Gangaa written update Wednesday 20th March 2019

Wednesday update on Gangaa

Sagar notices his Dadi hugging Ganga and taking her inside with her somehow. He goes out. Amma ji is shocked to see him. He finds Ganga in an unconscious state. Where are you bringing her from? Amma ji makes him take her to her room. What to tell him now?

Note: Some scenes were taken out on television, probably to speed up the series ahead of its finale and start of new series

Sagar puts Ganga on the bed and covers her with a duvet. He goes out to talk to his Dadi next. Tell me what the matter is. You said Ganga is sleeping inside. Where did you bring her from then? Did you see her condition? She is so hurt. Amma ji says I dint want to tell you anything but I had to. I was also shocked to realise it.

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Ganga has a habit of sleep walking. Sagar is surprised. Amma ji adds Ganga has slept in my room since childhood. He asks her if it happens every night. Amma ji denies. it has decreased nowadays. I always used to lock the room from outside. She sees weird dreams many times. She tells me about it. He says you could have told me earlier. I would have taken her to doc. Amma ji lies that she took Ganga to Vaid ji. he said it will get better with age. I give her the medicine. Don’t say anything to Ganga. It can affect her badly as well. This is the reason I dint tell anyone about it. He looks confused. She makes him promise her that he wont tell anyone. He suggests taking Ganga to a doc. Amma ji nods. You look tired. Sleep now. I am also her Dadi like you. I will look after her. He goes. Amma ji thinks of Baba’s words. Forgive me for lying. One has to lie so many times to hide one truth. You (Lord) know I am doing it all for Sagar.

Ganga wakes up to find Sagar near her, and utters whether she is dreaming or he actually is so close, while he caresses her face and hairs. she gets up. ammaji sees this, as she wakes up with a heavy headache, and eyes her wounds, and asks how this happened. he remembers what ammaji told him, and how ganga doesnt know about it. she complains of a headache, saying that she was okay by the evening, but cant remember anything after that. he asks her to remember clearly about what happened later. ammaji wonders what she knows and remembers, and what if sagar gets to know. ganga starts giving vague descriptions, and he asks her to think more clearly. she starts recounting the deathly and demonic location, while he is boggled. ganga asks why is she seeing this.

he wards it off as a bad dream. he talks about how baba came for money, and he went out with pulkit to search for him, but couldnt find him. he says that she must have heard it in sleep, and hence dreamt about it. ammaji thinks that she has to meet baba. sagar inside gets to giving her meds. she begins to get up, but he makes her sit down and put balm, while she hurriedly talks about how she has to reach college soon. but he forcibly makes her sit and then applies balm on her forehead. she eyes him overwhelmingly. he then begins to
caressing, and she teases him if his work is over. he smiles and complies. he insists that he shall go with her to the college, and asking her to get ready, he too leaves to freshen up.

Scene 2:
Location: Baba’s residence
ammaji lands at baba’s residence and softly calls out to him, as the door is locked. inside, baba and his accomplice are totally drunk and inebriated. baba wakes up, and wonders why the old hag came here. they then wonder if ganga told anything. he thinks that had she known then she would never have been so gentle. they wonder what to do now. he asks his accomplice to keep her busy outside, so that he can rectify the situation inside. his feriend goes out and tells her, that baba is meditating, and she says that she shall wait. the man says that he shall call for her, when meditation is over. she complies. they take this time to rectify the situation inside. once they get back in their form, he opens the door, and lets ammaji in to meet baba. she with great reverance goes inside, and greets him. she apologises for what happened yesterday, as she doesnt know why she ran yesterday. she asks for a solution. he starts ranting as to how the yagna was incomplete for the first time, and a big penance shall have to be done for this grave mistake, and that there shall be a mahapuja in the night itself, the cost of which shall be double. he also says that the presence of that girl is paramount, and asks if she shall do it. she hurriedly complies. he sends her off. after she leaves, the friend asks whats going on. the baba says that he needs the girl, and ammaji’s money too. they start planning their conspiracy.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Ganga and sagar drive together on the bicyckle, relishing every moment with each other. as he is lost in her looks, they have an accident, and both are smeared in dirt and stain their clothes and body. they eye each other. sagar asks if she is okay. she somehow gets up with his help, both thoroughly amused. it brings in a sudden physical proximity between them, as they bask in the glory of their new found love, while his touch emboldens, and she quivers with new sensations at the slightests touch. while they get back up, she starts walking with a limp. he notices it, and immediately rushes to her help, and despite her protests, he carries her in the arms, while onlookers look and are amused. she is shy and embarassed, while he undauntingly carries her on the road, in the arms.

