Guddan update Friday 9 December 2022

Guddan 9 December 2022: Guddan says Durga was here. Where is she? Where have you hidden her? AJ says what are you doing. Guddan opens closest to look for Durga. AJ says why would she kill Durga. Guddan says she had proofs against Antra. Antra is here to use people. She only wants your wealth. Durga got to know the truth and she killed her. Guddan says you crossed all limits Antra. Durga comes in the room and says what happened. Her husband says are you okay? Saru says Guddan said antra stabbed you. Durga says what? Why would she? Guddan what stories are you making. Saru says and this blood? Durga says this is ketchup. It spilled so I went to wash hands.

Antra says Guddan you don’t like me, doesn’t mean I am a criminal. You think I killed durga? You think I am after wealth? You can also say I never was in a coma. I was doing a drama all these years. Is this all for Aj? I tried killing myself. I don’t want to come between you two. You should have let me die AJ. Why did you save me? I should die. Antra gives a knife to Guddan and says kill me. Your problem would end. AJ says antra what are you doing. Guddan says she is doing drama. Antra says yes kill me. Antra hugs AJ crying. Dadi says Guddan what did you do? Why would you say all this? Everyone leaves. Durga smirks at Guddan.

Durga says did you like my acting? Antra says you proved you hate Guddan as much as I do. Durga says no, more than you. I tried kicking her out of this house. Antra says old animosity. Durga says Guddan must be thinking what’s happening with her. Guddan says yes, how an honest person would stoop so low to think all this? You have shamed your relation with this family. Anyway, I shouldn’t be telling you anything. Don’t show your real face to this family, they would be heartbroken. I made a mistake by trusting my own family but I won’t repeat it. Durga says I have no value in this house. when they needed me, they respected me. They put me aside when you came back. I sacrificed my marriage for this family. I have been insulted because of you. I suffered what I never did in this house before you. I hate you not this family. To show you your real worth, I have to shake hands with your enemy.

You and I can never be together. All of that was a drama. No blood, no stabbing. You made your fun in front of the whole family. Antra says I am the queen of this house. ANd the queen can play any move whenever she wants. No one trusts you in this house. Guddan says AJ’s trust on me is firm. Your disgusting tactics won’t change it. ANtra sats go and see it. She hits a nail on the wall. Antra says one drama and such a big crack, soon your entire relationship would fall. I will marry AJ. After that, if you wanna die, I can send you in coma. You will have a long sleep.

Guddan comes to AJ. She says do you trust your Guddan? You know I won’t say anything without a reason. He says I trust you more than anyone, but Antra too. She loves me and this family more than anything. She won’t ever harm this family. She isn’t greedy or fraud. I also know you won’t say all this without a reason. It is my mistake only. Neither yours nor Antra’s and this marriage is my punishment. Guddan says none of it is your mistake. AJ says it is true. I can see your tears. I broke your heart. It is my mistake. Guddan says you won’t be punished for someone’s sin. AJ says I deserve this punishment. Your goodness takes me closer to it. I deserve this punishment. He says in heart how do I tell you how much I love you. But for your love, I am ready to go away from you. Guddan says in heart, you can’t see antra’s wrongdoing. I will save you and this family from her. He goes to his room.

Guddan comes to her room. Guddan tries to sleep. Guddan says I won’t let you suffer because of someone’s sins. I promise, before tomorrow, I will remove this Antra’s eclipse from your life.Guddan does pooja. Everyone comes downstairs. Guddan says in heart I have God with me Antra.Antra’s brother comes. Antra hugs him and says bhai. He says I am sorry for all the mistakes I did. It was only for my sister but now I know she is well and protected. AJ says I understand. Dadi says we cant forgive him. AJ says he did it our of his sister’s love. Vikram says may I talk to my sister? AJ says of course.

Antra says to Vikram I am so happy. I will do my rakhi today. She does his arti. Vikram takes the arti from her and throws it away. Antra says what did you do. Guddan comes in too. Antra says we met after years.. Vikram slaps him. He says only my sister had this right. You aren’t my sister anymore. Guddan told me everything. You are destruction and I am here to save you and every one by exposing you. I am with Guddan in this battle. You are the wrong one. Antra says you took her side and slapped me after all these years? No one trusts her in this house even. She has provoked you.

Vikram says I know the truth. You stooped so low. Antra says she poisoned your heart. He says I am not a kid. He says I have all proofs against you. You weren’t in any hospital. You came to Indor last month and I have a statement of the doctor too. He says my sister was so innocent and you have become such a devil. You should learn from my mistakes. He says Guddan this drive has proofs against Antra’s sins. You can punish her the way you would like.

