Guddan update Thursday 24 march 2022

Guddan 24 march 2022: Guddan says get us good food, please. Laxmi says would we eat if she brings food? Durga says we are all fasting. Perv says Revati you didn’t fast from me? She says how do you have so many expectations from me? This relationship is only of the name. You’re just a dog to me. Also, I have signed divorce papers too. He twists her hand and says you can do what you want? She says I didn’t marry to please you. I want my benefit. He says I will think about my benefit only now. Revati says I can send you back to jail. Saru says we are a team here. Revati says yes, we aren’t husband wife. So ask him to stay in his limits. She leaves. Saru says we will show her worth to her. Let them fight, it will be our turn then.

Alisha gives them food and says eat now. Guddan says let’s start eating. Guddan says pass us water too. Alisha stands there. Guddan says don’t eat anyone. There is a hair in the food. Dadi says what? Guddan added. guddan says AJ’s restaurant’s food had hair? Let’s go talk to him. They all come insdie the kitchen. AJ says you can’t come here? Guddan says hair is allowed in food? We could complain outside. AJ says you can’t say a word about our quality of work. it’s is our fault. Guddan says we have the proof. AJ says you all must be very happy that I am not home. AJ says this is your hair. Guddan says don’t blame it on me. We are customers here. You have no customer service. Let’s go from here. Alisha claps. Alisha says go, get admitted in Ram Lela. You all are not good actors. Guddan you can fool anyone, but not me. This is my first day here, you can eat cake here. How can you go without eat? Let me make you eat. She asks Guddan to eat the cake.

Guddan says in heart I can’t break my fast. AJ says Alisha stop it. Alisha says you thought I am an idiot? You all planned this. Now this is the real pain. You will never have the AJ you planned all this. I find out the truth in a moment. Now see what I do. She leaves. Laxmi says our plan failed. What would we do now?Guddan comes home. Revati says you came home? Aj didn’t come with you? See how well am I using Alisha as prawn. Your AJ won’t come. Name yourself Guddan you can’t do it. AJ wont’ break your fast. She leaves. Guddan says how will I bring him back in 12 hours. AJ is fainting. His manager gives him water. AJ says no I am fine. Guddan calls AJ. Guddan says are you okay? Please don’t fast. Are you not well? My heart says that. Please drink some water. AJ says you have changed all my habits. I will break this fast with you only. I am sorry we are away. My daughter.. Guddan says your daughter? She is our daughter.

AJ says I am sorry. Guddan says will handle it all together. Everything would be good. He says as long as you’re with me, everything would be fine. Your fast. Guddan says you would come home with Alisha and make me eat. He says I have faith in you.Dadi comes to Guddan. Guddan says you look worried. Dadi says how would he come? It’s half day already. Guddan says it would work out. Don’t worry. I have a plan that would push Alisha to come home and bring Alisha here too. Saru overhears and wonders what is she planning?Saru is doing meditation. Revati says what are you doing here? Think what should we do. Saru says you’re an idiot. Revati says you tell me what to do? Saru says if we break Guddan’s fast AJ wont’ have to come here. Revati says I know her weaknesses. Leave it on me.Revati says where are you going with all this? AJ didn’t come. Guddan says he would come. Revati says if I break this fast, he won’t have to come. Guddan says you can’t make me break my fast. Your husband is a devil but you should fast too. Revati says I am not a drama like you. Guddan says you can think whatever you want. Revati says you remember you were allergic to parag.

Guddan says enough, move it. See I have it. She throws them on Guddan’s face. Guddan coughs. Dadi says are you okay Guddan? Revati says only water can save her life now. Revati says decide before you’re rushed to the hospital. She will die if she doesn’t go to the hospital. Guddan coughs badly. Saru says wow you played well. Dadi says shut up. Dadi says Guddan please drink  water. Revati says she can die. Durga says shut up. I will bring water. Durga says please drink water. Your life is more important that this fast. Guddan says no. Guddan says I can tolerate this. I will break my fast from AJ’s hand. I won’t give up. Guddan faints.AJ is not well. AJ says Guddan isn’t well. I have to call her. Alisha takes his phone. He says give me my phone. I need to call Guddan.. Alisha says kneel down and beg for it. Your ego is bigger than anything? AJ says I will do what you want. He kneels down. AJ says return my phone, please. Alisha says apologize for ruining my and my mom’s life. Hold your ears. AJ holds his ears and says I am sorry. Please forgive me. For all the mistakes I have made. I never thought about you. His phone rings. AJ says Alisha please pick the call. Durga calls him. Alisha puts the phone on the speaker. Durga tells him everything. Alisha puts a knife on her wrist. she says I will kill myself. AJ hugs her and says I won’t ever leave you. Please don’t harm yourself.