Scene 4:
Location: Sagar’s residence
While the floor is being mopped, ammaji barely escapes slipping, and then sits down. animated family banter continues, as all housemates are busy in their work. pulkit finds this chance to romance his wife, as she is about to slip. they enter into a romantic eyelock. sagar’s mother is amused to catch them in a romantic position, and ammaji notices too, while they are embarassed and flustered. she coughs to break their moment. then sagar and ganga return, and all are shocked to see their mud stained contours, and ask what happened. all stand tensedly. ganga lets go of her hand from sagar’s by reflex. he explains everything. his mother asks if he is alright. ganga says that she isnt hurt much. ammaji asks her not to fuss around. she then asks sagar to go and change fast, and reprimands them for their carelessness. he puts the blame on ganga, and a verbal arguement ensues, much to the amusement of the rest of the family members. one keeps blaming the other. ganga accuses him of seeing dreams in broad daylight. he talks up saying that unlike her, she doesnt have atleast the habit of sleep walking. ammaji gets tensed, while he is flustered that he broke up the secret. ganga is boggled and shocked too to hear this about herself. ammaji tries to distract them, but ganga holds on to it, and asks sagar about what he said. he apologises to ammaji for not being able to keep this a secret. ganga is boggled. they all question whats the matter. he informs how ganga went out in sleep last night, and ammaji herself got her back, and then told him how and what happened. all are shocked, while ganga is stunned. the screen freezes on ganga’s shocked face.

Ammaji stands flustered as her secret is out, when sagar blurts out everything. the family members have a mixed reaction, as to how they dont know about it, and how they never noticed her. they also get to know from sagar, that ammaji mixed medicines in her drink secretively. they are tensed. ganga is shocked. but ammaji distracts them all and asks sagar to dry up. she takes ganga too to freshen up. she silently complies. sagar’s mother is tensed as to whats going on in the house.

In her room, Ammaji mixes the meds in her drink, while ganga is busy catering to her wounds. she herself is tensed, as she has flashes of the night before. she talks about her visit to the crematorium. ammaji denies it outright, and ganga asks how did she gets

woudned. ammaji responds how would she know. she asks how can she know, as she is irritated with her sleepwalking, and has a hard time managing it. she then serves ganga the milk laced with the medicine. ganga is boggled but complies nevertheless. ammaji eyes the time, and ganga gets tensed. ammaji leaves asking her to drink it. ganga is boggled at this recent turn of events, and what sagar said, and the family’s reaction to the incident as noone knows about it. she thinks that ammaji seemed tensed, and that something is wrong. she listens ammaji instructing the Maharaj that she shall lock the main door. ganga gets an idea, and throws the milk outside the window, and then sits back again. ammaji returns back asking if she drank. she lies and says yes. ammaji is relieved. she again eyes the time. ganga says that she is feeling sleepy, and has a heavy head, and says that she shall go to sleep. ammaji hurriedly complies, and says that she shall sleep too. ammaji stealthily packs the bags, as ganga pretends to dose off. once ensuring that she is fast asleep, ammaji takes her bags and sits on her side of the bed. after sometime, she checks if ganga is asleep, and being assured, she sits beside her, and caresses her face, saying that its just for one more night, and begs her to support her, as she is doing this for someone, who they both love too much, and asks her to come along. she picks ganga up in sleep, and then makes her walk with herself. ganga silently complies. ammaji takes her out through the main door, and outside.

Later, in the night, maharaj wakes up, to check whether ammaji did close the door, and finds it ajar. he is shocked. he thinks that its good that he saw, as ammaji forgot, and then closes the main door, and then gets bacl. he then notices that ammaji cant be seen in her bed, and thinks that he should go and ask if she needs anything. he goes in, and finds neither ammaji nor ganga in the room, and wonder where they went. he decides to go and tell sagar. he rushes up the stairs, and then warns sagar’s mother regarding this, who is shocked listening to this, in the middle of the night. the entire family gets awake, and are tensed. sagar thinks that maybe ganga was sleepwalking again, and ammaji went after her. he rushes out to catch up with them. his mother is tensed as to whats happening here.

Outside, the house, sagar and pulkit run far and wide to find out whats the matter. they get no success.

