Guddan update Thursday 19 May 2022

Guddan 19 May 2022: Revati says please arrest them. They aren’t going away from this house. Ganga says heroin, I am standing here for you and you’re doing this. I am your SIL as well. Revati says please arrest them. Ganga says to stay away from me. The cops bring her down. Ganga says what is my mistake? That we came back to our family? We didn’t do such a big mistake. Please do something. Please help me. I don’t want to. Laxmi says please stop it Guddan. Guddan is silent. AJ comes there and says stop.

AJ says why are you arresting them? Inspector says they harrassed Guddan. AJ says do you have proof? They saved a kid and me. And she isn’t just Guddan’s fan. She is my bhabhi. Ganga is in tears. AJ smiles. AJ says and he isn’t only a fan’s husband. He is my brother. Guddan says in heart my plan worked. Avinash looks at AJ. He says you saved my life and Aarav. You restored my faith in our brotherhood. Avinash says I made a huge mistake. Please pardon me.Dadi holds Avinash’s hand and says don’t hold hand in front of young brother. She hugs him. Everyone is in tears. Aarav says now we are a family. He hugs Avinash. AJ hugs Avinash as well. Everyone is happy. Avinash looks at his sons. He says I can’t bring your past and childhood back. I can’t be pardoned.

But my three sons, I never forgot you. You were always in my heart. Please pardon me. They hug him. Kishor says we missed you papa. Vardan says never leave us again.Ganga cries. Dadi says why are you crying? She says too emotional. Dadi says happy tears? She says yes happy and sad both. I thought my heroine would give me bangles and she gave me handcuff. Guddan says these are fake. Just like this police. Guddan says I had to prepare a plan. I told you I will unite you to this family. Thank you for helping me. The fake police leaves. Guddan says let’s get over the past. Aarav said we should all be family. Is my fan and SIL happy? Ganga says my heroine called me SIL. She is about to faint.

AJ pulls Revati’s ear and says wow you too. You have become and actor with your sister. Ganga says I want to cry a river. Guddan you did what you said. No one is like you. Let’s take a selfie with everyone. Guddan says half of the challenge is left. Durga says what? Guddan brings the sour yogurt. Guddan says I was thinking what to do with it. I realized everything evolves with time. So I made curry with the sour yogurt. It’s there but evolved. Dadi says Guddan can do anything. AJ says yes but who would dare tasting it. Everyone laughs. Ganga takes a selfie with everyone. Guddan says we should plan a celebration. AJ says yes it’s due. Ganga says there will be a competition called the biggest fan. We all have to play Guddan’s dialogues. Guddan says you’re all my family not my fans. AJ says we are all your fans. Daadi says you always unite this family.

Ganga says let me practice. She says a dialogue like Guddan. Ganga says I will prove everyone I am your biggest fan.Saru says this Ganga is crazy. She was so happy for Guddan. She is the real MIL of this house. But your daughter took her place. She looks at Guddan’s place. Saru says your daughter is so stupid. She took my help and got the real MIL in this house. Now see what I do. I will make Ganga insult her in the party tomorrow.

Avinash takes out a son. He says my sons look so good. I have to look good at the party as well. Saru comes and says papa ji. Can I call you that? You’re Rahul’s father. He says yes. She says this shirt is good for the party. But it’s a little cheap for the party. He says cheap? saru says AJ wears designer wear. Rich people come to his party. Why would you wear this shirt? He says it isn’t cheap. Ganga purchased it for 1200. It messed up our budget. Saru we can’t even buy socks for that amount. Guddan says Saru clothes prices do not matter. The person who is wearing them matters. Guddan says Avinash bhiaya your shirt is amazing. But AJ sent these clothes so both brothers look the same. He’s wear the same suit. Do you like it? He says AJ sent it, I will wear it for sure. Is it nice Saru? Saru says yes. He goes to change.

Guddan says to Saru some people never change. I blackmailed you a few days ago yet you you’re still black. What were you trying to do? You’re trying to part this family. You watch movies right? Do you see what happens to the villains? Saru imagines she is tied in the hall. Everyone comes there and hit her with stones. Guddan says right imagination and it can be true. Saru says are you trying to threaten me? Guddan says warning you. Don’t daring doing all this. Saru says I will answer them both. I will make this Guddan cry in the party. I will take AJ and Guddan’s place.

The party starts. Kishor and Vardan welcome everyone. Durga says everything is here and ready. Just the food is left. Dadi says AJ has ordered everything as per Avinash’s choice. AJ and Avinash come. AJ says where is Guddan and Ganga? Dadi says she is coming. Saru has invited some people. Guddan comes downstairs. Laxmi says she looks so good. Durga says yes our MIL is beautiful. Dadi says AJ is so lucky to have such a beautiful wife. Media comes. Guddan says did you invite them? Kishor says I asked security not to let anyone come. Ganga comes on a scooter and says I called them. Everyone laughs at her get up. Ganga says I asked to come and cover such a big night. Guddan says you look so good. She says my hero come here. Avinash stands with her.

Woman Saru has invited says AJ you’re upmarket and classy people. Who are they? Like endorsing brother with designer clothes. But when they open mouth it shows they are so low class. And this woman, look at how stupid she looks. These low-class people make fun of themselves. Guddan says I agree with you completely. But funnier is when rich people are still poor like you. These expensive clothes but look at your face it’s full of fakeness. I heard you play cards but you used to play in fields as well. So you judge people by their clothes but AJ told me your husband asked AJ for loan for his fifth failed business. Ganga is a lot more educated than you. She is my SIL. Ganga Jindal. And Avinash is more respectable than your whole family because he’s the eldest son of this house. Avinash Jindal. He is far wiser that your whole family combined. But that’s not the point. These fakeness and status doesn’t make a family. I hope you get it.

Dadi says it’s useless to talk to these people. Their brains are wrong. Guddan says they are not the only ones wrong here but another person who is part of our family. Guddan says Saru.You were talking to them in signs with Pammi auntie and group. I am an actress. I know how to observe the behaviors of people. I don’t understand what are you upto. Saru says I didn’t do anything. AJ says apologize to them right now. Saru says sorry. AJ says properly. Beg their pardon. Guddan says AJ? AJ says people like her get a punishment. He says apologize with all the due respect.Saru holds her hand and says sorry. I won’t do such mistake. She goes to he room. Saru says in heart I will plan something big Guddan.

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