Happy hearts update Thursday 10 march 2022

Happy Hearts 10 March 2022: The Episode starts with Happy thinking of Rocky. She hears Kulwant. She sees the lights gone. Rocky comes there to meet her. Sandhya and Madhu are with Smiley. They ask her not to be afraid. Sandhya says we shall have icecream. Anaya recalls Grover’s words. RV comes to apologizes to her. She says I don’t accept your apology, its not that easy, I m not interested in it, give me the answers. Rocky says don’t shout, I have come to talk to you, listen to me. Happy asks how dare you come here. Rocky says its my fight to save my respect and name. He removes his lenses. She gets shocked and says Rocky, I knew it, you are still a cheater. They argue.

He says I have come to expose RV’s lie. Sandhya hears a sound and comes to check. Rocky says you won’t be able to tolerate this truth, RV is not a good man. Happy worries when Sandhya knocks the door. She says everything is fine, I will just come. Sandhya goes. Happy shuts the door and asks Rocky to say anything he wants in just 5mins. Anaya says I was happy being mistaken, your plans were different, how did you fall in love with Happy. RV says this wasn’t planned, it has none’s control. She says this is something unbelievable, you believed in truth and commitment, you asked me to go to US, you will support my dreams. He says I have always supported you.

He says you don’t say anything to Happy, keep her out of this. She asks did you feel bad, sorry, did you fall in love or just pity her. He says enough. She asks why are you getting annoyed. Rocky says Ranveer has done this crime, RV has framed me to save him. Happy gets shocked when Rocky shows Ranveer’s pic. He says Ranveer and his friends assaulted Smiley, that day was bad, I have seen some people pulling Smiley in the car, I followed them, I went there to save her, I felt they have run away, someone had hit on my head, I fainted and fell over Smiley, when I got conscious, you all came there and saw me fallen upon Smiley, maybe she got a trauma since she was tied up. She says enough, I won’t believe you. He says you aren’t ready to see the truth.

She asks why shall I believe you, you lied all life, you have become a criminal, you forgot what you did with me. He says I remember, I apologized and accepted my mistake, how did you think I will do this with Smiley, even if I was a goon, I was changing, we had become friends, you have seen that I regarded Smiley as my sister, you blamed me, everyone believed I m wrong. She says I accepted what Smiley told me, Smiley’s life changed completely. Sandhya feeds the icecream to Smiley. Happy says I was ready to forget the tortures, why won’t I believe my sister, what did you do to win my trust. He asks didn’t I do anything such, don’t you trust me. She recalls Rocky’s good side. Humdum mere….plays…. She says RV can’t do this. He says Ranveer misbehaved with Smiley, RV framed me because of my wrong image, I m bearing punishment for his brother’s deed, RV played this game. Anaya says you always fought for truth, how did you lie to me for three years. RV says I didn’t wish to cheat you, I was waiting for the right time.

She says I was on my knees, proposing you. He says I have to leave you and this firm. She asks is there any other guilt. He recalls Ranveer. She says I have already wasted ten years and can’t ruin more ten years, so…. I need to know the truth soon. Rocky says I m fed up proving the truth, I would have escaped from jail, I could have gone with money, name and identity to another country, but I m here, I returned as Shaan to clean my name, I can’t tolerate Madhu and Biji living with shame, I still regard Kulwant as my dad, his words hurt me, I don’t want him to hate me, Smiley’s anger and pain, I want to end it, its your decision now, you can call police and get me arrested, else help me in cleaning my name. He goes. Happy cries. Sandhya asks what happened. Happy says I was tired, I will sleep. Happy thinks of Rocky. Happy thinking of Rocky. Sandhya says I know everything, you are thinking of RV, he is a pure hearted man and will keep you happy. Happy says that day, maybe other people were there with Rocky, he couldn’t do this alone, we just blamed Rocky, there were others involved, RV didn’t discuss this before. Smiley comes and says enough, I want to hide these things and you scare me. She says if you want to do anything, then punish yourself.

Sandhya asks Smiley to stop it and have milk. Smiley scolds both of them. She asks Happy to get away from her life. Smiley goes in anger. Biji and Madhu get angry and go to manage Smiley.Happy cries and leaves. Anaya gets some old cases files and studies to know about RV. She says I must find out, what’s the guilt you all are having. Babbi asks Rocky why did he tell Happy that he is Rocky, not Shaan, now she will get the police here. Rocky says I tried to become good, if Lord has seen my goodness, he will help me. They pray. Happy says there is some work. She sees Smiley. Everyone takes care of Smiley and asks her to have food.

RV comes there. He thinks Happy is still angry on me. Madhu asks RV to come and have food. RV says maybe I disturbed you, I m here to meet Smiley and Sandhya. He tells about some doctor who treats anxiety and trauma patients. He says just give me your passport, I will arrange the visas, you all are my family, I can do this for you. Happy looks on. She thinks why is he lying, I m sure that Rocky is lying. She leaves. Babbi says you should have not told the truth to Happy. Rocky thinks of her and opens the door. He sees Happy. Babbi says thanks for not calling the police. Happy says I didn’t call the police, I have to find the truth, I don’t want Smiley to get more hurt, before I believe you, I need the proof.

Rocky says you are right, for you to believe me, its impossible, you need to do something for me, where is Ranveer, you have to tell me without informing RV. Sandhya is happy seeing Smiley happy. They praise RV. Sandhya thanks Madhu for giving love to Smiley. Madhu says she is like my daughter, she is nice, I don’t want to talk about Happy. Rocky asks Happy to help him. She says I won’t cheat RV for your sake. He says I wish the truth was the sun, sun rises on its own, we have to work hard to get the truth out. She says I will go to RV and ask him, I m sure he won’t lie to me. He says he is an expert in cheating you. She says you don’t tell this. He says truth is that I need to fight for my truth, I won’t do anything RV and Ranveer.

Happy recalls his words. He says I just have 6 days, trust me for 6 days, if you wanted to, you could have handed me over to police, you didn’t do this, you feel I maybe telling the truth, I m running out of time. She says fine, I will give you a chance. He says think of it as doing this for my mum, she deserves a chance, I have to prove myself innocent in front of her. RV comes to Happy. She says you are my true friend and always supported me, I have called you for a talk. Babbi says Happy came to meet you, I hope she doesn’t tell the truth to RV. Happy says you got the appointment of psychiatrist for Smiley. RV asks her not to be formal. Simmi says Happy will get Ranveer’s number. Babbi says I couldn’t find Ranveer. Rocky says Happy has to get the number, everything depends on Happy. Happy asks what happened to my laptop, its getting stuck, I need to see imp documents. RV says I will see it. She says I don’t understand much of technology. She takes his phone and gets Ranveer’s contact details.

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