Scene 2:
Location: Outside
Ammaji takes a rickshaw, and makes her sit and then herself sits too. the puller asks what happened. she asks him to hurry up, and he rushes and starts. they ride through the stillness of the night, while ganga thinks that her doubt was right, and she is indeed upto something. she thinks that ammaji is lying about sleepwalking, and wonders where is she being taken, after lying to the family members. he asks where she wants to go. she responds that its the crematorium. he is shocked and scared too. he says that he finds it weird. she asks him to be concerned with his work. ganga wonders whats she doing and why, and hiding from the family. she is determined to find out. he lands them some feet away from the crematorium. she asks whats this way of leaving them stranded like this, and asks him to help this lady down, and he complies. ganga continues with her pretense. after getting them down, he hurriedly leaves from there. ammaji then takes ganga and lands at the crematorium. the fake saints arrive, and are happy to see ammaji with ganga. they turn around, and ammaji silently follows them, with ganga. she is sure that this is where she came last night, and her visions werent wrong.

As the saints prepare the pyre, ammaji calls them and tells that they got the girl. they are amused. ganga slightly opens her eyes, and witnesses the men, leeringly eyeing her, and remembers seeing him last night. As ganga is made to lie down on the funeral pyre, the culprit sadhus start their ritual. they tell ammaji that once contact is established with the lord, they shall know for sure how to save sagar from his urder trap, and for that they shall have to make sacrifice of the girl. ganga lies still, tensed hearing it all. meanwhile, his aide talks to the bidder, who he plans to sell ganga to, who gives him ten lakhs, and the rest after they get the girl. he takes the money and goes inside, and signals it to the main baba, that they got the money. ganga thinks that she shall have to lie unconscious for sometime, so that they find out what they are upto, and once and for all, break this superstition of ammaji, as they are merely lynching money off her. the fake sadhus start their bogus rituals, while ganga watches on tensedly. They say that they shall have to sacrifice ganga’s life, to Bhairon Baba. ganga wonders what he shall do, and he senses danger everywhere. she then gets an idea, and discreetly and stealthily sends a message.

Scene 2:
Location: Prabha’s residence
While prabha’s husband sits tensed, thinking about yash, and the recent turn of events, Prabha comes to him, and asks whats the matter. he says that he doesnt know what to do, as his life is in ruins. he cant show his face in the market, stranded by his family and relatives. he says that he is branded as a killer’s father. she tries to comfort and assure him, asking if he truly believes yash killed jaanvi. she says that it might be that yash is being implicated by ganga and sagar. she says that she met a huge lawyer, who has assured, that he shall save yash. he says that yash has confessed to his crimes. she is shocked. he says that had yash gotten his punishment earlier, he wouldnt have done this, and now only punishment can save him, and once behind bars, he shall realise what he has done. she asks what if he gets capital punishment. he says that they should have thougth about this before he killed jaanvi, given the heinous of his crimes, and that now noone or nothing can save him, be it her, him or the lawyer.

Scene 3:
Location: Sagar’s residence
Meanwhile, back home, sagar is distraught as he comes back and asks everyone about her, but she isnt found. they decide to call grandad. but sagar asks them not to unnecessarily worry him in delhi, if they can solve it here. Just then, he gets ganga’s message calling her to the crematorium. all are boggled. but his mother points out, that if ganga is sleepwalking, then how does she send a message to him. he is set to thinking. The screen freezes on his and ganga’s tensed faces

Location: Crematorium
While the buyer impatiently waits for ganga, the saints try and ward off ammaji, by telling her that the girl needs to be sacrificed so that they can save her son. Ammaji tells the fake saints, that she was told that they shall have ganga sacrifice someone, not that ganga herself shall be sacrificed. she says that she cant take this girl’s life, and that she cant continue this puja furthermore, and decides to take ganga back. she tries to pick ganga up, but the sadhu stops her with a dagger. ganga is shocked as she gets up on her feet. they overpower and take off their fake wigs, and come in their true self, and then capture ammaji, and then tie her against a funeral pyre. ganga tries hard to resist, but she gets captured too.

Later, Ganga is stuck inside a black coffin, she asks and screams why was she kept captive and begs to be saved. she goes off into unconsciousness. they take her out, and as she lies unconscious on the floor, they call the buyer, and ask her to take her away, and give them remaining amount. he however inspects the girl first, while ganga lies unconscious. then he agrees, and they lift an unconscious ganga and help him place her in the jeep and drive off.

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