Can you see me update Thursday 19 May 2022

Can you see me 19 May 2022: Pihu sees Anandita crying holding Subodh’s pic and goes to Shona to seek help. Shona as usual arrogantly rejects her plea. Pihu continues pleading. Shona says she would never help her, but would help a mother aand asks whatg she should do. Pihu asks her to sing.

Shona says never. Pihu asks to just mimic her. Pihu sings O Meri maaaa…song… Shona mimics and pampers crying Anandita. Anandita sleeps on her lap.

Next morning, Anandita goes down to living rroom. Daadi asks her to go and insist Vikram to marry Mohini. Anandita asks how is it related to her revenge from Subodh. Daadi says Mohini is pregnant and if Vikram does not marry Mohini, she knows what society will speak about them, Anandita is helping Mohini from humiliation instead. Avanti walks in and touches Daadi’s feet. Anandita asks who is she. Daadi says she is Avanti Sehgal who is helping Pihu in her charity work. Avni tells Anandita that her daughter is so adorable, where is she. Daadi says she is in her room. Avanti leaves with Anandita.

Daadi tells Vikram that Anandita is hell bent to see Vikram and Mohini’s marriage. Vikram asks how can it be, he will never marry Mohini. Daadi says he has to marry Mohini fakely seeing Anandita’s condition, else Anandita’s condition will worsen. Vikram leaves. Mohini asks Daadi she promised to get her married to Vikram really. Daadi says she will and asks to wait and watch her drama.

Shona is still asleep. Pihu tries to wake her up. Avanti enters. Pihu says Shona’s mother came. Shonaa opens eyes and sees Avanti standing and shouts why did she come. Avanti says she came to start a fresh and in tapori language aasks if she wants to be her friend. Shona asks Pihu what she means. Pihu says friendship and asks to say yes. Shona stands silently. Avani gives her gift and leaves, hiding. Shona checks gift and gets excitged seeing scarf. Avanti walks back and asks if she liked it? Shona returns gift. Avanti gets sad. Shona holds hand accepting her friendship. Avanti gets happy.

Pihu tells Gopal that he was right that with time everything changes, Sona and her mother are friends now. Gopal seriously says with closeness at one side, there will be differences on other side. Pihu stands confused. Daadi shows divorce papers to Mohini and says before her and Vikram’s wedding, she will get Vikram and Anandita divorced. Anandita serves food to Vikram. Vikram thinks when will Anandita stop her weirdness. He chokes and coughs and falls on floor gasping for air. Anandita silently stands. Pihu sees that and asks her to help Vikram chachu, but Anandita cannot hear. Anandita silently walks to Vikram and massages his back. He calms down. Daadi walks in and asks what happened. Vikram says choked with food, but is fine now.

Shona/Pihu while walking to school sees her old orphanage friends playing marbles on road and plays marbles with them. Avanti passes by in her car and stops seeing Pihu. Pihu introduces her friends. Avanti asks if she can also play marbles. Shona/Pihu says if she loses, their friendship will end. Avanti agrees and plays, but loses, asks if she their friendship ends here. Shona says no, she was just joking. Shona’s friend say Avanti is very good, if they can befriend her. Avanti agrees. They ask if they can see her car. She says okay. They touch car excitedly. Shona angrily pushes them and says Avanti is only her friend. Avanti says she was their friends before me, friendship means loving and caring. Shona continues her anger.

Anandita cries holding Subodh’s photo. Daadi walks in and says she can share her sorrows with her, she is transferring Subodh’s whole property in Anandita’s name and asks her to sign property papers. Anandita does. Daadi laughs and informs Mohini that she took signtures on divorce papers from Anandita and will take sign from Vikram soon.

Shona plays with mobile and says Avanti gifted it. Pihu gets excited seeing it. Shona says she likes this gift so much. Avanti calls her and asks if she really liked it. Shona sends Pihu away and asks Avanti who are else in her family. Avanti says only her and her husband who is always busy in his business. Shona asks what about her children. Avanti emotionally says she does not have and disconnects call. Shona gets emotional.

Mohini gets mangalsutra and asks Vikram how is it. Anandita walks in and shows shagun thali bought for Vikram and Mohini’s wedding. Mohini drops mangalsutra. Anandita picks it and returns it to Mohini. Mohini asks if she can wear it and show. Anandita nods yes. Mohini asks Vikram to fix mangalsutra. Vikram is about to when Pihu sees that and asks Gopal to help. Pihu pushes Anandita who slips and shouts. Vikram runs to her help leaving Mohini’s mangalsutra.

After sometime, Daadi takes divorce papers to Vikram and asks him to sign some legal papers. He is about to sign when Anandita in sleep calls Vikram. Vikram rushes to her and seeing her condition happily says medications are working and Anandita is getting back her memory. Daadi and Mohini get tensed.

Anandita wakes up and sees Vikram sitting in front of her, Daadi and Mohini standing. She looks at Subodh’s photo. Vikram holds her and asks if she is fine, she was shouting in sleep. Anandita pushes him and shouts to go away. Vikram leaves sadly. Mohini asks Daadi when will she get Vikram’s signatures on divorce papers. Daadi says tomorrow she has arranged havan for Vikram’s better future and will get signatures silently.

Shona plays with remote car when Pihu walks in, slips and falls on car. She scolds Shona. Shona as usual yells at her and says she will help her only once to get up. Pihu asks when she will go to meet her Avanti and inform she is her daughter. Shona says let things go as they are going, Avanti is very happy without knowing she is her daughter. Pihu says

you never know what Avanti is going through, like her mamma used to be very sad, but never used to tell her, so Shona should inquire Avanti what she feels, if she has any problem. Shona agrees.
Havan pooja starts. Vikram and Anandita sit for pooja. Pihu sees divorce papers and reads it. She calls Gopal and asks what divorce means. Gopal says if mummy papa fight and never want to meet forever, they divorce. Pihu says she does not mamma and Vikram chachu divorce. Gopal says for that she has to control her biggest fear. Pihu reminisces her fear for fire and dying from it and panics, but says she cannot be afraid of fire, picks havan stick and burns divorce papers. Anandita sees burning papers and informs Daadi to drop them. Daadi and Mohini stand shocked. Vikram asks to drop papers. Gopal praises Pihu. Pihu emotionally hugs Anandita. Anandita senses her touch and reciprocates. Gopal blesses them. Pihu runs away crying.

Shona meets Avanti. Avanti gets busy in phone. Shona picks her childhood scarf and purposefully looking at Avanti tries to cut it. Avanti sees that and hurriedly snatches it, scolds what was she doing. Shona says she is making doll dress from this cloth. Avanti warns her dare not to. Shona asks why she is so attached to this cloth, friendship means loving and caring, she does not want to talk to her and runs away.

Mohini tells Daadi that they took Anandita and Vikram’s signatures on divorce papers, but their hard work failed, what they will do now. Daadi says Anandita death. Mohini says they tried so many times to kill her, but failed, don’t know how Anandita escaped. Daadi says Anandita will kill herself this time.

Avanti walks to Shona/Pihu and apologizes her. Shona shouts she does not want to speak to her. Avanti says she wants to tell her secret, why scarf is important to her, god has given her a curse that she cannot become mother again, she gave birth to a child 7 years ago illegitimately as her boyfriend betrayed her and left her pregnant. She had to abandon that child in orphanage. Shona asks how can she abandon her child. Avanti says she was unmarried at that time and was forced to abandon her child. Shona cries emotionally hugging her.

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