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Meanwhile, in his room, rudra tries to pacify Ragini, while she has a sullen mood. He tries to cheer her up, and she finally complies. she asks for chocolate, and he gets it for her, and she hungrily gorges on it. he caresses her, while she hugs him. he says that he does whatever he does, for her well being.

He then tries to tell her a bedtime story, when prabha comes in with cold water, as the maharaja forgot. rudra gets a call, and goes out to receive it. prabha starts emotionally blackmailing her, about how good they look together. she asks if she lieks sagar, as she knows everything.

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Ragini asks how does she know. prabha says that her brother doesnt like sagar, and ragini is emotionally manipulated and influenced by prabha, who says that rudra wouldnt ever let her get married to sagar, and then ganga shall marry him. ragini gets berserk.

Prabha tells her that she has an idea, by which she can become sagar’s bride. ragini asks how. prabha says that she shall help her and asks her to promise first that she wont tell anyone. she complies. then prabha asks her to do exactly whats told. ragini complies to that too. then rudra comes back in, after the call, and prabha retires. ragini sleeps, and rudra lies down beside her, pulling the blanket over her.

Prabha then comes to the balcony, and pinhces a red saree from there, kept there to dry, and then stealthily goes back. she finds ragini still awake, and flickers the torch on her, to indicate her to come out. ragini complies, and indiscreetly steps out, while rudra is obliviously fast asleep.

Prabha hopes that rudra doesnt wake up, or else everything shall be ruined. as fate would have it, just as she is about to step out, rudra wakes up and asks where is she going. she says that she is going to the bathroom, and urgently insists that she has grown up, and can go alone. he sits waiting for her to come back, while she steps out of the room. then she meets prabha, who asks her if she remembers what she has to do.

Ragini asks prabha if sagar shall marry her. prabha convinces her, and says that if she does what she is told to do, then she shall be sagar’s bride. ragini happily gets in the room. praha stealthily pulls the drapes together, and then eyes her tensedly. then prabha makes her dress up in a saree, with flowing hair, just like ganga does.

prabha eyes her evilly, while ragini is tensed. she leads her to sagar’s room, teling her that sagar told her to wear the saree. prabha asks her to stick to what she is told, and not utter a single word. prabha eyes her evilly, as she steps inside the room. then she shuts the door from outside.

Meanwhile, rudra starts getting impatient waiting for ragini. Ragini sits beside sagar’s bed, and caresses his neck and ears, and nudges him awake. he is shocked to find ganga, while still trying to see clearly, as prabha turns the fuse off.

Prabha then thinks that now in darkness, sagar wouldnt be able to see anything, and her plan shall be a success. as she predicted, sagar in his bed, finds a red saree clad lady, and assumes its ganga, oblivious that its actually ragini, and says amused, that she did finally reach back to impress him, as he knew in his heart that she would. ragini silently complies. he seductively says that she did manage to agree.

Rudra finds the lights gone, and rushes out concerned for ragini. Sagar stealthily grazes his hands past ragini, as he leans in to get intimate with her, while she barely closes her eyes in excitement. The screen freezes on her face.

Location: Sagar’s residence
All gather in the drawing room, as they are tensed, as to how their lights got switched off, when there is light in the neighbourhood. ganga asks him to check the fuse, if there is some issue. Pulkit asks for a torch. just then, rudra comes looking for ragini, and gets berserk. they are tensed and surprised to see him behave like this.

Maharaj gets the torch. madhvi’s husband asks where is ragini. rudra tells how she went for the washroom but she isnt there. they all get to searching for her. Rudra takes the torch.

In the room, sagar tries to get intimate with her, saying that she came without his calling, and sat too beside him. she flinches at his touch, but she doesnt say anything, even when he asks her to. he asks her not to worry, as he knows what his heart wants. he leans in to kiss her romantically.

Rudra along with others, enter sagar’s room and catch sagar red handed with ragini. he is flustered. Ganga comes in and is shocked too. sagar gets a shock of his life, to find ganga at the door. sagar then turns to her, who he had been caressing, and finds that its ragini. all are agape. he is unable to believe ganga is standing in front of him.

He turns to find ragini and flinches away. sagar says that he had no clue how ragini came here. rudra starts reprimanding and lashing him, for trying and take advantage of ragini’s mental illness. sagar begs for a chance to explain, and pulkit asks him to explain too. but rudra is in a rage.

His father asks madhvi to take sagar away. she somehow manages to do it. an enraged rudra says that he doesnt wish to listen to anything, as he shall kill sagar today. he rushes out. Ragini gets berserk, and rushes out too, with ganga after her, trying to comfort her.

Madhvi takes sagar aside and asks whats all this. sagar says that he has no clue. he says that he couldnt see anything in the darkness, and didnt know it was ragini. rudra comes and says that he is lying, and he must have told her to come to the room, as she went to the washroom. he continues to reprimand and accuse him, while all are tensed.

In the meantime, Ganga makes ragini sit on the balcony, and ask her not to move, and be here, as everthing shall be okay. she rushes downstairs. Madhvi asks him again how ragini landed there. sagar says that he has no clue. rudra again insults him. Sagar finally lashes at him, asking him to try and understand. he says that he respects him, and asks him not to judge him, even without understanding anything.

