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I do 22 April 2022: Zoya is on the bed and asks Asad to be careful while removing the sparking plug..! Asad asks Najma-Nuzhat to hold on to it carefully and goes and cuts off the power supply! Zoya is screaming.. Mr. Khan and Asad carries her off .. out of the room safely..! She hugs him..!

Nuzhat thanks Allah..! Zoya asks Asad if he is ok? He says yes n asks how did this happen? Tanvir appears smirking and AsYa glare at her..! Asad asks is she involved and Zoya says no just seeing what she is doing here…and says.. the water tap was open coz of me.. and forgot to tell about wiring.. its all coz of me.. sorry..! Zoya asks Nuzhat and Najma to sleep and Asad says be careful next time and sends her to sleep and goes to close the tap..! Zoya comes to Tanvir and says …sorry.. very cheap trick..!

She says.. thot Tanvir wuld plan something grand to stop my SR nite but …anyways can understand.. a person works as per their thinking.. ! Tanvir says.. this is just the start… see what all i do..! Zoya says. .and u think i will stand and play ur game? Zoya says i know how to play games.. but now whatever u plan ..be careful.. coz u will end up on the ground.. face down..! As Tanvir turns to walk.. Zoya pulls the rug under her feet and Tanvir falls..! Zoya says oops.. told u ..walk carefully … focus on my words..! From future take care.. of ur steps and ur eyes..! She laufs and walks off..!

Tanvir comes in her room and slams the door shut..! She thinks never to underestimate enemy as they can plan something always..! She wonders what is Zoya’s plan? Tanvir is looking around the room and digs under the bed and finds Razia glaring at her..! Razia says.. thank Allah that u realized ur level is to sleep on the floor..! Tanvir stares at her n asks what? Razia asks..are u alright? Tanvir says am fine.. u better sleep.. ! Tanvir lies on the other side of the bed..! Razia asks Tanvir what is the matter? Checks her forehead n says.. another case of madness? Tanvir says please sleep!

Samira says.. Farhaan i will get bored.. its some relatives function and i dun even know them..! Farhaan says.. u should participate so all can recognize u as part of this family . .i know u dun wanna go.. as u suspect.. that i will cozy up to someone else..! Samira says am not that suspicious..! Samira says.. dun feel like leaving u alone with Khushbu ..! She says i know u wont do anything such that wuld hurt me..! Farhaan says i love u. .n sees her off..!

Razia comes and offers tea to Gaffur..! Right then Maulvi comes..! Gaffur asks.. u here. so early? Maulvi says.. seen a father be sentimental ..not forgetful ..! Gaffur says din get u..! Maulvi says.. u got busy with the nikah i guess! Gaffur asks whose nikah? Maulvi says.. Humera..! Right then Humera comes all decked up ..! Razia and Gaffur are shocked..! Haider comes as well . .all decked up ..! He slyly smiles at Gaffur..!

Part 2

Gaffur is about to slap Haider n Humera steps in and says. .i dared to do this. .i called Maulvi .. and decision of nikah is mine.. n its my final decision! Gaffur says.. ur not understanding. .ur this decision will ruin ur life… and ur happiness..! Humera says.. that will be better than my breaths.. and ur words wont change my mind! Humera says.. i and Haider have decided to do nikah in front of our own and in our house..! Gaffur recollects Haiders threat..!

Razia asks..what is going on? Badi Bi and Dilshad come too ..! Humera says i and Haider are doing nikah ..! All are shocked..! Gaffur walks off..! Razia too ..! Asad congratulates Haider.. and Zoya stand next to Humera..! Humera asks to start the proceedings..!

Khushbu is in her room and Farhaan comes .. and says whoever named u. .was right.. the moment i stepped in ur room .. my heart is surrounded by perfume..! Khushbu says.. wow.. like ur style of praising..! Farhaan asks.. just wanted to ask.. ur leg is ok? Khushbu says .. much better..! Farhaan says.. have something for u. .dun be upset..! Khushbu asks.. what is it? Farhaan says a lil gift and sprays perfume on Khushbus hand..! She sneezes and says.. what are u doing? I am allergic to perfume..! Farhaan recollects Nikhat being allergic to perfume..! Farhaan says am really sorry ..can i do something for u? Khushbu says i will be fine soon .. just want to stay alone..! Hope u understand..! Farhaan says ofcourse..! Khushbu is worried that Farhaan is suspicious now!

Part 3

Haider Humeras wedding proceeding starts..! Razia asks Gaffur why he is not doing anything? Gaffur says i cant stop this wedding! Razia asks then who will stop this? Razia says not to bow down to Humeras whims..! Razia decides to interrupt but Gaffur says no use..! Razia asks what do u mean? She says.. u knew this was gonna happen? She asks what is the matter? There must be some secret..! Maulvi asks Haider his parents name!

