage. Nazma sees dilshad, lamenting that even though their daughter is getting married, rashid wont be there to see it. She thinks if she hasnt forgotten her at all and misses him so badly. She leaves, thinking what can she do.

Zoya asks asad to tell the wish, in the hope that she might be able to fulfill it. He says that when he was young, he expected rashid to come and give him a gift, but he never came. He says that she cant fulfill this, and it doesnt matter to him anymore. Zoya thinks and says that he mightnt express it, but he wants it to be fulfilled. She wonders what can she do to make that happen.

Asad comes and asks dilshad where’s nazma. Dilshad tells that the two girls must have gone shopping for their marriage. She asks how’s he feeling, and if he’s happy. He says that he is, and asks about her, and silences her. But then she says that she’s the happiest mother in the world. Asad askls why are her eyes saying otherwise. Dilshad asks what. He says that she seems troubled about something. She says that she’s concerned for her daughter’s marriage. They both think that nazmja has grown so much in such a less span of time. They both get emotional.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan finds humaira, dressed dishevelled, and breaks into laughter asking what happened. She says that she had forgotten her birthday. He asks if she’s punishing herself for that. He wipes something around her lips. She asks if he spent it, and he teases her saying that he spent it in her search. She says that she would mend the birthday party for him once again, and in her room, has planned a surprise for him. She takes a blindfolded ayan to her room, where he is getting impatient. She finally reveals her surprise, which is a birthday cake for him, on which is written her proposal, WILL YOU MARRY ME? He looks up at her overwhelmingly. She says that she doesnt mind being unabashed, for his love. She asks him to blow the candles and make a wish, if he thinks its a yes, and if its a no, but before she can finish the sentence, ayan silences her saying that there wont ever be a no between them.

When rashid is thinking about nazma and dilshad, shirin comes showing the ring and watch she has selected for Farhan. The girls too come. Badi bi is about to place the heirloom bangles, on nikhat’s hands, when nuzrat asks for hers. shirin says that they are for the eldest daughter. Nuzrat says that means ideally nazma should get it, as she’s the eldest. Shirin silences her. Biadi bi says that they belong to nazma but god has seperated the families so apart, that neither can this go there, nor can she come here to receive it. Rashid is shocked to see nazma at their door, and all others are startled too.

Ayan is about to cut the cake, when nuzrat tell them about nazma’s arrival, and they all rush out, leaving the cake uncut. Outside, the entire family is surprised when nazma invites them for her marriage, asking them to forget the animosity and be one big family again. She says that she would feel very god and their joys shall double if they too participate in the function. All are speechless, but razia compliments her efforts, but says that the roots of the animosity are too deep, and hence it cant be broken at once. Rashid says that they would have to start someday, and journey begins with one small step. Razia agrees, but again says that if they had to invite then some elderly person should have come, and dilshad shouldnt have sent nazma, instead of herself, and maybe this is a trap. Ayan asks her not to talk rubbish. Badi bi calls nazma and says that they would definitely come, overjoying nazma.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
When zoya brakes her scooty on the road, seeing a red light, she is surprised when a peer baba blesses her. He asks that it seems that she’s going to enter into a very important phase of her life. Zoya says that it actually is the truth and tomorrow is her marriage. But he confuses her saying that god knows what has god kept in her reserve for tomorrow, when every next second is uncertain. He asks her to accept whatever god gives tomorrow and be happy in it. He blesses her to be happy, and leaves. The screen freezes on her confused and tensed face.

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