Happy hearts update Saturday 12 March 2022

Happy Hearts 12 March 2022: The Episode starts with Happy seeing Madhu. Madhu sees Rocky’s pics and smiles. Madhu gets bitter towards Happy. Happy cries. Madhu says Rocky can’t come here until you are here, get away now, how will happiness come without Rocky. Happy goes to meet Rocky. She slips. He holds her. Humdum mere……plays….. He says I can’t see your wound, it hurts me. She thinks what’s happening today, the truth should get revealed soon. They hide and wait for Ranveer. Someone comes there. Happy says its someone else. Ranveer points gun at Happy and Rocky. He says you were threatening me, did you think I will be scared, you are such a failure. Happy says it means you had molested Smiley. Ranveer says it was me, its me and it will always be me. Happy gets shocked.

Ranveer says Rocky was acting as a hero, now remember this, never mess with me. Rocky gets angry. Ranveer says I m going to free you from jail forever, by killing you, don’t worry dear I will do justice with you, Happy you have to die as well.RV asks what, Ranveer isn’t here. Servant says he left in the morning. RV says I hope he doesn’t mess up things. He gets Ranveer’s video pic and asks when did this packet come. Servant says morning. Ranveer says I started this story and I will end it. Rocky pushes him and asks Happy to run. RV calls Ranveer and wants to get back to Amritsar. Manager says its not possible to get the flight so soon. RV says I will drive to Amritsar from Delhi.RV says why didn’t you listen to me Ranveer, I hope Ranveer doesn’t do any mistake. Happy and Rocky run away. Dil se re…..plays…. The goons follow them. Rocky calls Babbi. His phone falls down. They get inside a truck. He protects Happy and asks her not to get afraid. The goons look for them. Ranveer doesn’t see them. Ranveer says they know my truth. Happy says they will be finding us. Happy recalls Rocky’s words and cries.

She recalls the past and feels sorry. She says forgive me Rocky, you got punished because of my mistake, I made a big mistake, you used to say that I understand you well, but I couldn’t understand, I didn’t trust you. She says RV has hidden this truth, Ranveer has done wrong with Smiley, forgive me. He says your sadness can’t change the truth now, I need to clear my reputation for my mum and Biji’s sake. She nods. Kulwant worries for Happy and argues with Madhu. Simmi asks Babbi to inform her about Rocky. Rocky says I will check the place again. Happy stops him and worries if Ranveer will harm the family. He says no.Rocky saying I will try to arrange a phone, look there, there is a garage. Kulwant says Happy does everything for us. Madhu says she is doing this by her will, she snatched both my sons, let her go to hell. Biji agrees. Sandhya says I just wish Happy comes back home. Smiley asks her to call RV. Sandhya gets RV’s number off. Rocky and Happy entire the garage. He checks the landline and asks her to call home. Happy calls Sandhya. Sandhya asks where are you, we are in tension. Happy says I m fine, I have come to Chandigarh for urgent work, there is a storm here, I stayed in a hotel, I will come home tomorrow. Rocky calls Babbi and tells about Ranveer and his goons. He asks him to protect the family from Ranveer. Babbi agrees and asks the guards to stay outside the house.

Smiley turns and doesn’t see guards. Ranveer stares at her. Happy feels guilty seeing Rocky and cries. He says I will arrange water for you. She hugs him and cries. She apologizes to him. They cry. She asks for his forgiveness. He says its late, we shall sleep now, we have to go home in the morning. She cries and sees Rocky turning away. Kise puchun….plays…. Happy recalls his words. She says I wish I could do something to take your pain. He thinks I died every day, none can return my past time. She thinks we can make coming time better, forgive me Rocky, we should become like before.Its morning, Rocky sees Happy sleeping. He blocks the sunlight. She holds his hand and sleeps. She wakes up and sees him. They have a moment. Humdum mere….plays…. Phone rings. Babbi asks are you fine. Rocky says yes, how is everyone at home. Babbi says all fine here. Rocky says we will try and come soon. Rocky and Happy are on the way. He says Ranveer and his goons are still finding us, we have to be saved. She says I want to tell your truth to family, then everything will get fine. He says things got worse when I tried hard, my life got ruined. She says we can’t guess how much you suffered, change is the only thing constant in life, everything will be fine, don’t lose hope. She thinks everyone cheated you, I won’t let anything wrong happen with you, I promise. Madhu takes care of Guggi. Guggi says sorry Smiley, I can’t come with you, I have cold. Smiley says its exam today, I have to go.

Sandhya says I will come with you. Smiley says its okay. Happy and Rocky come home and meet Babbi. She says I will tell them the truth first. Babbi says Happy, welcome back in our team. Rocky asks him to secure the house. Happy comes home. Everyone asks where was she. She says I have to tell something imp. Smiley goes. Happy says I need to talk. Smiley says I m getting late for my exam. Happy stops her from going. Babbi says we have to give statement to police. Rocky says how, we have no proof, what if RV changes the matter. Babbi says no, we have to change statement, we can be safe. Happy says I m saying this for your security. Smiley gets angry. Happy says whatever happened with Smiley, Rocky wasn’t involved in it, Rocky is innocent. They all get shocked. Smiley says enough, how much will you lie, I just hate you.

Babbi says family will know you aren’t a criminal. Smiley comes out of the house. Rocky asks what is she doing here alone. Happy asks Smiley to stop. Madhu says you said Rocky is innocent. Kulwant asks who is the culprit. Happy says I will tell you everything, I have to save Smiley, her life is in danger. Smiley sees Rocky and runs away. Babbi asks Rocky not to go after her. Happy runs after Smiley. Ranveer brings his car and opens the door. He pulls Smiley’s hand. Happy looks on. Rocky says Ranveer….. Rocky runs to save Smiley. Happy pulls Smiley towards her and asks Ranveer to leave her. Happy falls down. Rocky runs after the car. He breaks the car window and catches Ranveer’s neck. Smiley falls down. Ranveer flees. Rocky stops a biker and takes his bike. He goes after Ranveer. Everyone comes there. Happy asks Babbi to get the car. Smiley says it was Ranveer, not Rocky. She cries. Everyone looks on shocked. Happy nods.

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