Haider says.. Sikandar and Nazneen..! Razia is shocked..! She says 17 years ago .. coz of fire in gudiya factory…! Maulvi asks Humera if she agrees to the wedding? Humera is smiling .. and says Qubool Hai..! AsYa are smiling ..!

Location: Ayan’s residence
As humaira accepts her marriage, mamu is helpless feeling disgusted with himself, as if he stops haider, then he would reveal his true self, andthen he wouldnt be able to face zoya ever, and hence he has to sacrifice one daughter for the other. The priest asks haider about his will. Haider eeys mamu and razia venomously. haider thinks that maybe this day hadnt come in his life, and he hadnt been an orphan and due to them, his parents died, and now he would make their lives worse than death. with that in mind, he accepts his marriage.

razia and mamu leave from there, while humaira is tensed. Haider is asked for anyone from his parents side, and while haider is speechless, zoya comes in saying that she is his sister. she comes to haider that he could have atleast in formed her, so that they could have prepared for the marriage, and asks haider never to say ever again, that he doesnt have a family, as long as she’s there. Haider is rensed with the irony of the situation as gets emotional callibng herself an orphan too, and hence she knows what he is going through, and understands and shares his pain, as his sister. haider apologises in his mind, that he can never tell this truth to her, that she’s his sister. He accepts that zoya is his sister and they hug. He is overwhelmed knowing the secret that she actually is. They both hug each other. Humaira watches disinterestedly.

later, Badi bi talks about marriage to humaira and haider, getting emotional of ayan, and says that she’s very happy for her. Humaira taunts her that she has to be as what she wanted has happened, as she didnt want her to be her bahu. Badi bi clarifies that it isnt so, as then things were different. She says that she’s truly happy for her and haider. he smirks evilly. She presents humaira with gold bracelets, and blesses them both. Next asad and zoya come to them and congratulate them, while asad blesses them for the fulfillment of their wishes. Haider smirks. Zoya gives her gift to haider. She breaks into her poetry..

She presents a gift to humaira too, but she doesnt take it. Zoya says that she knows that humiara doesnt like her, and hates her but the day will come when she would come to know how much she loves her, as she has always considered her as a younger sister, and god knows that day would come soon. she again coaxes her to take the gift, but humaira excuses herself to go to the room. haider is tensed at this.

Zoya is tensed too. haider opens it to reveal a cricket bat, and says that he has never received a better gift, when zoya asks if he liked it, after having been lost in their childhood memories of them playing together. Asad teases her about her choice of gift. Zoya again teases him back, that if haider can give a doll, he can get a bat,and she thought of this gift only, when she thought of haider. asad says that looking at them and listening to them talk, it feels like they are long lost siblings. Haider is shocked while zoya is tensed. while zoya also teases about it, haider is emotional hiding the truth. Zoya says that she definitely feels that they have some connection.

In their room, razia is prepared for the rituals, while mamu is unperturbed about humaira’s marriage. Mamu is tensed. razia says that it isnt a big deal, and they both dont like haider, but he’s a good man, and she is happy with him and forever shall be with them, and the secrets also wont go out, and that they had done the same with rashid, and can continue the trend with haider. Mamu asks if she knows what she is saying. She asks him not to overreact, and leavesd asking him to come soon too. Mamu thinks that razia may think herself as cunning, but she dorsnt know what haider’s going to do with her, and he cant help it anyways.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Farhan talks about sameera about the allergy to the perfumes, of both khushboo and nikhat too. While farhan is doubtful, sameera says that they cant take this lightly, as they cant overlook the fact that they both have same habits, and this isnt a coincidence. farhan says that its nothing like that, and if there is, he can handle it himself. while sameera is insistent that she would come starightaway to home by his side, he tells her not to. He tells her that he has a plan. Sameera is tensed.

In her room, nikhat is tensed of her perfume incident, and wonders whether farhan doubts her, and is disgusted with the situation. She says that she has let nikhat die, so that khushboo can live, and if they dob=ubt her, her game would be ruined and destroyed. She finds farhan knocking and she composes herself and asks him to come inside. He asks if he didnt disturb her. she seductively says that he was. He takes his permission to sit beside the bed, and says that he was thinking that there’s noone at home, and its dinnertime, so can they have dinner together and whether he likes chinnese. she flirts asking if she’s getting a candlelight dinner with just the two of them. He reciprocates in the same manner.