Guddan says thank you for not taking me to hospital dadi. Dadi says please drink water. Revati says she won’t. Your AJ won’t come because your stepdaughter won’t let him. Guddan says she isn’t step. Revati says he isn’t coming anyway. Guddan comes to the restaurant. Durga says you shouldn’t have come here. AJ hugs Guddan. He says are you okay? AJ says please drink water. She says I will drink after the moon is there. I love you. I know you will come and break my fast. Alisha says wow stop dreaming. AJ says enough. This isn’t right. Alisha says he is my father stay away from him. She shoves Guddan. Aj is about to slap her. Guddan stops his hand. AJ says shame on you Alisha. She is tolerating all this because of you. Alisha says get out Guddan. Guddan says at least respect your father. You will regret it later. You will bring AJ home. This fight is of uniting the family. No more drama. I will be straightforward to you now. There’s another thing that you wanted and I have it. She shows a box to Alisha. AJ says this isn’t right. Guddan says anything for this family. Your decision Alisha. AJ says Guddan, Guddan says no. Alisha will bring you home and you will break my fast. I have to get ready. Only an hour is left. Guddan leaves.

Guddan gets ready. Dadi says you look so good. I will give you my jewelry. Revati says getting ready for your funeral? Guddan says you will see it when AJ comes and breaks my fast.Everyone gets ready for Karva Chauth. Guddan waits for AJ. Dadi looks at her. Guddan recalls her promises. Revati says to Saru what has Guddan done that she is so confident? Saru says Alisha won’t bring AJ here. Revati says we have to speak to Alisha and stop her from bringing AJ here.Alisha looks at the box. Revati calls Alisha and says Guddan would force you but don’t bring AJ here. Alisha hangs up.Guddan says you all do your pooja and break your fasts. Laxmi says without you? Guddan says I am coming as well. Revati says only 10 minutes are left. Your AJ won’t come. Guddan says life changes in a moment I still have 10 minutes.
Durga and Laxmi do the pooja. Revati says only 6 minutes are left. Your hopes are false. Moon is going back

as well. What should I name you now? Since you’ll lose your challenge. AJ comes and says her name is Guddan AJ. It will always be that. Everyone is shocked to see AJ. Guddan does pooja. He breaks her fast. Guddan says I knew you would come. He says I knew you won’t break your fast until I come. Now eat please. He picks her and takes her inside. Saru says Alisha ruined the whole game.Alisha is doing havan. Saru says what are you doing here now? Saru says you lost the challenge. Why did you bring AJ here? She says I got a bigger win. Pandit ji says pooja is done. You can do it now. Alisha breaks the nameplate outside the house of Jindal Bhavan. She adds a new nameplate. Alisha claps. She says you’re wise Guddan. I got my mom’s respect back and you got your AJ back. But I won’t forgive you all.

Revati says to Guddan you sold your conscience. You have named your house after Antra? Do you have any shame? Guddan says nameplate doesn’t make a home. The family does. I have my whole family with me. I could pay a lot more than this nameplate. Revati says you made a huge mistake. Guddan says a mother did this. You can’t defeat this mother. This is a mother’s challenge.Next morning, Revati does Alisha’s arti. Alisha says what is this? She says come downstairs and see how happy they are. Alisha throttles her and says I didn’t lose. I suffocated like this all my life. I got my mom’s respect back. I will get her all the rights back. I am here to separate them. I will distant their hearts. For that, they hae to be together. They will hate each other. Saru says what will you do? Alisha says you’ll see on dhanteras. Everyone prepares for dhanteras. Dadi says let’s start the arti. Alisha says I will start the arti. AJ says you will do it after me and Guddan. She says you should ask me to do the arti. Guddan says I was stubborn like this too. My papa would never say no. We will be very happy if you start the arti.Alisha does the arti. Aj and Guddan do it after her. Kishor comes with a gold pot. He says here it is ready. Dadi says this is our ritual. We write our names on this pot.Guddan says Alisha your name is in the middle. Alisha adds Antra’s name in it. She says I will remove Guddan’s name.

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