PRabha is tensed, hoping that her truth doesnt come out. she goes upstairs, and finds ragini in a corner. Meanwhile sagar and rudra get into a tussle. Madhvi asks whats going on. rudra says that he shall take sagar to the police. sagar asks him to comply, as the police shall decide now this case and if the police decides that he is wrong, then he has no qualms being handcuffed, and if rudra is wrong, he shall have to apologise.

Ammaji is tensed at the scene. ragini meanwhile mumbles something, and prabha wonders what would she do, if ragini hears about the police, and blurts everything out. she rushes to ragini. His father meanwhile stands up and says that they can deal with this with some maturity. rudra says that he must have instigated him. his father asks rudra that if he has the slightest ounce of respect, then he would quieten down, and let him speak to sagar.

He then turns to sagar, tensedly and says that they all know that sagar cant do something like this, then how is this possible. he asks him to explain what they all saw. ganga stands tensed. sagar is asked to explain. he narrates everything right till the time of playing cards.

Meanwhile, prabha takes ragini away, asking her to calm down as everything would be okay. prabha tries to shut her down, while ragini says that she is mean and that she shall tell everyone about prabha. prabha threatens ragini taking a spade lying there, asking her to shut up, as she shall kill her, if she says anything to anyone. ragini is distraught, and asks if she is joking.

prabha threatens her that she shall kill her and rudra too. Downstairs, sagar vehemently begs them to understand that he cant even imagine doing this to ragini. they all watch him tensedly. sagar is shocked at their reaction, and asks if they think that he is lying, then he should be hanged.

rudra says that he wont believe him, and wont punish him, and that noone else would believe this story of his. ganga stands up for him, saying that she does, at every said and unsaid word of sagar, as he can never wrong a woman, and he might have imperfections, but he cant do this to a girl at all. all look up at her surprised. sagar is overwhelmed.

Ganga points out to rudra to try and see sagar’s genuinety that he has shown on numerous occassions, and tells everyone, that she neednt clarify, as he understands his mind and heart, and begs him to understand that its a miunderstanding.

rudra asks how can they falsify what they saw, despite it being a family member. he lashes at ganga too, asking how can she turn so immature and blinded by her love, while ganga says that he is blinded by his love for ragini. ganga says that she shall never refrain from siding with a girl, but only after knowing the entrie truth, and not in a rage as to what he is doing. ganga asks if he even bothered to ask ragini once what happened. his father too asks rudra to ask ragini then. rudra is silenced. madhvi asks where is she. they are all tensed, as they look around for her.

Upstairs, ragini retreats backwards, and prabhs is scared that she might fall off. Prabha is shocked as she falls off the balcony. all are aghast as they turn towards her, hearing her screams. ragini barely hangs by the ceiling. all rush upstairs. rudra says that he wont let anything happen to her. they rush around, and downstairs, sagar hurriedly gets a mattress spread out right underneath where she hangs.

they beg her to let go, while someone asks her to give her hand up. but she refuses to do anything like that. they make a rope out of bedsheets, while she is in a state of shock and is scared, as she hangs on. Sagar ties himself with the bedhseet, and then gets down, to try and save her. he asks ragini to give her hand, but she is petrified, as she hangs by the ceiling. finally, she complies, and rudra asks her not to let go. sagar finally with his strong grip, manages to get her back up somehow, while rudra and oulkit stand tensedly downstairs.

sagar assures her that he is there and he wont let anything happen to her. they are all relieved, as sagar gets her back up. rudra is enraged to see them like that. sagar comforts her, while ganga and him ask her to try and calm down. then she rushes to rudra, who is very tensed and anxious for her. all stand tensedly, while prabha prays that she doesnt blurt out. she asks rudra not to take sagar to the police, as he is a nice boy.

Prabha watches from a distance. after ragini calms down somehow, having taken water, Rudra, in front of everyone asks ragini, why did she go to sagar’s room, if sagar got her there, or someone else asked her to. ragini is scared and tensed, when she suddenly finds prabha warning her from a distance, that she shall kill her and rudra, if she blurts out.

ragini is in a dilemma, as all wait for her answer. she denies, and he asks why she went there. ragini speaks up that she wishes to marry sagar. all are shocked and aghast, while ganga is stunned. the screen freezes on her face.

Rudra is embarrassed of his behaviour and is ready to leave the following morning. Ragini is upset that she has to leave and refuses. Ganga and Sagar enters room and gives a pair of dolls named Ragini and Sagar, Rudra and Ganga. They use the dolls to explain that once a girl marries she will have to leave her brother and stay with the male family forever.

They use reverse psychology sucessfully to engage Ragini to listen to her brother. Ragini chooses Rudra over Sagar and is ready to leave the Chaduvetri household.

Before Rudra is ready to leave, Sagar and Ganga explains no hard feelings and invites Rudra and Ragini to stay for the stag/hen party.

Amma ji is very keen to unite Sagar and Ganga’s and fix wedding date, so she consults priest to select auspicious date. It is advised that due to two deaths in the family, normally grief is observed for a year before any celebrations take place. Because of this, the female members of the chaduvetri family will have to attend the temple to peform a puja to please lord shiva and all will be well.

Prahab goes to see Yash in jail. Yash plants idea to ruin Ganga to the point Sagar will never look at her the same again.

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