Happy hearts update Sunday 20 march 2022


Happy hearts 20 march 2022: The Episode starts with Rocky cheering up Happy and making her pray. She cries and says I m shaken up within. He says I m with you to console you, forget everything, trust Lord. They pray. He says your fav Chole and Kulche, I thought to get this for you, I got this chocolate also, when you were sad, your dad used to give you chocolate and cheer you. He pacifies her. He says its my work to worry for you, when you smile, I feel a beautiful rainbow came out in the sky. He wipes her tears. Humdum mere….plays… He asks her to have food.

She says Anaya died because of me. He says no, RV is the reason, he cheated Anaya and lied to her, he broke up with her, she couldn’t tolerate, you couldn’t do anything in this, I know RV is wrong, he is responsible for Anaya’s death. Happy hugs him. He thinks why is Happy scared. He says we have to face the fears, why are you scared, tell me, I m with you. She says I have to tell something imp. He gets a client’s call. She says we shall talk later, take the call. The gunman comes there to shoot Rocky. Rocky goes and sees Happy sleeping in her room. He goes to the living room and sees Kulwant. She says I went to check if Happy slept. Kulwant stops him.

Gunman enters the house. Happy comes there. She sees some shadow at the window. She gets shocked seeing the gun pointed at Rocky. She shouts Rocky and runs to save him. She tries to shut the window. The man pushes him and shoots. Kulwant pushes Rocky away and gets shot. Rocky and Happy get shocked. The gunman runs away. Everyone comes there and gets shocked. Madhu asks Kulwant to open his eyes. Happy runs after the gunman. The gunman flees. He calls RV and says Rocky didn’t get shot. RV says Rocky isn’t dead, I have to find some other way. The gunman says Happy tried to catch me, but don’t worry, none can reach me.

Everyone gets Kulwant to the hospital. Madhu cries. Inspector comes to ask about the incident. Sandhya says we didn’t see that man. Doctor says Kulwant is already a heart patient, he is critical, have hope. Madhu blames Happy for snatching everything. Rocky says don’t blame her for everything. Madhu says you won’t say anything today, she will ruin everything wherever she goes.Happy cries and runs away. She asks Rocky to stay away, else he will be hurt. She comes home and sees the blood stains on the floor. She cleans it and recalls Chintu’s death. She cries. Landline rings. RV pays the gunman. He shuts the door. He goes out to check again. He says who is here….Sandhya says Happy isn’t answering, Rocky you have to keep this family together, it doesn’t mean that Happy shattered this family, Happy can’t ruin anyone, she is struck by her fate. Rocky says I know she has saved this family from problems. He hugs Smiley and consoles. He thinks of Happy. Happy comes to meet Grover. She says sorry, I couldn’t save Anaya, she died in my lap. Rocky asks Simmi about Happy. Simmi says Happy isn’t at home. He thinks what is Happy going through

Simmi saying Happy is fine, don’t worry, give her time, once dad gets fine, we will stay together. Rocky gets sad. Grover says I can help you. Happy says there is no way left now, I have decided it, I don’t want more people to lose lives because of me, I can’t tolerate it more. She cries. Grover consoles her. Happy comes home and says I have to do packing, I m leaving for abroad, I got a good job there, once I settle well, I will call you and Smiley. Sandhya says everything is here, your work, hotel, Rocky… he will be heartbroken if you go like this. Happy says I don’t want anyone to know where I m. Sandhya says please Happy. Happy says you have to become strong, don’t say anything to anyone, please help me. Rocky is with the family at the hospital. Doctor comes. Everyone asks is Kulwant fine. Happy packs her clothes. She sees Kulwant’s pic and cries.

She says sorry, I should have been with you, I have to go, I will pray for you, please get fine soon. Doctor says Kulwant has slipped in coma. Everyone gets shocked. Madhu asks Rocky to tell the doctor, that Kulwant can’t go in coma. Rocky hugs her. Doctor says maybe Kulwant gets fine with time, we will try our best. RV asks manager about Grover. The manager says he is going to Hong Kong, he has booked tickets for himself and Happy. RV asks is Happy going also. He calls Happy and asks shall we go for lunch. She says I m busy, I will meet you later. RV says she lied to me, why are they running away, did they learn my truth. Rocky consoles Madhu.

Happy hugs Rocky’s pic and says sorry, I m leaving you and going like this. Rocky goes and cries. He says how will I tell Happy about dad, she will shatter knowing this. Grover says I will be there with Happy. Sandhya asks her to stay back. Happy says its imp that I leave so that everyone lives happily here. Police arrives there with the arrest warrant against Happy. Inspector says Happy is charged to provoke Anaya for suicide. They get shocked. Happy is arrested. Rocky asks doctor if Kulwant responded. Doctor says it will take time.Sandhya calls Rocky. Madhu answers the call. Sandhya says Happy is arrested, make me talk to Rocky. Madhu says Kulwant is in coma because of Happy, do you know about it, its good police caught Happy, she ruined many lives, she should get punished, go to hell, don’t try to call us, Rocky has no time for you. She ends the call. Rocky comes and says we can meet Kulwant, I will make a call and come. Madhu says your dad needs you, go and sit with him, don’t call Happy.

Grover says Happy didn’t do anything, she is framed. Inspector says don’t do this, else I will take action against you, you can go to court, RV and Anaya broke up because of Happy, Happy was running away today, you do your work and let me do my work. Happy says I didn’t do anything. Grover says don’t worry, I will do something. Rocky calls Happy and Sandhya. He says they aren’t answering, something is wrong. Madhu says I will go home and make food, you stay here with Biji. Rocky asks Smiley to make him talk to Happy and call him. He says where are you Happy.Happy is in lockup. She sees the criminals. RV says sorry to come like this, I had to meet Happy, she isn’t at hotel, why are you crying. Sandhya says Happy got arrested for Anaya’s suicide case, Grover is with her. He says you should have called me, Grover also didn’t tell me, I could have helped. She says Grover and Happy were leaving the country, police assumed Happy is running away, save Happy. He says don’t worry, I will make everything fine, how can Happy go far from us. The ladies ask Happy what crime did she do. They hurt Happy. Grover says you have kept Happy with criminals. Sandhya and RV come there. Sandhya says Happy is innocent. Inspector asks her to stop the drama. Grover says I m trying, we don’t know who filed the complaint, trust me we will win, Happy has to stay under custody. RV thinks Happy did wrong, she didn’t tell me and was leaving the country, I had to trap her, she will get scared and then come in my arms, I will save her and become her hero.

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