Happy Hearts update Sunday 20 February 2022

Happy Hearts 20 February 2022: The Episode starts with Rocky and Happy escaping on the bike. Goon shoots at Happy. Rocky says we are safe, what if anything happened to you, why did you do to them, are you shot, you are bleeding. She asks him not to stop the bike. He asks her to tie the dupatta to her wound and stop the bleeding. He says you are very brave, hold me tight, you won’t fall down, talk to me, we are almost there. He stops the bike. They board a bus. He sees her wound. He says there is no pharmacy and hospital around, what shall I do. He gets alcohol. She asks you want to drink and have a party in this state, you think you will celebrate that we escaped. He says sorry and puts the alcohol on her wound.

She screams. He says this will stop the infection. He ties kerchief to her wound. He says I want you to get fine. She says I trust you. He says I will be back soon. He goes.Bhatia slaps the goons. The goon says the guy saved her, as if she is his world, just one chance. Sania says you mean Rocky was protecting Happy as nobody is more imp to him than Happy. He scolds him and slaps. She breaks a bottle on his head. She says you are right dad, I should do my work on my own. Happy and Rocky meet the lady and sign the legal documents. Happy thinks of Sandhya’s dreams. Rocky thinks of Chintu. They sign the contract and get finances for the hotel. Rocky says you got the deal, come with me to the doctor. Happy says I have no pain, we have less money, we will take tickets and go back. He says you want to do what you want, you just want to be stubborn, come with me to doctor. She thinks of her words. He scolds her with love.

Smiley comes to college and gets happy. Ranveer looks on and follows her. Rocky and Happy are on the way in a truck.She says doctor gave me injection and I got hurt, like I got stabbed. Rocky says he didn’t stab you with a knife. They argue. The truck stops. Everyone gets down to get tea and snacks. Smiley comes to the class for special class. Ranveer comes there and locks the door. RV sees her and says you are Happy’s sister right. Smiley says yes, you must be here for guest lectures, I want to become a lawyer, I feel very proud, women look so good in lawyer’s dress. RV says you think you can argue with a deadly judge. She says I will study very hard and become the best lawyer, if the client is honest, I will give my best. RV says lawyers have to think from their mind, you have to smart to use the knowledge, lawyers can’t lose focus. He goes. Smiley thinks who locked the door, I didn’t.

RV opens the door and says the session is starting soon, are you coming. She nods. He goes. She looks around and leaves.The truck leaves. Happy says wait, Rocky didn’t come, stop. The man says its time to leave, we may get late. She says you can’t leave him, stop. Rocky sees the truck leaving and runs. Happy shouts to him. She holds his hands.. Happy shouts to him. She holds his hand. He gets in the truck. They have a moment. Rocky and Happy arguing. He gives her a chocolate. She recalls her words. He says I got this, so you you stop talking and I get some relief. She eats the chocolate. He jokes on her. He asks her to share it, since sharing is caring. She shares the chocolate. She asks him to take the favor and see how generous she is. He says you have a big heart. She finishes the chocolate and asks how will you eat it now. He laughs.

Mana ke hum yaar nahi….plays…. She says thanks, just take care of me all the way. They come home. Rocky sees Kulwant and goes to show him deal papers. He says just say once that you are proud of me. Kulwant says this is just the beginning, this is your first step which you took with Happy’s help, you have a long way to go, your battle is with your own self, my blessings are also with you now. He asks her to call Happy. He asks Happy to come over with her family, they will do Holika dahan puja in hotel ground. Happy asks what will we do there. Rocky says be there on time, dad is telling you, not asking you. She smiles.Sania says Holika dahan puja is in every household, fire attracts me, relax dad, I won’t hurt myself, I suffered a lot, Happy will suffer now. Bhatia says Rocky is cheap and worthless, he is wrong. She says no, Happy has mislead him, its not his fault she goes. Everyone celebrates Holika dahan. Happy comes. Rocky smiles seeing her. He says I will get some peanuts and come. Rocky asks why was he so scared. Happy asks Smiley not to overreact for no reason. Sandhya says congrats to you.

Kulwant says congrats to you too. He blesses Happy. Happy says Happy holi. Madhu turns away. Rocky comes home. Sania stops him.She reminds the old days of their friendship. She asks him to forget everything, they are best friends, she can’t handle life without her. He says we were best friends, we aren’t friends now, you think I won’t know that you have also sent the goons, the goons attacked Happy, not me, I understood you did this, I know keeping friendship, if you show me your face again, I will forget everything, if anything happens to Happy, I won’t leave you. He goes home. Biji misses Chintu. Rocky says we should have holi party in Chintu’s memory, Holi was his fav festival. Happy says we can recall Chintu by crying or laughing, just think what would be do if he was alive. Kulwant says he would have celebrated Holi in our family style. Rocky hugs his mum and asks her not to cry. They agree.

Anaya says I m not playing Holi. RV says Happy and Rocky personally requested, we will go for some time. Anaya says I will sue you if anyone applies me colors. RV agrees. Ranveer looks on and says Holi, wow, even Smiley would be there, I will play holi with her. Smiley makes holi plans with Happy.Its morning, Kulwant talks to Chintu’s dad and wishes him happy holi. Rocky looks on and hears Chintu’s wishes. Rocky calls and arranges the dhol after hearing Kulwant mentioning Chintu’s wishes. He says we have to keep Chintu’s wish, dhol will be playing today. Kulwant gets glad. Sania says this will be Happy’s last Holi. She gets angry. Rocky says when Happy comes, tell her that I did these decorations all alone. Guggi says you are talking about Happy a lot. Rocky says check the sweets, I will check arrangements. He thinks why didn’t Happy come.

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