Guddan says I can expose you right now Antra but I am not stone hearted like you. I would give you one more chance to repent. You would tell everyone it wasn’t AJ’s mistake. You would go and tell everyone you don’t wanna marry aJ and then you would go away from this family. I am doing this for my family so their trust is broken. You won’t be able to take their anguish. You have only half an hour. Guddan leaves.

Guddan says thanks to Vikram. He says I know how difficult it would have been for you. You waited for your sister for years. She came back and you had to.. I am sorry. He says I lost a sister in her and found one in you. I will put her in jail like any other culprit.Durga says to Antra this Guddan has ruined your plan. She gave you only one option. Why did I get involved in all this. Antra says shut up. Just one problem and you’re talking about running away. I am not here to run away. Durga says if you don’t tell AJ Vikram and Guddan would. We don’t have another option.

Vikram says to Guddan I don’t think Antra would do it. We have to tell everyone. guddan says I think you’re right. We can’t give her more times. there are only five minutes left. We have to tell everyone.

Scene 2
Guddan calls everyone in hall. Guddan says I want to tell you all something about Antra. Antra says let me say it. I can’t marry you. The foundation of this marriage is wrong. You only know half-truth from that night. You don’t remember anything and I don’t remember because of my pills. I took them and I don’t remember anything. I thought we don’t remember anything, nothing happened that night. AJ says are you crazy? You hid all this. You know ma punished me because you said all that happened. And now you are saying you are not sure.

Dadi says why did you stay silent all these days? Antra says I didn’t know what the truth was. It isn’t right to marry you on half-truth. I am really sorry. I can’t come between AJ and Guddan. That’s why I have decided to leave this house and AJ. Who am I to change what God did. I will stay for tonight and then I will leave with my brother tomorrow. Guddan says I am glad you told your truth t everyone. You chose to say the truth. You can live here for your relationship with this family.

Dadi says I am sorry Guddan. You trusted AJ even when I couldn’t. Dadi says Antra you were getting him in this punishment for this doubt. Thank God you said the truth. Guddan says in heart this trouble is gone. Antra says in heart this trouble doesn’t go away so easily.Rawat says I will take you from here tomorrow morning. I am glad you chose the right way. We will go tomorrow morning. He leaves. Antra says to Guddan I did what you asked. Give me proofs. Guddan says you did all this so you can get this? I am not an idiot. I won’t give it to you. Guddan locks in the locker. Guddan says you can spend one last night here. Then leave after breakfast tomorrow. If you do anything I would get your reality released in the city.

durga says to Antra you lost to Guddan. Let me pack your stuff. I made fun of myself. She is AJ’s wife. Antra twists her wrist and says don’t dare. I am your real MIL. Do you need more demo? You can’t beat me. I will be AJ’s wife.

Scene 2
AJ is cooking food. Meher says let me do it. He says I can do it. Guddan says why is the onion only giving you tears? He says my trust won. Your trust won in me. Guddan says our heart is always innocent. You look like a cute kid. She swipes his tears and says let me do it. Guddan says I will share all tears with you.
AJ and GUddan come to dadi. aJ says why are you crying? She says I was doing such a sin. I couldn’t see your love. Would you forgive you mom? AJ says what are you saying. I can never be mad at you. You love Guddan and that’s what you did for her. I respect your love for her. Dadi says make Guddan yours forever Don’t wait anymore. AJ says yes I will tell her what’s in my heart.

Laxmi says to Guddan you look so happy. AJ loves you so much. Don’t waste anymore time. Tell AJ what’s in your heart. Gudddan says you are right. I am scared now. I can’t live with fear of losing him. I will tell him tonight.Antra says she wont’ be able to do it. Durga says AJ and Guddan would be one tonight. ANtta says I am here tonight. Her pride would break.

Antra comes to AJ and says I am really sorry. I know you are mad at me. I can’t leave when youa re this mad at me. I will miss you a lot. Antra hugs him. He says please.. Don’t touch me. Things changed with time and I love Guddan. She says I can’t live away from you. I should go away from this house. I am sorry. AJ says in heart Guddan no one would come between us. I would tell you what’s in my heart.Laxmi says to Antra you realized your mistake. You should have said all this before. Antra says I am your MIL. Laxmi says Gudan is my MIL. Please move now. Antra says now see what I do this Guddan and AJ.

Scene 2
Guddan comes in the hall. AJ waits for her. Guddan says I wanted to say something. She slips. AJ holds her. AJ caresses her face. He turns the lights back on. Guddan says I forgot what to say. AJ says say it please. Guddan says I forgot. Guddan says in heart I can’t say it face to face. AJ says why can’t I tell her. I have to tell her tonight.



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