She agrees for the dinner. He says that he would wait ouside, while she says that she would get ready. He moves out, each of them having a plan of their own. as he shuts the door, he is full of a certain plan.
Meanwhile, as farhan prepares the dining table for a romantic meal, he finds khushboo descending down the stairs, and he is taken back to the striking resemblance between nikhat also coming down the stairs. he is tensed thinking that he would find out the truth behind this face tonight.

as razia is presenting gifts to humaira and she is pleased, tanveer comes into tell and tease her that she shouldnt give such cheap gifts and instead shows her the gift that she has selected for humaira, and tries to upstage her by the proposition of having gotten diamond sets for humaira. Razia asks who asked her to dhit.s tanveer says that she was just helping her and she is humaira’s choti ammi. tanveer shows her the necklace but humaira is disgusted. razia is tensed too. tanveer asks her not to be angry and make her give it herself to tanveer. Tanveer refers to humaira as her daughter. Zoya comes in when tanveer proclaims that she has prepared a feast for everyone, and invites them all. As tanveer begins to go out, zoya applauds her sarcastically.

tanveer is unfazed. Tanveer invites her too. zoya says that she would come propeerly dressed up but warns if she would be able to come to her own party. Tanveer is tensed.

In the kitchen, tanveer is busy preparing for the feast, when she overhears zoya talking on the phone, asking to someone if everything is as planned. tanveer gets suspicious and begins to follow her, as zoya is happy to see that she is falling in her trap. Zoya intentionally enters a door. Tanveer lurks behind it, and suddenyl a napkin comes on her face and she gets unconscious.

When she gains conscious, Tanveer finds herself tied, and zoya in front of her, asking her to be silenced. tanveer asks whats this. zoya tries to act smart with her, and says that now its her turn to reciprocate the deeds that she did for her. tanveer asks her to let go. Zoya says that she can after having played a game. Zoya gets a pole with the revolver tied, pointed at her. zoya points to the revolver tied to a pole, with the other end of the rope, attached to the door.

Tanveer asks zoya what is she upto. Zoya clarifies that today tanveer would have to tell her about her father, or else, when someone comes, she would jump out the window, and due to the person jerking open the door, the revolver’s trigger would be pressed, and she would automatically die. Tanveer is scared. she is asked whats going to be her choice. tanveer says that she would do no such thing. Zoya says that she has almost done it, as tanveer had wanted her to go mad, and that she has, and would resort to any means to know about her father. Zoya tells tanveer that someone would come looking for her and open the door, and when that happens the case would end.

Scene 2:

Location: Haseena’s residence

farhan and nikhat flirt seductively, and commence their dinner. She asks if he is like this with everyone. He says that she would know better. They begin their dinner. He serves her soup. She is about to take a sip, when he offers her chilli sauce, and she gets tensed remembering that she cant take chilli. He asks if she likes spicy. She is tensed and says that she doesnt like anything spicy, and composes herself saying thatv she loves spicy food, and applauds him for knowing her taste. he gets the bottle of chilli sauce, while happy that she is tensed, confirming his fears. He pretends that the bottle isnt easy to be uncorked, and when she does so, he deliberately presses the bottle, causing a spirt on her face, and then while she gets conscious he deliberately takes her to the bathroom, to wash her off, with the intention of knowing the truth behind it. She asks him to relax and go out of the bathroom, so that she can wash her face. He gives in, smiling outside. She gets tensed inside, wondering how to clear it. As she washes and wipes her face, she forgets about her complexion that she had wonderfully hidden. When she looks at herself in the mirror, she is shocked as the actual colour of her skin is revealed.

Outside, farhan asks whats the problem, and if she is okay inside. Hearing her scurrying around and looking around in tension, farhan is happy that her evil plan finally worked. As she comes outside with a face pack, he is shocked. She asks him to be more careful as it maybe reckless for him. she says that she has this pack for cooling down the skin, that burned due to the sauce. She excuses herself to take care of the skin. As she leaves, he is tensed.

Farhan thinks that she still doubts who this is, but one thing is sure, that whoever it is, is very smart.

Scene 3:

location: Ayan’s residence

As they come down at the feast, they start smirking around as they find neither the feast nor the host, tanveer. zoya hears them from a distance, wondering about tanveer, and decides to go and find tanveer, pretending to be oblivious to her disappearance. Tanveer starts to make muffled sounds, as she has been gagged by zoya. Zoya barges in through the window, and teases her. tanveer is disgusted, as she teases her about her condition. She opens her gags, and again asks her to tell the name of her father, but tanveer stands mum. zoya says that people would notice that she has disappeared. Zoya tells tanveer that someone would come looking for her eventually and open the door, and when that happens the case would end. She again asks tanveer to take her deal. Tanveer is tensed. the screen freezes on zoya’s determined face.

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