Guddan Zee world update Tuesday 20 December 2022

The wedding starts. Saru says she is marrying him for a reason. Guddan has become greedy. AJ comes and throws things in anger. He says I would never let this happen. Guddan comes and says stop. With what right are you stopping me? you are marrying someone yourself. He says I am your husband. Guddan says you’re marrying antra. He says that is not in my hands. You are still my wife. You can’t marry anyone else. I am alive. The man comes and says leave my wife to be and marry us. AJ says you wanna marry him? Why? Guddan says you can’t insult him life this. AJ throttles him and says she is my wife don’t even are thinking about her. Guddan tell me all this is a joke. He says tell me. Guddan says this isn’t a joke. this is my decision. Please go from here now. AJ leaves in anger.

Antra says get ready Guddan. Guddan says AJ came to stop this wedding. He loves me. You could never stop his love for me. He always loved me. You better think if he would even marry you. He won’t let this wedding happen. Your fight is with him. Stop him if you can. Antra says love is cheap. What if he couldn’t stop this wedding? Wait and watch. You have to marry this guy.

AJ is angry. He says I can’t let this happen. Antra his him on head from behind. He faints. Antra takes him to the car and locks him in. Antra says he will be up when wedding is done. Now Guddan’s turn.
Guddan gets ready and thinks about her wedding and time with AJ. Durga comes. Durag says pundit ji calling you. Guddan says I am so scared.

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